Biden Regime Proposes Swapping Palestinian Terrorists For Hostages Held By Hamas

This will upset the unhinged Jew hating/Islamic terrorist loving Democrat base, who do not care about the hostages, they just want a permanent ceasefire which will take the heat off Hamas and allow them to rearm and reconstitute

U.S. proposes hostage-to-prisoner ratio in Gaza truce talks – Israeli official

The United States has made a “bridging proposal” for the number of jailed Palestinians that should be released by Israel in exchange for every hostage freed by Hamas in any new Gaza truce, an Israeli official briefed on the Qatar-hosted talks said on Saturday.

An Israeli delegation led by Mossad chief David Barnea is in Doha for indirect negotiations with the Palestinian militant group Hamas, which CIA director William Burns is helping Qatari and Egyptian officials to mediate.

“During the negotiations, significant gaps came to light on the question of the ratio” of prisoners to be released for each hostage, said an Israeli official, who requested anonymity.

“The United States put a bridging proposal on the table, to which Israel responded positively. Hamas’ response is pending.”

Too bad Israel can’t do something like put small bombs in their head that also serve as tracking devices.

The sides have previously said that, if a deal is reached, Israel would suspend its Gaza offensive for six weeks and recover 40 of 130 hostages still held by Hamas from an Oct. 7 cross-border rampage that triggered the war.

If they release all the hostages and disarm, then the war ends.

Hamas wants any ceasefire to include an Israeli commitment to end the war and withdraw forces from Gaza. Israel has ruled this out, saying it will eventually press the campaign to dismantle Hamas.

That’s also what unhinged Democrats want. Israel will be vilified now matter what, they just need to dismantle all the HamasĀ  infrastructure and kill as many as possible. Palestinians back them and hate Jews. They made their bed, let them lie in it.

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6 Responses to “Biden Regime Proposes Swapping Palestinian Terrorists For Hostages Held By Hamas”

  1. Mad Celt says:

    Can we swap Biden for a couple if Chimpanzees and a talking parrot?

  2. Dana says:

    Once again, Hamas want dozens if not more Palestinian criminals in exchange for each Jewish hostage. Looks like even Hamas realize that one Jew is worth dozens of Arabs.

  3. Professor Hale says:

    Once again, Biden proposes giving the wookie what he wants. The whole point of taking hostages would be to trade them for some benefit later. Then along comes the Biden administration proposing just that.

    The only thing Hamas should get in return for the hostages is a cease fire and the permanent loss of the territories already taken. The alternative is the war goes on, Hamas loses more people and territory.

    If Mossad is as good at as people say, they should be out poisoning the Hamas leaders living like royalty outside of Gaza.

  4. Professor Hale says:

    It is also worth noting, that despite the demands made by the president of the US Senate, Israel did not hold special elections or give Netanyahu the boot. It seems most Israelis are perfectly content with the way he is running things.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      That’s OK the Democrat operatives on the street will just white-out Netanyahu on all the ballots and print in Joe Biden and turn them in this November. No ballots go to waste when the Democrats are around. I hear Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s gonna vote 17 times this year. You know, to save democracy as the Democrats love to say right before they throw an adversary into prison or confiscate all his wealth.

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