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California Looks To Get Into The Taxing Sugary Drinks Racket

This hasn’t worked very will in the cities that have instituted big taxes and restrictions on sugary drinks. Taxes from businesses have gone down, store owners have been hurt, businesses have moved out of cities. It’s a little harder to do when a whole state gives it a shot with being Nice Fascists, meaning this […]

“Protesters” Tear Down, Destroy Statue, No One Is Arrested

Look, I’m not one who supports the Silent Sam statue. For instance Of course, it doesn’t mean that this is what the statue is about. And UNC’s Chancellor is not happy Unlawful and dangerous: UNC chancellor on ‘Silent Sam’ toppling Protesters on Monday night toppled the controversial “Silent Sam” statue on the campus of […]

City With Streets Full Of Poo Soon To Make Plastic Straws Illegal

Having solved all their problems….no, wait, San Francisco hasn’t. High crime, property values almost unaffordable, used drug needles everywhere, people doing drugs openly in the street, urine and poo everywhere… No more slurping through plastic straws in San Francisco Soon to be heard in San Francisco: the last slurp through a plastic straw. That’s because […]

Hot Take: It Might Be Time To Ban July 4th Fireworks Due To ‘Climate Change’

Another holiday, another excuse for the Cult of Climastrology to scare monger and be apoplectic, as the Sacramento Bee editorial board has a meltdown (sic) California is burning. Maybe it’s time to ban fireworks on the Fourth of July It has become a kind of July tradition: Counting the ways in which California’s fire season […]

Want To Shovel Snow For Money? There’s A Permit For That

A few entrepreneurial teens in Bound Brook, NJ, learned in a valuable lesson in government dominance Bound Brook cops stop teens seeking snow shoveling work School was closed for the blizzard that wasn’t, but there was still enough snow on the ground that two Bridgewater-Raritan Regional High School seniors thought they could make a few […]

Hooray: Michelle Obama Ruins Halloween In Philly

It’s funny. Liberals tell us that government can have no rules, no regulations, no laws, nor restrictions on abortion. Choice! Reproductive freedom! Hands off our uterus’! Of course, when it comes to almost everything other than baby killing… (The Blaze) The Philadelphia Veterans Affairs office announced Wednesday that it would hold a Halloween parade on […]

Georgia Schools Not Impressed With Back Sale Restrictions

I think the operative word in the story is “asinine” ( Outrage is growing against federal restrictions on school bake sales and fundraisers. “We don’t have enough teachers in our classrooms and now we are expected to hire some type of food police to monitor whether we are having bake sales or not. That is […]

Poll Shows Americans Tired Of Government Telling Them What To Do

They’re tired of Ye Olde Nanny State Of course, when it comes to something individuals are against, they’re happy to ask government to pull out the banhammer (Daily Caller) Americans want the government to stop acting like their mother. According to a Reason-Rupe poll, Americans do not want government to ban trans-fats, e-cigarettes, online poker, […]

Appeals Court Rules Nanny Bloomberg’s Big Sugary Drink Ban Unconstitutional

Could this be the first domino in rolling back Nanny State laws and regulations thanks to judicial precedent, or is that a bit of wishful thinking? (Reuters) New York City’s plan to ban large sugary drinks from restaurants and other eateries was an illegal overreach of executive power, a state appeals court ruled on Tuesday, […]

Nanny Bloomberg Not Happy With Soda Ban Block, Vows More Nannyism

In case you missed it, a judge has struck down Michael Bloomberg’s big sugary drink ban, partly due to Bloomberg sidestepping the city council, partly because it was “arbitrary and capricious” in what was banned and what wasn’t. Bloomberg vows to fight the ruling, because NYC has absolutely no other problems (Newsday) New York City Mayor […]

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