Georgia Schools Not Impressed With Back Sale Restrictions

I think the operative word in the story is “asinine”

( Outrage is growing against federal restrictions on school bake sales and fundraisers.

“We don’t have enough teachers in our classrooms and now we are expected to hire some type of food police to monitor whether we are having bake sales or not. That is just asinine,” John Barge, Georgia state school superintendent tells WSB-TV.

Barge and the state Board of Education are attempting to get an exemption from the snack rules, which would allow only 30 sales per year per school. (snip)

“What an overreach this is for Washington to tell us what our school can and cannot sell to raise money in our schools,” Barge says, according to WSB.

These Big Government regulations (#ThanksMichelle) are causing lots of problems with fundraising for various school groups, events, teams, etc.

“The effect has been not what was intended,” says Jack Carter of Richland District 2 near Columbia, South Carolina. “The effect has been kids don’t eat in the cafeteria anymore, and that’s nationwide,” he tells WLTX.

Carter implied there will be a new type of segregation in schools – those that have good lunches, and those that have Michelle Obama’s.

Oh, then there’s this classic

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