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NY Times Has A Funny View On Michael Brown’s Strong Arm Robbery

In a long story about Michael Brown’s trials and tribulations, which include things like fights, drug and alcohol use, vulgar and violent rap lyrics, while attempting to paint a picture of just a typical good boy, we get Michael Brown, 18, due to be buried on Monday, was no angel, with public records and interviews with […]

If All You See…

…is a lake that will disappear from too much CO2, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Right Wing News, with a post on Muslim outrage over a bacon sign.

Washington Post Psyched To Be “Climate Change” Activists

Hot off their refusal to refer to the Washington Redskins as the Redskins (despite the fact that the rest of the paper will, and why would the opinion pages discuss football in the first place?), the Editorial Board announces their climate activism THE NATIONAL debate on climate change has devolved. By the late 1990s, big […]

GoTopless San Antonio Went About As Ugly As You Would Expect

I mentioned the coming “protest” Saturday, and here’s how it went (My San Antonio) Roughly 30 people, including several nearly topless women, marched through downtown San Antonio on Sunday afternoon, demanding the right to bare their bosoms in public. Yikes! Oh, wait, sorry, #BodyShaming. Except for the guy with the moobs. And in Austin More […]

Burger King Looks To Perform Tax Inversion With Tim Hortons Deal

Yet another U.S. company looking to escape the high corporate tax rate (Fox News) Burger King Worldwide Inc. is in talks to buy Canadian coffee-and-doughnut chain Tim Hortons Inc., a deal that would be structured as a so-called tax inversion and move the hamburger seller’s base to Canada. The two sides are working on a […]

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