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Special Feminist Snowflakes Really Psyched Over Unshaven Armpits

To go with other unshaven body parts (London Evening Standard) It’s time for the arm-bush ambush. Summer is a time when most women unquestioningly invest a lot of time, money and pain in hair removal, but many of London’s young feminists are becoming part of a growing revival. While this year has been declared “the […]

Oops: Fossil Fuels Hating Natue Conservancy Makes Oodles Of Money Off Fossil Fuels

Well, hey, they have no choice! (NY Times) The nation’s largest environmental group is earning money from an oil well on land it controls in Texas, despite pledging a decade ago not to permit new oil and gas drilling on land supposedly set aside for conservation. That revelation is contained in a forthcoming book about […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible titanium golf club which can cause wildfires, made worse by climate change, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Raised On Hoecakes, with a post on who we can trust regarding gun laws.

New Pause Excuse? Pacific Trade Winds Blamed For Stalling Global Warming

Is this a new excuse, or a miss-mash of previous Excuseifying? (phys.org) Heat stored in the western Pacific Ocean caused by an unprecedented strengthening of the equatorial trade winds appears to be largely responsible for the hiatus in surface warming observed over the past 13 years. New research published today in the journal Nature Climate […]

President Kumbaya “Wants To Pit White House Against Mean Congress”

Nice to see that The Hill is about 5 years late on this notion The White House’s emerging strategy for the midterm elections is to run against a “mean” Congress. President Obama has made that tack known more than ever in recent days. In the last week, he’s accused Republicans of getting into disagreements with […]

With Friends Like Steve Latourette, Who Needs Enemies?

It’s bad enough Conservatives have to fight against Democrats: we also have to fight against Establishment Republicans The Grifting Wing v. The Governing Wing While the Tea Party is busy lining their pockets, the rest of the Republicans are actually trying to get things done. These kinds of internecine fights constantly occur within the Parties, […]

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