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Warmists Link Ferguson And “Climate Change”

Here’s yet another moment in bat guano insane from 350.org (they weren’t the first: Grist tried linking the two last week) (Daily Caller) Frequently criticized for being insufficiently diverse, environmentalists are trying to draw parallels between the crisis erupting in Ferguson, Missouri and global warming. “It was not hard for me to make the connection […]

If All You See…

…is a lovely lake that will soon boil from too much CO2, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Jihad Watch, with a post on Islamists demanding law enforcement retraining

Washington Post: American Can’t Wait While World Warms Or Something

Monday we learned that the Washington Post Editorial Board has become a group of climate activists. Today, they say that America can’t wait FOR MORE than a century, scientists have understood the basic physics of the greenhouse effect. For decades, they’ve realized humans can affect the climate by burning coal, oil and gas. But the […]

What Should Obama Do About ISIS?

Jeff asked, in regards to Charles Krauthammer saying Obama dithers too much I know it’s fruitless to ask, but what would you have us do with ISIS/ISIL? I could give the Lefty answer for when Bush was president “I’m not president”. We could talk about this being Obama’s problem, since Islamists are streaming to join […]

Semi-retired President’s Painful Flat VA Speech

Maybe Obama needs to add ASOTHUS (Applause Sign Of The USA) to go with TOTUS (The Blaze) President Barack Obama at times faced an unenthusiastic crowd as he addressed American military veterans at American Legion’s National convention on Tuesday. As the Daily Mail puts it, Obama received “awkward silences where White House speechwriters expected ovations.” […]

Will Burger King Pay A Price For Corporate Inversion?

That’s what USA Today is discussing Burger King is ruling a larger fast-food kingdom — and having to defend its move on social media. The U.S.-based restaurant chain made it official Tuesday announcing that it agreed to merge with the Canada-based Tim Hortons restaurant chain. The deal, valued at about $11 billion, will create the […]

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