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Warmist: Things Are So Bad We’re F*cked By The Climate Dragon Or Something

Another day, another unhinged Warmist When a Climate Scientist Publicly States “We’re F**ked” Things Are Bad It’s one thing to note the unusually hot weather we’ve been having and then slather on some suncream. But when a climate expert unceremoniously concedes that the planet is “f**ked”, it’s probably time to get seriously worried. Scientists at […]

If All You See…

…is a carbon intensive golf course which would be a great place for a wind farm, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is A View From The Beach, with a post on silly Brits thinking gardening is racist.

Ocare Looking To Bring Breast-feeding To A Company Near You

Now, now, don’t misunderstand: there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding. There are tons of studies showing that breastfeeding and/or using breast milk is the best thing for babies. But, this is not really about breastfeeding: it’s about federal government interference in the economy, yet again (Reuters) Under the Affordable Care Act, employers must provide time […]

When It Comes To Illegal Immigration, Obama’s Like Lincoln Or Something

Trolling the opinion pages of the major news outlets is an easy way to find bat guano insane, or, heck, just plain stupid opinion pieces, by far left ideologues. There’s always plenty of La La Land material, especially if one visits the NY Times and Washington Post. Today is like every other day, and here’s […]

Sec State Kerry: Sure, Lots Of African Kids Die Of Hunger, But, Climate Change!

It’s no secret that Believers in “climate change” are increasingly hostile to Other People having children, particularly those in 3rd world nations. There’s always been a racist component within the beliefs of the climate change movement, which go back to the eugenics of early Progressivism. The examples of population reduction and restriction are rife throughout […]

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