Sec State Kerry: Sure, Lots Of African Kids Die Of Hunger, But, Climate Change!

It’s no secret that Believers in “climate change” are increasingly hostile to Other People having children, particularly those in 3rd world nations. There’s always been a racist component within the beliefs of the climate change movement, which go back to the eugenics of early Progressivism. The examples of population reduction and restriction are rife throughout the movement, and seem to be targeted at Blacks in Africa quite often. Here’s high flying, limo taking, big carbon footprint John Kerry

(Daily Caller) Nearly 50 African heads of state have gathered for the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington D.C. this week to discuss trade, security and governance in the three-day summit.

While there has been a lot of talk about corruption, climate change and strengthening business ties, some other revealing agenda items were unveiled during the summit.

Here are some memorable moments from the summit:

1) U.S. Secretary John Kerry: Africa has “chronic hunger” but creating more farms in Africa causes too much carbon population.

During the Africa Summit “Resilience and Food Security in a Changing Climate” panel, Secretary of State John Kerry told an audience that “8,000 children die every day” and in sub-Sahara Africa, one in four suffer from chronic hunger.

But, in Warmist World, too much agriculture, new farms,  to feed the children causes carbon pollution

In other words: For the Obama administration, starvation in Africa will be solved by combating climate change not more farms.

This is the “climate change” movement in a nutshell. Real world problems need to be diminished and subservient to dealing with “climate change”, believing that man has caused the current changes, despite changes having always occurred, and there being an almost 18 year pause that destroys the computer models “climate change” is based on. And Someone Else must always pay the price for the beliefs, rarely the believers themselves.

Sure, making existing farms more effective and productive will certainly help. Of course, Warmists also want to restrict using modern fossil fueled methods, heck, modern methods altogether, when it comes to agriculture. You’re not going to be able to run a giant combine on solar power. Other environmental extremists will jump in and protest. What Africans in certain areas need is more food, better food. Of course, the spread of radical Islam, people living in areas that have been crummy for farming for thousands of years, and the ever present graft, strife, and dictators doesn’t help. Nor do idiot, racist climate change believers.

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