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High Flying John Kerry, Who Was Also In Vietnam, Wants To “Reduce Emissions From The Food System”

Does anyone think that John Kerry isn’t eating pretty darned good, including while flying his private jet around the country and world? That he never wants for something good to eat? But, you peasants need to be starved (video here) Frequent private jet passenger, John Kerry, admits that destruction of the farming industry is essential […]

Hey, All We Need To Stop Climate Doom Is 139 Billion Gallons Of White Paint

As far as ideas go, this is not the worst Turns out all we may need to stop climate change is 139 billion gallons of super-duper white paint I hope Purdue University is ready for this incoming order. In 2021, researchers at Purdue University announced that they had developed the whitest paint on Earth. The color is […]

Bummer: John Kerry Hit With Ethics Complaint Over Shoddy Climate Deaths Claim

Seriously, what claims do climate cultists make that aren’t shoddy/false/fearmongering? Watchdog hits John Kerry with science ethics complaint over climate change deaths claim A government watchdog group filed an ethics complaint against Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry on Tuesday morning, alleging he spread misinformation about climate change. In its complaint, Protect the Public’s Trust (PPT) […]

House Oversight Committee Would Like To Know About High Flying John Kerry’s Travel

But, see, Kerry is Spreading Awareness, so, he apparently gets a full pass for his climahypocrisy Climate Envoy John Kerry’s Jet-Set Spending Is Getting Plenty of Cloud Cover John Kerry leads an international jet-set life that might exhaust a runway model. If President Biden’s special envoy for climate was not in Washington or relaxing at […]

Climate Czar Kerry Says We Need To Work With China And Russia On Climate Crisis (scam)

Well, of course he does, since the Cult of Climastrology is based on authoritarian government, hence the lack of concern by John Kerry over China and Russia. The cult doesn’t care about human rights abuses or anything Kerry: U.S. must work with China and Russia on fighting climate change Despite mounting tensions between the United […]

John Kerry Is Upset That China Being A Bad Country Is Getting In The Way Of Solving Climate Apocalypse

All these real world issues are just so inconvenient Kerry: China tensions hurting climate talks U.S. climate envoy John Kerry tells Axios his work with China has stalled amid wider tensions between the world’s two largest greenhouse gas emitters. Driving the news: “Regrettably, in the last year … what was not supposed to happen has […]

High Flying John Kerry Says Coal Needs To Go, Ukraine War No Excuse

Well, it’s easy for John Kerry to say this: he’s rich, high energy prices do not effect him, and the taxpayers pay for quite a bit of his energy use, like the cost of jet fuel to fly to Bonn Bonn climate conference: Ukraine war no excuse for prolonging coal, Kerry warns The US envoy […]

John Kerry, Who Served In Vietnam, Wants World Leaders To Step Up On Climate Crisis (scam)

World leaders are welcome to practice what they preach in their own lives Kerry warns world will blow through critical climate change threshold unless global leaders step up US Climate Envoy John Kerry warned Wednesday that world leaders will blow through a critical climate-change threshold unless they dramatically accelerate the transition to clean energy. “Let me be absolutely clear: we’re […]

Warmist John Kerry Says We Need To Act Like This Is An Existential Threat

By we, he means you This crisis is existential. If we know it’s existential, we have to behave like it’s existential. — Special Presidential Envoy John Kerry (@ClimateEnvoy) February 18, 2022 Not him (more below the more tag)

John Kerry Blows Off China’s Human Rights Violations To Push Climate Action

If you remember, the same thing happened when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, where she said that China’s human rights abuses shouldn’t interfere with other issues, including ‘climate change’ John Kerry sidesteps China’s human rights violations, says it’s ‘not my lane’ US special climate envoy John Kerry sidestepped a question about China’s use of […]

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