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China Joe Admin Pushes China To Do More On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

I’m pretty sure they are doing more on ‘climate change’, building more and more coal fired plants and not caring what the world thinks, because they provide so many products and hold so much of the world’s debt. Presupposing that anthropogenic climate change is real, of course. Which it’s not Climate change: US pushes China […]

Kerry Takes Long Fossil Fueled Flight To Yammer With Russia On Climate Crisis (scam)

I’m pretty sure that there are many more pressing issues when it comes to Russia US and Russia pledge to ‘move together’ against climate change The US and Russia have agreed to forge “close co-operation” on climate change, in the first positive sign of a potential easing of tensions between the two countries since a […]

St. Greta Is Unhappy With High Flying John Kerry

Does St. Greta know that John Kerry was in Vietnam? Hey, and just wondering what science degrees either of them hold? Greta Thunberg blasts John Kerry over global warming statement Environmental activist (say what? She rarely speaks of the real environment, just doom from a slight increase in temperatures) Greta Thunberg is speaking out against […]

Climate Today: High Flying Kerry, Patronizing Blacks, Eczema

Let’s see what climate envoy John Kerry (he was in Vietnam, you know) is up to US climate envoy Kerry meets with pope on climate crisis John Kerry, President Joe Biden’s climate envoy, met privately with Pope Francis on Saturday, afterward calling the pope a “compelling moral authority on the subject of the climate crisis” […]

Surprise: Climate Envoy John Kerry Earned Millions On Fossil Fuels

I guess he talked to Al Gore, who sold his television network to al Jazeera, which is funded by fossil fuels REVEALED: John Kerry sold his shares in OIL firms on becoming Biden’s climate czar to ‘avoid conflict of interest’ – and after warning we only have nine YEARS to save the world from climate […]

John Kerry Won’t Let Pesky Things Like China’s Human Rights Get In The Way Of Solving Climate Crisis (scam)

Stuff like that is just very inconvenient for Kerry and the rest of the Cult of Climastrology, and should be ignored, much like Hillary Clinton did while Secretary of State for Obama (Foreign Policy) FP: Let’s talk about China. This administration has been fairly tough on China. It has accused China of conducting a genocide […]

High Flying John Kerry Goes To South Korea For Climate (scam) Talks After China

John “I was in Vietnam” Kerry is really racking up the frequent flyer miles, having previously been in India. Strangely, no one in the media is willing to show what type of plane he’s been flying on. I wonder why? And, aren’t there more pressing issues for South Korea, such as the nutjob to the […]

Climate Envoy John Kerry Is Super Thrilled For China Joe To Force Banks And Investors To Comply

All you #NeverTrumpers who were upset about Trump’s mean tweets and pushed to essentially get Biden elected, don’t come complaining about Joe going whole hog on economy killing and freedom taking orders Kerry says Biden poised to issue executive order to force banks and investors to reveal climate exposure President Joe Biden is set to […]

John Kerry Takes Long Fossil Fueled Flight To Say India And U.S. Should Join In Fight Climate Crisis (scam)

In a climate cult future, if you want to travel to India to see the sights you’ll have to take a sailing ship across the ocean, then either walk, bike, or take a train where available. For the grand high poobahs, they’ll be allowed to fly with fossil fuels, because their lives and what they […]

High Flying John Kerry Says “Mother Earth Is Screaming At Us” Or Something

Perhaps John, who was in Vietnam, should give up all his fossil fueled vehicles, his private jet, his multiple homes, and disinherit himself from all the money from Heinz, which uses lots and lots of fossil fuels to make and distribute their products (geez, I haven’t written that in a long, long time) “Mother Earth, […]

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