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High Flying John Kerry Isn’t Happy With Trump’s Climate Panel Or Something

John Kerry is yet another in a long line of big carbon footprint liberals who want Other People to be forced to pay taxes and fees and lose liberty and choice, but refuses to make changes in his own life. He’s also unhappy that an actual debate would occur John Kerry: Disband your climate denial […]

John Kerry: (totally normal) Hurricanes Don’t Have R Or D After Them

Good news: John Kerry (he served in Vietnam) is chiming in with his typical wonkiness There are no (D)s or (R)s after storm names Despite the broken politics of Washington and the denial of science that makes up the daily reality show of the White House, two lessons I learned a long time ago — […]

John Kerry’s Israel Speech Was Even Worse Than You Thought It Would Be

As Allahpundit notes, this was the anti-Israel speech Kerry has been practicing in the mirror for years, which certainly had the approval of Mr. Obama, what with just a few weeks left in his administration (Politico) In a lengthy, at times bitter speech boiling over with frustration, outgoing Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday […]

John Kerry Plans Middle East Peace Speech Or Something

The outgoing Team Obama has made a hash of the Middle East. They blew off the Iranian Green Revolution. They blew off the Arab Spring, right up till it hit Egypt, then they messed that up, even going as far as to back the Muslim Brotherhood candidates. They started a war in Libya to supposedly […]

Good Grief: Biden Thanks Iran For Helping Our Boats “In Distress”

There’s spin, and then there’s Spin (via Ed Morrissey) (CBS News) After Iran released 10 U.S. Navy sailors from custody early Wednesday morning, some media outlets reported that the U.S. had issued an apology to Tehran in order to secure the sailors’ freedom. But Vice President Joe Biden told CBS News that there was “no […]

John Kerry: Non-binding, Voluntary Paris Climate Agreement Obama’s Most Important 2015 Accomplishment

I did not want to make the headline really long, so I left out “with no force of law and no legally binding requirements” (CNS News) Secretary of State John Kerry says the climate change deal he helped broker in Paris was the Obama administration’s most “important” accomplishment in 2015. “As one year gives way […]

John Kerry: ISIS Gravest Threat, Embodiment Of Evil

Has he checked with himself and his boss regarding the threat level? (Washington Post) Secretary of State John F. Kerry on Thursday called the Islamic State “the gravest extremist threat faced by our generation and the embodiment of evil in our time,” describing the group as combining “medieval and modern fascism” and comparing it to […]

High Flying John Kerry Says Skeptics Shouldn’t Be Allowed In Elected Office

How about a new term: Unintentional Deniers. They are people who say they believe in anthropogenic global warming/climate change, but fail to do more than take token steps to make their own lives carbon neutral. This would especially apply to people like John Kerry, who live high on the hog, use tons of energy, don’t […]

Team Obama Really Wants To Know The Solution To Countering Violent Extremism Which Won’t Be Named

No, really. Here’s the official blog of the Department Of State, called DIPNOTE, a term that is probably only ironic to me, since we called stupid people dips where I grew up on the Jersey Shore What Solutions Do You Think Are Most Critical To Countering Violent Extremism? This week, the White House hosted a […]

John Kerry: Obama’s Climate Agreement With China Is Like Totally Historic!

Secretary Of State John Kerry is totally psyched over the so-called carbon reduction agreement between his boss and China. Because they totally want other people to be forced to reduce their carbon footprints. Not themselves, though. Obama has a carbon footprint somewhere around 41,000 metric tons, while the average American comes in around 19 metric […]

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