Biden Regime To Spend Lots Of Taxpayer Money On “Green Macaroni”

First, why can’t these companies spend their own money if they’re so hot to trot to Do Something? Second, get a load of who one of the recipients is (via Green Jihad)

From the screed

The Biden administration plans to spend up to $6 billion on new technologies to cut carbon dioxide emissions from heavy industries like steel, cement, chemicals and aluminum, which are all enormous contributors to global warming but which have so far been incredibly difficult to clean up.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said Monday that her agency would partially fund 33 different projects in 20 states to test methods for curbing emissions from a wide variety of factories and industrial plants, calling it “the single largest industrial decarbonization investment in American history.” (snip)

Kraft Heinz, a food manufacturer, would get up to $170.9 million to install electric boilers and heat pumps at 10 facilities across the country, where they would be used to generate the large amounts of heat needed for things like drying macaroni without directly burning fossil fuels.

Hmm, this couldn’t have anything to do with John Kerry, could it? The guy who was Brandon’s climate czar? Or that Kerry is now working for Biden’s re-election? Seems rather shady, does it not?Kraft Heinz had gross revenue of $26.64 billion in 2023, so, why is it necessary to give them $171 million in taxpayer money?

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