Poll Shows Biden’s Top Accomplishment: Nothing

They really should have included his ability to take the weekend off

Yeah, well, things are a little worse than that

(Fox News) Are you better off than you were four years ago? That question was asked by Ronald Reagan during a decisive 1980 debate with then-President Jimmy Carter.

Only about 1 in 5 voters today answers yes, according to the latest Fox News national survey.

Just 22% say they are better off than four years ago, while more than twice that many — 52% — say they are worse off. One quarter say their situation is the same.

Republicans (72%) and independents (59%) say they are worse off than four years ago, while Democrats say they are better off (37%) or the same (35%).

It’s that Independents thing that will make the big difference, but, all those Never Trump Republicans wackadoodles need to consider that, sure, they may despise Trump, but, things were better under Trump right up till COVID came along, and he really is on their side politically on most things. If only Trump would say something along these lines, rather than bashing the ones who are against him

When asked to name the administration’s accomplishments (without the aid of a list), 38% can’t think of anything or offer a negative response. Thinking back to the Trump administration, 27% are either unable to name anything positive or mention a negative.

Voters say the Biden administration’s top accomplishments are the economy/jobs (19%), not being Trump (6%), student loan forgiveness (6%), and infrastructure (6%). The top success for Trump is also the economy (35%), followed by immigration (10%), foreign policy (9%), and “everything” (5%).

“More voters fondly remember Trump’s economic successes than can recall any of Biden’s. That underscores the challenge Biden faces. He must connect the dots between his major policy initiatives and the economic benefits to not just the overall economy, but all household finances,” says Anderson.

But, will Trump take advantage of this and stop his normal schtick, or run the same old playbook?

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8 Responses to “Poll Shows Biden’s Top Accomplishment: Nothing”

  1. Brother John says:

    Hey Rimmy, I’m taking a shot at Mr Teach here, so pay attention.

    will Trump take advantage of this and stop his normal schtick

    When 1/8 of those polled view Pedo Pete’s greatest accomplishments as “not being someone else” and “making my problems someone else’s problems” and the rest are literally imaginary, there is no “schtick” or “not schtick” that will persuade these people.

    They did not reason themselves into their TDS. They cannot be reasoned out of it.

    They are stoopit.

    Too uninformed, emotion driven, pig-ignorant, or just mindlessly silly and unserious to be trusted with a ballot. That, or they depend on the government for their income.

    Meanwhile, there are myriad examples of “not-schtick” Trump, most recently ..YESTERDAY. The goddamn “schtick” isn’t the problem. The hysteria that began when he came down the escalator was based entirely — 100% — on lies, and the constant noise around him is entirely — 100% — on the reaction of these stupid voters driven by liars on TV and traitors in the government to him, not anything he actually did.

    Those still complaining about personality or anything else in that realm are just bitching to hear their own heads rattling.

  2. Doom and Gloom says:

    I had AI write this POST. I just edited it a bit to add my flare and CAPS for fun.

    Polling is starting to trend toward BIDEN in the battleground states so that the Democrats can steal another election in 2024. Suddenly, Biden the Great is leading in Wisconsin after trailing. He is tied in Michigan and PA now, where Trump is still leading in GA, AZ, and NV.

    But it doesn’t matter. As I said in 2019, the only states Biden needs to focus on are PA, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and TRUMP can’t win. He will still get the USUAL BLUE suspect states, as will Trump get the USUAL red states in 2024.

    So, the election comes down to two things. All of these lawsuits are meant to tie Trump down and prevent him from campaigning because the left knows his greatest asset is turning out tens of thousands to a rally, etc.

    The worst thing for Trump and the GOP is they should be spending millions right now on advertisements showing Biden and leftist corruption and failures because the left has one message to America…..January 6th. Nothing but. In every interview, a Democrat pivots immediately to J 6. It’s clear what their strategy is: the GOP is just ignoring it and focusing on other things. They should be countering this constantly, but they are not because Trump’s daughter is not a politician nor a strategist. The left is raping the Trump campaign right now in so many ways it will be viewed as the election that ended America’s two-party system.

    So Biden was having a big fundraiser in NYC yesterday, and even FOX NEWS, now called the BIDEN CABOOSE network, was jacking off on camera about all the S T A R S that was going to be there and how wonderful the Democratic party is. Fox has perhaps 5 or 6 shows that are PRO ESTABLISHMENT GOP….other than that, they are a PUPPET for the DNC, BIDEN, and the rest of these leftist loons.

    NEIL CAVUTO HATES TRUMP. Only because he sleeps with the establishment’s rich people, most of whom are LEFTISTS.

    In short, there is no way the powers that run this country are going to let Trump win in 2024. The GOP is so dysfunctional right now that MTG is trying to get another House Majority leader voted out so they can continue their lunacy of attempting to F O R C E MAGA values on the house and the country instead of peddling the virtues of MAGA, like any sane people would do with any movement. Look at AGW…They are forcing it, and the more they force it, the more people reject it…Listen UP, MAGA…you dumbasses.

    The Democrats will control all three branches of government in 2025, and that is….. how I should say this …….THE END of the two-party rule in this country.

    Turn out the lights the party has been over since 2016 when Trump shone a light on the CORRUPT USA that everyone in the world understood except those of us living inside its borders. Now the gloves are off, and the swamp isn’t taking any prisoners. Hell, the ATF is flat-ass shooting people and going to their doors and taking guns and telling the Constitution to fuck off.

    Ain’t America great? Sure it is if the Facist government is doing what YOU WANT it to do.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The objective of the charges against Mr Trump are to hold him accountable for crimes. He assaulted E Jean Carroll and has had to pay close to $100 million.

    He was credibly charged with defrauding various entities in New York. He was ordered to post a $454 million bond against damages, but an appeals court reduced the bond to $175 million while Trump appeals.

    He was credibly charged with trying to illegally overturn the 2020 election. There are both Federal (Jack Smith) and Georgia (Fani Willis) charges.

    He was credibly charged with illegally retaining government documents and obstructing government attempts to secure them.

    He was credibly charged with paying hush money through his attorney Michael Cohen to buy Stormy Daniels’ silence on the Trump-Daniels sexual tryst, in furtherance of violating election laws.

    No one forced Trump to run for president. He chose to run. The charges gave him extra impetus. His shysters’ objective is to delay all proceedings until Trump is elected and can defang the DOJ or even pardon himself!

    It’s laughable to believe the corrupt Trump shone a light on corruption.

    The Trump right keeps pushing the conspiracy myth that America is over unless Trump is given the power to fix things.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Thank you Ricky Maddow. Pffft!
      More pedantic twaddle from the Rimjob.

    • Doom and Gloom says:


      His attack on E Gene Carrol was a he said, she said with no witnesses and not forensic evidence. It was simply brought in a jurisdiction that would convict CHRIST of BLASPHEMY if that was what the DA was asking them to do.

      As for the Fraud charges. Laughable. No one was defrauded. No one. Banks made a boat load of money and it was the banks who evaluated the value of the real estate that loans were advanced.

      Remember Americans. The LEFT LIES constantly. Dowd is a classic example of blowing so much smoke into your brain that you cannot see past the fog of lies to find the truth.

      Paying Hush money is LEGAL. It is LEGAL. IT IS LEGAL. PAYING HUSH MONEY IS LEGAL. Corporations do it all the time. They settle a lawsuit and both sides agree to NOT disclose the terms of the deal.

      IT was LEGAL to pay stormy Daniels and there is NO evidence he used campaign funds to do so. Had there actually been evidence the DOJ would have been all over this like flies on shit.

      LIES. Every charge against Trump is rooted in 1 percent truth and 99 percent bullshit lies.

      The LEFT keeps pushing the conspiracy myth that America is over IF Trump is elected. He was elected before. Served 4 years and the country prospered, people were not imprisoned, his DOJ did not go after his political rivals and there were no new wars.

      On the other hand BIDENS DOJ has gone after many, many political opponents, and Even Accused one of their own with a crime punishable by death…..ala Tulsi Gabbert. Biden and his family have broken the law repeatedly the last 10 or so years and no one cares because if your a fascist Democrat that is okay.

      The left has nothing but LIES and even J6 is a LIE as most of those prosecuted are now being let out of jail quietly because the courts have ruled…..WTF DEMOCRATS….WTF.

      The Tombstone of America…..WTF Democrats WTF.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Yes, paying hush money IS legal! Hiding that you paid the hush money in violation of election laws is a felony. Donnie Inc cooked the books to hide what they did. Donnie didn’t want the tale to come out before the election. For a normal candidate, paying off of a sex worker for fear that while your wife was home with your infant you were getting spanked by Stormy Daniels. LOL. Once again, it was the cover up.

        The Trumpists keep claiming that ALL real estate moguls break the law ALL the time. Even if true, does that make it right? Ask Charles Kushner. The resources for billion dollar loans are not unlimited so when a Trump lies to get a cheap loan, someone else likely loses out and/or has to pay more.

        LOL. Jan 6 was a lie he claims!

        Some two years ago Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) called Tulsi Gabbard treasonous for her stance on Russia. Is that what you mean?

        • drowningpuppies says:

          Rimjob again reveling in his own stupidity.
          Such a fucking moron.

          • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

            Rimjob can’t help it he’s got the wort case of TDS known to man. Like all the rest of his degenerate, commie party he fears Trump 24/7.

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