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Good Grief: Ocare To Pay For “Gender Reassignment” Surgery

Otherwise known as a sex change operation (Breitbart) Transgender Americans seeking gender reassignment surgeries are finding relief through Obamacare, The Daily Beast reported on Monday. Federal laws banning health insurance discrimination against transgender people, combined with Obamacare’s ban on denying coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, have paved a path for transgender patients who wish to make […]

Burger King-Tim Horton’s Deal Is Apparently A Done Deal

I’m putting this in a separate post, since doing an update to this mornings will mess up the Twitter links (USA Today) The U.S.-based restaurant chain made it official Tuesday announcing that it agreed to merge with the Canada-based Tim Hortons restaurant chain. The deal, worth about $11 billion, will create the world’s third largest […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful lake that will either flood or dry up from too much CO2, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Adrienne’s Corner, with a post that proves she is not a coward on race, as AG Eric Holder terms it.

Fortunately, We Aren’t Sacrificing Virgins To The Climate Gods

Yet. Here’s Longboat Key News’ Tom Burgum At least we don’t sacrifice virgins anymore It was a belief in some ancient cultures temperature could be altered, draughts ended, the rise of oceans halted, merely by throwing a couple luckless virgins into a volcano. Some would think this makes the Incas and Mayans appear misogynistic but, […]

Charles Krauthammer: Semi-Retired President Dithers Too Much

Mr. Krauthammer had an interesting take on Obama and his administrations inability to get it together in terms of ISIS/ISIL (Fox News) Last week, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said ISIS was an imminent threat, but Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey said Monday that the group was not a direct threat to the U.S. […]

Senator Sherrod Brown (D) Calls For Burger King Boycott Over Potential Tax Inversion Deal

I mentioned the potential deal where Burger King would join forces with Canadian company Tim Hortons, which would mean the headquarters of the company would be in Canada and their corporate tax rate would be significantly lower than the US rate. Noah Rothman tongue in cheek referred to BK as an Enemy Of The State, […]

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