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Bidenflation: People Putting Of Medical Care Over Rising Costs

I love this NY Times article, because the word “Biden” appears exactly zero times despite being the president. Now, just imagine how many times Trump would have been blamed if he was still in office Higher Bills Are Leading Americans to Delay Medical Care Megan Swanson has warily watched the erosion of her family’s savings […]

LA Times Seems Surprised That There’s No Debate On Rising Cost Of Single Payer Push

What, exactly, did they expect? When you vote for and elect far left Progressive (nice Fascism) fanatics, you aren’t electing public servants: you’re electing people who Know they are better than everyone else, so, the peons will do as they say (direct LA Times piece here behind the paywall) Column: No debate on skyrocketing cost […]

Who’s Up For Massive Tax Raises In California To Pay For Universal Health Care

But, see, health care will be totally free! That’s what those advocating for it tell us California weighing proposal that could double its taxes California lawmakers unveiled a new bill at the beginning of the year that would establish a single-payer health care system – an ambitious plan that would be funded by nearly doubling […]

People’s Republik Of California Looking To Try Passing Universal Healthcare

The last time California bandied this about, they learned that it would cost at least twice the current budge of the state, and there was no real way to pay for it. There would be a hundreds of billions shortfall. Also, while a majority support universal healthcare in theory, when it comes to seeing taxes […]

Even CNN Is Not Enamoured With Comrade Bernie’s Medicare For All Plan

Has anyone told CNN that pretty much every Democrat’s Medicare for All (government run health insurance) scheme is similar? Of course, Comrade Bernie iw the leader in all this, and his plan is putting the comrade in Comrade Here’s what Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ proposal actually says Sen. Bernie Sanders has been pushing a single-payer health […]

Surprise: Americans Are Paying More For Healthcare Premiums And Deductibles

ABC News seems unsure just why In 2008, middle-class workers spent about 7.8% of household income on premiums and deductibles. By 2018, that figure had climbed to 11.5%. — ABC News (@ABC) November 21, 2019 It’s a total mystery, but, I bet it still has to be Trump’s fault (ABC News) According to a […]

Liz Warren Trots Out Her Medicare For All Plan

It’s a hoot Warren’s $52T ‘Medicare-for-all’ plan revealed: Campaign still claims no middle-class tax hikes needed Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s long-awaited “Medicare-for-all” funding plan projects the government-run health care system would cost a staggering sum of “just under $52 trillion” over the next decade, with the campaign proposing a host of new tax increases […]

Will Medicare For All Require A 42% Sales Tax?

The Democrats running for President have been pretty sketchy on exactly how they will pay for their Medicare For All (ie, Single Payer) system. Of course, they want The Rich to pay their fair share, because that’s the default position, never considering that the money will disappear. We remember that it failed in Vermont, and […]

Comrade Bernie Finds New Way To Patronize Voters, Calls For Eliminating Medical Debt

Who’s going to pay for it? Bernie Sanders Calls for Eliminating Americans’ Medical Debt Bernie Sanders has long wanted to remake the health care system so no one will have to pay directly for medical care again. Now, he also wants to go back and cancel all the medical debts of people who have been […]

Mayor Pete To Roll Out His Own Medicare Sorta For All Plan, Taking Swipe At Other Democrats

Is this legitimate from Pete Buttigieg, or just a plan that is patronizingly thinking ahead towards the general election, knowing that the essential government takeover of the health industry by other Democrat contenders is not going to play well during the general election? Here’s a better way to do Medicare-for-all … As president, I will […]

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