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Sunday Dummies: AOC Worried About Water For Terrorists, GenZ Discovers Walking

AOC is concerned that all the terrorists in Gaza will be running out of water Humans can only survive without water for about 3 days. Gaza has run dry. The blockade on water, food, and electricity is an indiscriminate, collective punishment and a crime. It is cruel and unjust. To save millions of people in […]

Surprise: NJ Banned Plastic Bags, So, People Are Stealing Shopping Baskets

Usually we could say “who could have seen this coming?”, but, actually, this is one that’s more of “no one thought this would happen” New Jersey banned plastic bags. So, people are stealing grocery store shopping baskets Grocery store customers are walking off with those plastic hand baskets you find in the supermarket, an apparent consequence of New […]

People Ruining Things: COVID Karen Weddings And Escaped Zebras

Weddings in the age of COVID vaccination You Are Invited to Our Wedding. Kindly Tell Us Your Vaccination Status. Asking wedding guests to leave their children at home used to be among the thornier requests a couple could make. Now, COVID-19 precautions are adding more sensitive appeals to wedding invitations. Tucked inside embossed envelopes that […]

Idiot Protests Wearing Face Mask By Wearing Bikini Made Of Face Masks

People need their social media validation and likes, you know (via Twitchy) I hate wearing the mask. We have to do it at work when we are wandering around the dealership or with a customer. If we are at our desks or outside without a customer, we do not have to wear one. Those […]

Irony: Guy Upset Over Florida Beaches Being Open Plans To Go To Beach Dressed As Grim Reaper

Yes, some beaches in Florida are reopening, as they are here in North Carolina. In both cases, it has been made quite clear that no sunbathing is allowed. People can exercise. See, they told us that we should social distance. We said “OK.” They said we could be out and about for exercise. We said […]

When Crocodiles Mess With Lockdown

You think it’s bad not finding TP and fresh chicken, beef, and pork? (The Blaze) As cases of COVID-19 in the eastern African country of Rwanda climbed, authorities there implemented a “total lockdown” Sunday, the BBC reported. So far, Rwanda has at least 40 confirmed cases. The government has reportedly said it would help people struggling […]

Good Grief: Stores Have To Limit Toilet Paper Purchases From Panic Buying

Down here in the South, and, let’s face it, many other places, if a winter storm is predicted people run to the store and buy milk, bread, water, and eggs. Same thing for a potential tropical storm. One time I saw the cookie aisle wiped out. Oh, and don’t forget to get the beer. The […]

Shame: California To Increase Taxes On Marijuana Sales

What happens when you over-tax something, then over-tax it even more? California boosts pot taxes, shocking unsteady industry California is increasing business tax rates on legal marijuana, a move that stunned struggling companies that have been pleading with the state to do just the opposite. Hefty marijuana taxes that can approach 50 percent in some […]

Chick-fil-a Surrenders To LGBTQ, Won’t Give To Salvation Army

There really was no reason to surrender, seeing as these hardcore moonbats were probably not even patrons to start with, but, they have managed to piss off a lot of Chick-fil-a supporters Chick-fil-A no longer donating to 2 organizations accused of anti-LGBTQ+ views Chick-fil-A has announced it will focus on donating to initiatives that further […]

Surprise: Hate Crime Blamed On Mike Pence’s Wife Was A Hoax

You know what happens whenever one of these hate crimes happens, right? I saw this a couple weeks back on Yahoo News, and most of the comments (comments tend to trend very right on stories there) were wondering if it was a hoax, betting on it being a hoax. It’s a hoax Sixth-Grade Girl Admits […]

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