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When Crocodiles Mess With Lockdown

You think it’s bad not finding TP and fresh chicken, beef, and pork? (The Blaze) As cases of COVID-19 in the eastern African country of Rwanda climbed, authorities there implemented a “total lockdown” Sunday, the BBC reported. So far, Rwanda has at least 40 confirmed cases. The government has reportedly said it would help people struggling […]

Good Grief: Stores Have To Limit Toilet Paper Purchases From Panic Buying

Down here in the South, and, let’s face it, many other places, if a winter storm is predicted people run to the store and buy milk, bread, water, and eggs. Same thing for a potential tropical storm. One time I saw the cookie aisle wiped out. Oh, and don’t forget to get the beer. The […]

Shame: California To Increase Taxes On Marijuana Sales

What happens when you over-tax something, then over-tax it even more? California boosts pot taxes, shocking unsteady industry California is increasing business tax rates on legal marijuana, a move that stunned struggling companies that have been pleading with the state to do just the opposite. Hefty marijuana taxes that can approach 50 percent in some […]

Chick-fil-a Surrenders To LGBTQ, Won’t Give To Salvation Army

There really was no reason to surrender, seeing as these hardcore moonbats were probably not even patrons to start with, but, they have managed to piss off a lot of Chick-fil-a supporters Chick-fil-A no longer donating to 2 organizations accused of anti-LGBTQ+ views Chick-fil-A has announced it will focus on donating to initiatives that further […]

Surprise: Hate Crime Blamed On Mike Pence’s Wife Was A Hoax

You know what happens whenever one of these hate crimes happens, right? I saw this a couple weeks back on Yahoo News, and most of the comments (comments tend to trend very right on stories there) were wondering if it was a hoax, betting on it being a hoax. It’s a hoax Sixth-Grade Girl Admits […]

Bummer: Fremont Police Give Up On High Speed Chase When Tesla Runs Low On Power

There are certainly other ways police give up on high speed chases. Safety is one of them. You never hear about them giving up because they ran out of gas » Calif. Police Officer Loses High Speed Chase when Battery of His Electric Cruiser Dies — JimW_in_ABQ (@JimW_in_NM) September 25, 2019 The Godfather Politics […]

Good News: Dairy Queen Doesn’t Have Human Meat In Their Burgers

Or, bad news, if you’re into that kind of thing (via Jazz Shaw) (NY Post) Dairy Queen has had to oddly clarify that the store’s food does not contain “human meat” after one of its South Carolina restaurants was swarmed by federal agents last week, sparking gruesome rumors online. “At Dairy Queen, we are very […]

Gay Parents Sue State Dept For Following The Law On Children Born Overseas

Obviously, everything is awful, and people should just be allowed to manufacture law from their feelings whenever they want Gay Dads Sue State Department Over Refusal To Recognize Daughter As US Citizen A same-sex couple in Georgia said in a lawsuit filed Tuesday that the U.S. State Department is unconstitutionally refusing to recognize their daughter’s […]

Company Wants Electric Pogo Sticks In San Francisco: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The spirit of entrepreneurship is strong with these folks Electric pogo sticks could be coming soon to San Francisco Forget electric scooters and electric bikes – people in San Francisco could soon be “jumping into the future” with electric pogo sticks! That’s right – San Francisco could be the first city in the U.S. to get […]

Bummer: #MeToo Hits Magic The Gathering Tournament

Which is rather weird, because from what I’ve heard, there are really no women involved in one of the geekiest of geek things Pro Removed From $1 Million Magic Tournament Accused Of Harassing Women On Wednesday, one of the most prominent players in the Magic: The Gathering scene was unceremoniously dropped from this weekend’s first-ever […]

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