People Ruining Things: COVID Karen Weddings And Escaped Zebras

Weddings in the age of COVID vaccination

You Are Invited to Our Wedding. Kindly Tell Us Your Vaccination Status.

Asking wedding guests to leave their children at home used to be among the thornier requests a couple could make.

Now, COVID-19 precautions are adding more sensitive appeals to wedding invitations.

Tucked inside embossed envelopes that include dinner choices and directions to the reception are also politely worded notes telling guests they must be vaccinated, get a COVID-19 test or do both, according to wedding planners.

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I wouldn’t mind those. Heck, I’d like to have them at work and everywhere else. Not just for COVID. I’ve seen what some people do with their hands. But, ask me to provide vax status or get a test? Nah, Karen, I’m good. Y’all enjoy.

Interesting. And Eleanor Holmes Norton thought it would be fun to chime in

And then ruin it by going Super Political. If they want full representation, they can move out of D.C. to Maryland and Virginia. If she opposes fences, she’ll demand all the ones in D.C. come down, like at the White House and Congress.

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