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Climate Crisis (scam) Is Supercharging Weather Like Ida Or Something

I tried to avoid getting involved with the whole “Ida was your fault!” stuff, but, this one is a little crazier than most Ida turns New York City into a front line of extreme weather supercharged by climate change After Hurricane Ida battered the southern US states, its remnants lashed the northeast on Wednesday night, transforming […]

Miami Herald Seems Surprised Florida AG Would Get Involved On Mask Mandates

Seriously, why would a state attorney general get involved with the legal proceedings of the state? That’s just silly Florida AG inserts herself in mask mandate legal fight as state defies court ruling Attorney General Ashley Moody on Wednesday injected her legal opinion into Florida’s ongoing court battle over school mask mandates, adding noise to […]

China Says Poor Relations With U.S. Imperil Progress On ‘Climate Change’

China likes to say the right things on Doing Something about the climate emergency (scam), but, they’re also building lots of coal fired power plants and putting more and more fossil fueled vehicles on the streets. And so much more that the Warmists hate. This is all about scamming the climate crisis scammers China warns […]

Sleepy Joe Claims Texas Abortion Law Violates Constitutional Rights Or Something

Nothing whips Democrats into a fervor like abortion on demand. If you gave them a choice of reducing the power of government and keeping abortion they’d usually choose abortion. It seems to be their 1st Commandment, Thou shall allow abortion. And along comes Surrender Joe, who wants to put massive restrictions on firearm ownership for […]

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