Miami Herald Seems Surprised Florida AG Would Get Involved On Mask Mandates

Seriously, why would a state attorney general get involved with the legal proceedings of the state? That’s just silly

Florida AG inserts herself in mask mandate legal fight as state defies court ruling

Attorney General Ashley Moody on Wednesday injected her legal opinion into Florida’s ongoing court battle over school mask mandates, adding noise to an increasingly political fight.

Moody, a Republican ally of Gov. Ron DeSantis, said school districts must comply with a state rule that says parents must have the ability to opt their kids out of mask requirements “unless and until the judiciary declares them invalid.”

Her legal opinion comes days after a Leon County judge ruled that DeSantis and his administration “acted without legal authority” when issuing and enforcing a blanket ban on mask mandates. The ruling was delivered orally and is not effective until written and filed. As of Wednesday evening, no ruling has been filed, which has given an opening to DeSantis and his administration to act.

“Injected”. Like she has no business chiming in.

Minutes after Moody published her legal opinion, the Florida Department of Education issued a statement that said her legal opinion proves districts have broken the law and need to follow state orders because “the judiciary has not declared the rule to be invalid.”

“Today, the department is urging every school district that has mandated masks without an opt out to promptly change its policies and comply with Florida’s rules and laws,” said Department of Education spokesman Jared Ochs, who did not immediately respond when asked if the state agency coordinated with Moody’s office.

It’s an interesting thing, that a judge in one county would rule that it’s a bad thing that the State mandates that people have a choice whether they want to mask up or not.

Meanwhile, in other mandate news

Sheriff pulls school resource officers from schools, says vaccine mandate infringes on their rights

As the K-12 school year began this week, school resource officers were absent at four Chelan County school districts.

Sheriff Brian Burnett said he believes Gov. Jay Inslee’s mandate requiring school employees and on-site contractors and volunteers to receive a COVID-19 vaccination infringes on his deputies’ rights. The sheriff’s action puts school resource officer programs on hold at the Cascade, Cashmere, Chelan and Manson school districts.

In fairness, Burnett didn’t ask any officers if they were vaccinated and whether they want to be in the schools. And in the neighboring state of Oregon

Portland Police Union to City: Vaccine Mandate Will “Exacerbate an Already Dangerous Staffing Crisis” for Police and 911 Staff

The city of Portland’s vaccine mandate, announced Aug. 30, is likely to spur widespread resignations of police officers and 911 operators, says the union that represents Portland police.

Through a public records request, WW obtained an email exchange Aug. 27 between Anil Karia, who is an attorney for the Portland Police Association, and Jerell Gaddis, who manages labor and employee relations matters for the city.

In the email, Karia outlines several arguments for why the vaccine mandate is illegal and not enforceable for PPA members, which consists of most Portland Police Bureau sworn officers, as well as emergency operators employed by the city’s Bureau of Emergency Communications.

Portland already has enough problems with a shortage of law enforcement and rising crime, so, have fun, Democrat voters in Portland.

Greek health care workers protest compulsory vaccinations

Hundreds of Greek health care workers, accompanied by ambulances with sirens blaring, marched through central Athens on Thursday to protest regulations mandating coronavirus vaccines for anyone working in their sector.

Under the regulation, which went into effect Wednesday, any health care worker who isn’t vaccinated against COVID-19 or hasn’t recovered from the disease within the last six months will be suspended from work without pay.

Who knew there were so many Trump voters in Greece? In Cincinnati they’re worried that 30% of the nurses could quit over the vaccine mandate. That seems to be happening a lot.

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3 Responses to “Miami Herald Seems Surprised Florida AG Would Get Involved On Mask Mandates”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    This is my account as I live in the State of Florida.

    The Judge’s opinion, as read is flawed as he proclaims that the Governor does not have the right to do what the State Constitution and legislature says he can do. That being said, DeSantis was wrong in issuing the order as this should be a “home rule” issue where local municipalities and school boards should decide what is best for their area as infection rates are different.

    In short, the ruling is wrong legally, but DeSantis was wrong issuing the mandate.

    That being said, once the judge struck down the mandate, my local school board passed a mask mandate for every staff member, student, parent, guardian and contractor that steps onto school property or vehicles.

    The meeting was heated to say the least.

    However, what the School Board did not address, as required by law, was the cost of the mandate.

    It is black letter law that if you mandate a certain uniform or PPE in your facility for your employees, the employer has to pay for it directly or by other means. No one is talking about that.

    We can argue all day about mask mandates and their effectiveness, but what cannot be argued is that if the government mandates masks for their employees, the government has to pick up the bill.

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  3. Hairy says:

    Locals should always have control of local matters not BIG GOVERNMENT
    Except on things thst liberals want

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