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Surrender Joe Announces Plan To Combat Climate Scam, Unintentionally Exposes Reality Of UHI

This is fantastic. And then he took a fossil fueled flight to speak to the United Nations, mentioning Hotcoldwetdry to all the other world leaders who took fossil fueled flights (more on that later) Biden announces plan to combat extreme heat caused by climate change The Biden administration on Monday morning announced an interagency plan […]

If All You See…

…is an area drying out from too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Bunkerville, with a post on Ebonics and Woke Culture.

Growing Problem For Businesses: Ghosting Coasting

I wonder if the people doing this realize the problems they will create for their job opportunities in the future? Employers say ‘ghosting coasting’ is a growing problem, but workers have their reasons for quietly walking away from a job Over a summer marked by rage quits, the Great Resignation, and high-profile walkouts by employees who say they’re overworked […]

St. Greta Wants Her Acolytes Back In The Streets

They might as well, they aren’t taking menial jobs, preferring to sit at home and take unemployment rather than work the low skilled to no skilled jobs they are qualified for ‘We will be back on the streets’: Greta Thunberg urges fellow youth activists to take part in global climate strike Days ahead of what […]

COVID Today: Biden Admin Implementing International Travel Rules, Elites Are Exempt From Masking

The Dementia Joe admin has mostly released the new rules for traveling from other countries to the U.S. by air. This would be called racist and xenophobic if Trump was president, you know. And it includes something very, very interesting The new COVID rules for international flights to US don’t just impact foreign tourists: What […]

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