Surrender Joe Announces Plan To Combat Climate Scam, Unintentionally Exposes Reality Of UHI

This is fantastic. And then he took a fossil fueled flight to speak to the United Nations, mentioning Hotcoldwetdry to all the other world leaders who took fossil fueled flights (more on that later)

Biden announces plan to combat extreme heat caused by climate change

The Biden administration on Monday morning announced an interagency plan to deal with the effects of frequent extreme heat waves caused by global warming. (snip)

The administration’s plan has four main components, according to a fact sheet distributed by the White House:

Limiting workplace exposure. The Department of Labor will develop regulations and processes to set and enforce regulations limiting extreme heat exposure for outdoor workers, in industries like agriculture, construction and delivery, and indoor workers, including factory, warehouse and kitchen staff.

In other words, more Big Government control of private sector operations, raising costs, etc

Helping families cool off. The Department of Health and Human Services has issued guidance giving states, tribes and territories the flexibility to use funds already designated for assisting low-income households with heating bills and instead direct those funds for air conditioning. The Environmental Protection Agency is using money from the American Rescue Plan — the COVID-19 relief and economic stimulus package passed in March — to develop cooling centers in public schools.

And, so far, most cities and states, along with Los Federales, have done a bad job at disbursing the funds, but, really, this is simply bribery to voters.

Advising local efforts to fight the “urban heat island effect.” The streets and buildings of cities tend to worsen extreme heat, which has a disproportionate impact on Black and Latino neighborhoods. According to a recent EPA report that analyzed 49 cities, “Black and African American individuals are 40-59% more likely than non-Black and non-African American individuals to currently live in high-impact areas.” The administration hopes states and cities will use that data, and the tools suggested in a new Forest Service report such as tree planting and other natural approaches to greening and cooling, to reduce the severity of urban heat islands.

Oops. UHI is a product of the actions of Mankind, but, it is not global, so, this actually hurts the climate doom from CO2 narrative. Of course urbanized and surburbanized areas are warmer.

Calling all experts. The National Integrated Heat Health Information System, an interagency group put together by the White House, is monitoring and sharing data on extreme heat and will hold an April meeting to come up with better measures to address it. Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security is launching prize competitions for ideas to adapt to climate change, the first of which will be focused on extreme heat.

More government.


UN: Joe Biden pledges to double climate aid to developing countries – live

Joe Biden’s headline announcement at the United Nations is a doubling of climate aid given by the US to developing countries – the total will top $11bn if Congress agrees – but beneath this there was tacit acknowledgment that the climate crisis is in danger of spinning dangerously out of control.

At times Biden struck an almost pleading note as he urged other countries to raise their ambitions to cut planet-heating emissions, with governments currently falling badly short in the effort to avert truly disastrous climate change. China, responsible for a quarter of global emissions, is firmly at odds with the US over trade and security issues. And domestically the president’s main climate policies, packed into the $3.5tn reconciliation bill, risk being sunk by Senator Joe Manchin and Senate Republicans.

So, more no-strings-attached aid money to 3rd world nations rather than taking care of our own, all while, I think it’s safe to say, every single world representative at the U.N. today took a fossil fueled flight, most likely on a private jet.

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11 Responses to “Surrender Joe Announces Plan To Combat Climate Scam, Unintentionally Exposes Reality Of UHI”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach: UHI is a product of the actions of Mankind (sic), but, it is not global, so, this actually hurts the climate doom from CO2 narrative.

    Well, no. Teach can’t be surprised that concrete, brick, asphalt and roofs absorb and release heat. But cities aren’t the reason that the Earth is warming; not the reason the Arctic ice is thinning or that the seas are rising. The urban heat island effect is local, but occurs atop the increase in the average surface temperature.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Rimjob: But cities aren’t the reason that the Earth is warming; not the reason the Arctic ice is thinning or that the seas are rising.

      Sorry Rimjob but you just don’t have a clue.
      Maybe it’s because, being a dipshit you’re simply caught up in the past or you’re just a fuking dumbass. Either way you’re wrong.

      Read and learn something.

      Bwaha! Lolgf

    • est1950 says:

      It must be TRUE. Elwood read it on the internet.

      UHI is a slang term for its hot. Damn Hot. Were all gonna die hot.

      but the internet tells us that its hot. So hot in fact we need to get rid of air conditioning to kill the heat that is sweeping the world.

      I’m sure those stuffed in the cities will greatly appreciate the communist plan to thin their numbers in order to feed the people BUGS. I know its true cause I heard it on the internet.

    • est1950 says:

      Its a trick. It can’t be cooling. Anywhere. Its hot. So damn hot that my shoes melt when I jog in the park. All the ice has melted and the seas are at least another 100 to 200 feet higher this week.

      I know its true cause the internet led by St. Greta The Insane told me so. We gots to get back into the streets and show them bastages that we mean bidness.


      Cause its Hot. Damn Hot. Anyone who writes a paper that says its not is a liar and will be punished by CHAIRMAN XI OF CHINA. After they take millions under the table they will retract their paper….Just you wait and see.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        The truth has a liberal bias.

      • Zachriel says:

        est1950: Its a trick. It can’t be cooling. Anywhere.

        That’s certainly not how scientists view the matter. It’s interesting how a model is now acceptable to the so-called climate skeptics.

        As for Antarctic cooling, it’s not all that “surprising.” The greenhouse effect has a reverse sign in the Antarctica interior as the surface is colder in much of the year than the stratosphere, and the troposphere is very dry. It’s possible that global warming could lead to a moistening of the Antarctic troposphere, which would lead to a positive greenhouse effect. Meanwhile, the Antarctic peninsula is experiencing very rapid warming.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach doesn’t have a clue. Teach is a dipshit.

    Here’s the actual NSIDC data without the right-wing “interpretation”.

    This year’s Arctic sea ice extent is below average but IS greater than the all time low. Yawn.

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