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Who’s Ready To Piss Off Your Relatives With COVID Talk On Thanksgiving?

Seriously, the moonbat CJWs (COVID Justice Warriors) couldn’t even wait till November for this (via Dana Pico) I am asking Kentuckians to step up and have that tough conversation with their loved ones. Encourage them to get the vaccine. It’s that type of caring that will finally get through to those that are not vaccinated. […]

Climate Cult Groups Call For Postponing Climate Scam Conference

The groups are being called “environmental groups”, but, they have little to do with the environment, and everything to do with a doomsday cult scam Environmental groups call for postponement of climate talks A coalition of environmental groups on Tuesday called for this year’s climate summit to be postponed, arguing that too little has been […]

If All You See…

…are horrible bricks laid with terrible concrete, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Blazing Cat Fur, with a post on not being able to get rid of Afghan refuges who fail vetting.

Abortionistas Pushing For National “Right To Choose” Law

I think this is a fantastic idea. They should push this, and debate it in Congress. It would be an eye opener for the casual voter who’ll see that the killing of unborn children, especially black children, is the number one belief of the Democratic party. That nothing matters more to Democrats It’s Time to […]

Surrender Joe May Bring Up Climate Doom While Touring Ida Ravaged Northeast

There’s probably a better chance that he’ll bring up his dead son Beau and get some ice cream than get a lucid discussion of ‘climate change’, which even Warmists probably do not want to hear. They will want to know about aid for getting nailed with a post-tropical storm, not how the government will tax […]

Teachers Are Living In An “Emotional Hellscape” From Unmasked Students Or Something

This is the NY Times lead story of the day. Not Americans being stuck in the hellscape from Surrender Joe’s ill-planned Afghanistan adventure, or what’s going on with people post-Ida. Or kids having to wear masks that have almost no decrease in the chance of getting COVID (FYI, the single page headline is different from […]

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