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What’s At Stake In California Recall Election? Climate Crisis Action!

I’ll be honest, I don’t think Gavin Newsome is going to lose. This is California as run by the loony Progressives (nice Fascists), with a smattering of squishy Democrats and Republicans here and there. I doubt that there will be enough votes to toss Gavin out. And I don’t want to hear any whining from […]

If All You See…

…is Freedom, you might just be a Patriot Why do we say “Never Forget”? We remember the patriotism of 9/11, and the days after. We remember the heroism of so many. Think of all the firefighters who rushed into the Towers to help, even as people streamed down the same stairwells. The police and paramedics […]

NY Times Report May Show Biden War Crime In Afghanistan

You know that if this had occurred under President Trump all the Credentialed Media and elected Democrats would have been calling for hearings and impeachment NYT: Biden May Have Droned Innocent Family in Kabul; Possible War Crime The New York Times published the results of an investigation on Friday that suggests the Biden administration targeted an innocent […]

Do Cities Need Resilience Officers For ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

I mean, they have firefighters and cops, right? Let’s see Cities Have Firefighters and Trash Collectors. As the Climate Breaks Down, Do They Also Need Resilience Corps? The answer is “no”. Post over. When Hurricane Ida hit New Orleans in early September, Tonya Freeman-Brown made the difficult decision to stay in the city. The 53 year-old and […]

COVID Fascism: De Blasio Threatens To Withhold Paychecks From Non-Vaccinate Cops And City Employees

This probably won’t work all that well, since the police and most of the city workers are unionized. For a change, government unions actually comes into play in protecting employees from tyrannical employers. Also, I wonder how many with quit? The police can easily get another job in a city and state that values them […]

9/11 At Nineteen: Remembering The Lost (sticky for the day)

As I have done every year since the 5th anniversary of September 11th, I remember two wonderful individuals, Brook Jackman and Andrew Golkin, who I’ll never have a possible chance to meet and converse with, due to 19 murderous Islamist terrorists and their superiors, who attacked our country on that fateful day.

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