What’s At Stake In California Recall Election? Climate Crisis Action!

I’ll be honest, I don’t think Gavin Newsome is going to lose. This is California as run by the loony Progressives (nice Fascists), with a smattering of squishy Democrats and Republicans here and there. I doubt that there will be enough votes to toss Gavin out. And I don’t want to hear any whining from them when their cost of living keeps rising. Electricity, housing, food, consumer goods, and services. When gas prices cause harm to the middle and lower classes. When the California government is dictating more and more how the Citizens may live their life. When they deal more and more with rolling brownouts and blackouts. When the enviro-weenies continue to create the conditions for more and more wildfires

California’s battle with climate change is at stake in Tuesday’s recall election

California voters will decide whether to remove Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom in a Sept. 14 recall election. While Newsom has taken only moderate actions to curb climate change, replacing him could result in a rollback of green policies such as phasing out fracking and gasoline-powered vehicles, and would have national implications for efforts to slash greenhouse gas emissions.

There are 46 challengers running to unseat Newsom. Of the 24 Republican candidates on the ballot, many want to roll back the state’s ambitious plans to address climate change and transition to cleaner energy.

Newsom will be removed from office if more than 50% of voters choose to recall him. The governor appears increasingly likely to hold onto his seat, with polls in the last few weeks showing that voters favor keeping him in office. (snip)

A new governor would be unlikely to dismantle any major climate legislation in California, especially given the Democratic state legislature and the gubernatorial re-election in 2022. Still, a great deal of California’s climate policy is achieved through executive order and administrative action, both of which a new governor could change or reverse.

“While a new governor would not be able to mount a legislative attack on California climate policy, they would be able to slow down, redirect and even reverse the implementation of California climate policy,” said William Boyd, a professor at UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability.

Democrats had no problem with Obama/Biden doing this same thing, ignoring laws, slow walking stuff, so, they wouldn’t be able to complain. Though, they still would

In addition to rolling back Newsom’s orders on issues like clean vehicles, conservation and oil and gas production, a new governor could also withdraw from inter-state agreements, such as the fifteen-state bipartisan memorandum of understanding that commits to reach net-zero emissions from new truck and bus sales by mid-century.

Hey, if Californians want all the green Fascism, they can actually practice what they preach without forcing everyone else to do so. I guess we’ll find out Tuesday into Wednesday.

Also, I wonder how much Democrats will bitch and moan if Gavin loses. Will they go back to the “stolen election” stuff of the Bush and Trump years?

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