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Good News: Obama, Biden, All Sorts Of Celebs To Appear On NBC Sunday To Pimp Vaccines

Is this supposed to be aimed at all the conservatives they media keep telling us are refusing to get a vaccine? I have a question about this, but, I’ll get to that in a minute Biden and Obama to appear in TV special to promote Covid-19 vaccinations President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama […]

COVID Doom: “Expert” Says Michigan’s Spike Could Be Sign Of Doom For U.S.

The Credentialed Media is always going to be about doom, about scaring people, but, now you combine that with politics in order to make everyone controlled by the government. An they just can’t give that up even as more and more are vaccinated Michigan’s Covid-19 crisis could be a sign of what’s to come for […]

Texas Governor Bans COVID Passports For Government And Some Private Entities

Again, I’m not necessarily against them. Just like I’m not against many Bat Soup Virus measures. Social distancing, no touching, wash your hands, even masks, up to a point. It’s all about moderation. I’m not wearing a mask when I’m out and about except where required. I won’t wear one while walking on the greenway. […]

Florida Governor Bans COVID Vaccine Passports

I’ve said before, I can see the point of having some sort of something which will show that you got vaccinated. I have the two cards provided by Wake County (I forgot to bring the 1st one when I got my 2nd shot), and have taken photos of them. I don’t necessarily have a problem […]

CNN: Once You’re Vaccinated You Can Live Your Life

I’m just wondering if they meant to say this, as they’re also fear-mongering about a 4th wave Get fully vaccinated before resuming normal activities, health experts plead with Americans With fears growing that the US may be facing a fourth surge of Covid-19 cases, health experts are pleading with Americans to keep taking precautions until […]

China Joe Whines About Texas Rangers Having Fans In Attendance

The Elites really do not like people getting back to normal, as that takes away their power to limit freedom President Joe Biden on Rangers allowing 100 percent capacity crowds: ‘I think it’s a mistake’ Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Texas Rangers have announced plans to fill Globe Life Field to 100 percent capacity this […]

That Was Quick: COVID Passports Creating Not Just A Privilege Dilemma, But Double Privilege!

You know this had to be inevitable in this crazy SJW/Virtue Signal/Offended period of time, right? And they just skipped the triple dare and went straight for the throat with the triple dog dare What you need to know about COVID-19 vaccine passports — and the ‘double privilege’ dilemma they raise for society …. Vaccine […]

Good News: WHO Study, Backed By China, Absolves China

See, the World Health Organization, which is totally not in the pocket of China, says that it was definitely not bio-research that caused COVID19, as stated by China AP Exclusive: WHO report says animals likely source of COVID A joint World Health Organization-China study on the origins of COVID-19 says that transmission of the virus […]

China Joe Demands States Reimpose Mask Mandates – While Failing To Wear A Mask

At the height of the mask mandates, only 31 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico had them. Some were more stringent than others. Since then, many states have gotten rid of them. This makes Dementia Joe unhappy Biden calls on states to reinstate mask mandates as CDC warns of possible COVID-19 surge President Biden is calling on […]

China Joe Admin Looks To Lead On Developing COVID Passports

On one hand, I can see the point of a COVID passport, something that mostly cannot be faked, which would allow those who have been vaccinated and/or have the antibodies to get out and about with full freedom among others with the same. On the other, what’s the chance for governmental abuse? ‘Vaccine passports’ are […]

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