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CDC, Nancy Pelosi Reverse Positions On Masking

Will people comply with new mask mandates? Tucker Carlson makes a good point, which you’re surely making in your head at the same time (Fox News) Millions of children will now be required to cover their faces in school — this despite the scientifically established fact that masks pose a far greater threat to children […]

Covidurtue Signalers Are Getting Mad At The Unvaccinated Or Something

Why? If people want to take the chance without the vaccine, that’s on them. Especially since data is showing that the vaccinated can, in fact, get COVID, and the Delta variant is blowing through the vaccine protection, you just don’t get as sick. Usually. As Virus Cases Rise, Another Contagion Spreads Among the Vaccinated: Anger […]

Progressives Still Pushing Hard For COVID Passports

At this point, how good are they? It’s like masking: most didn’t require the masks until months and months after the Chinese Flu started raging. Not that masks made any difference, and may have made it worse since people felt they could get closer. Progressives (nice Fascists) won’t give up on ideas, though California bars […]

Wake County Canvassing Areas With Low COVID Vaccination Rates

I’ve mentioned this already, but, this throws a bit of confusion in how this is all working Health care workers to canvass Wake neighborhoods for door-to-door vaccines The Wake County Health Department is expanding its effort to bring COVID-19 vaccines directly to families by administering vaccinations in select areas. Healthcare workers with WakeMed Physician Practices […]

COVID Today: NC Hospital Systems Mandate Vaccinations, JabNags Coming Door To Do, FDA Approval No Excuse

It seems as if most of the hospital systems in the state are going to require employees to get the vaccine. I wonder how many will quit, especially those who have skill sets that will work in other areas? Especially when they’re already short of employees Duke, UNC, other NC hospital systems requiring workers to […]

Dementia Joe Admin Considering Pushing For Mask Mandates Again

If Joe and his Comrades attempted to reinstate mask mandates, how would that go over? Would there be a lot of sadly resigned people, as we see in LA County? Or lots of rebellion? Because masks do not work. Fauci said so. That Bat Soup Virus saw more infections and deaths than the pre-mask period […]

NYC To Require Vaccines And Weekly Tests For City Employees In Health Industry

Why would this be necessary? I thought most New Yorkers were Democrats, and Democrats were gung ho to take the vaccine? No? Anyway, first Vaccinated Pelosi and Biden aides test positive for COVID The Pelosi aide had contact with the delegation of fleeing Texas Democrats that contracted COVID-19 Huh. Good job, Fleebaggers. More locally Vaccinated […]

Hollywood Can Now Mandate Vaccination For TV Shows And Movies

This sounds like a great idea. The question is, will they mandate? Also, will the people in the industry complain? Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccinations On Productions Now An Option Under New Return-To-Work Protocols Mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations on film and TV productions will now be allowed, on a restricted basis, under a new agreement reached tonight between […]

LA County To Reimpose Mask Mandate, Including For Vaccinated

Well, this should definitely incentivize more people to get the vaccine, right? L.A. County will require masks indoors amid alarming rise in coronavirus cases Just a month ago, Los Angeles County and the rest of California celebrated a long-awaited reopening, marking the tremendous progress made in the battle against COVID-19 by lifting virtually all restrictions on businesses […]

COVID Today: Athens Protests, US Military Base Requires Proof, Colleges Facing Pushback

All the Trump loving MAGAs are out protesting In Athens, thousands rally against COVID-19 vaccinations More than 5,000 anti-vaccine protesters, some them waving Greek flags and wooden crosses, rallied in Athens on Wednesday to oppose Greece’s coronavirus vaccinations programme. Shouting “take your vaccines and get out of here!” and calling on Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis […]

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