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Surprise: AstraZeneca COVID Vax Can Cause Heart Problems For Young Women

One would have thought this would be bigger news, wouldn’t you? It’s rather important after the last three years. I first ran across it on Yahoo News on the tablet app, which curates. Imagine my surprise when this NY Times article is way, way, way down the page AstraZeneca’s Covid Vaccine May Have Posed a […]

Federal Court Blocks Brandon’s Vaccine Mandate

Only what, a year and a half too late? Court blocks COVID-19 vaccine mandate for US gov’t workers President Joe Biden’s order that federal employees get vaccinated against COVID-19 has been blocked by a federal appeals court. The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, in a decision Thursday, rejected arguments that Biden, as the […]

Scientists Call COVID Raccoon Dog Study “Pure Trash”

OK, they didn’t actually call it that, they used more measured, scientific terms Scientists discredit raccoon dog Covid origin study A study suggesting that raccoon dogs may have started the Covid pandemic is “risibly thin” and compiled by authors who have previously claimed to have “incontrovertible” proof of a market origin, scientists have warned. Miriam Webster defines […]

Biden Signs COVID Declassification Bill, Will Withhold Some Information

Who wants to bet that the documents he withholds will be the pertinent ones? Biden signs COVID declassification bill, hints at withholding some information President Biden on Monday signed a bill directing the federal government to declassify intelligence about the origins of COVID-19. The bipartisan legislation allows the Office of the Director of National Intelligence […]

WHO Puts China On Notice That They Need To Manufacture Raccoon Dog Data

The WHO has pretty much been in the pocket of China throughout the Wuhan Flu years, and now they’re essentially telling them to manufacture the necessary data to push back on the lab leak intelligence WHO Accuses China of Hiding Data That May Link COVID’s Origins to Animals The World Health Organization rebuked Chinese officials […]

Now They Say The “Science” Claims COVID Came From Raccoon Dogs

They just won’t give up, eh? They had been blaming it on someone eating a bat or pangolin for 3 years, but, now that there is more and more evidence now, to go with the early evidence, that it was created in a lab, the COVID cult has to try something. The question is, why […]

Time Recommends A Full Wuhan Flu Bipartisan Commission

We do, we really do, in order to expose all the malfeasance, authoritarianism, and hypocritical behavior from those being authoritarian America Needs a COVID-19 Bipartisan Commission to Prepare for the Next Pandemic Postmortems, or autopsies, which were common practice until well into the 20th-century but have recently become more rare, are conducted to determine a […]

Surprise: No Big COVID Surge This Winter

Why do I read this article and think that ABC and Good Morning America are totally bummed out that huge numbers of people were not getting COVID, not getting it bad, and not dying? The winter COVID wave that wasn’t: Why the US didn’t see a surge When the United States saw COVID-19 cases and deaths […]

COVID Cult Scientist Says Masks Totally Work

The COVID cultists just won’t give up, and Zeynep Tufekci is super excited to tell us why the Cochrane study doesn’t stand up in an op-ed Here’s Why the Science Is Clear That Masks Work The debate over masks’ effectiveness in fighting the spread of the coronavirus intensified recently when a respected scientific nonprofit said its review […]

House Votes Unanimously To Declassify COVID Origins Intelligence

Well, I didn’t see this coming House votes to declassify info about origins of COVID-19 The House voted unanimously Friday to declassify U.S. intelligence information about the origins of COVID-19, a sweeping show of bipartisan support near the third anniversary of the start of the deadly pandemic. The 419-0 vote was final congressional approval of the bill, […]

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