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UK Businesses Win Insurance Payouts Over COVID

Could this be coming to America? Small businesses win Covid insurance payouts after UK supreme court victory Hundreds of thousands of small businesses that were forced to close during the Covid-19 pandemic are now set to receive payouts on insurance claims worth more than £1bn following what was described as a “historic victory” at the […]

New York Times Super-Excited To Push Double Masking

Wouldn’t it make sense to push for everyone to wear a mask that can actually work to block viruses, since the majority of what people have been wearing are about as good as wearing them for gloves to stop freezing temperatures, right? Are they better than nothing? Maybe. Would 2 do anything more than create […]

Squad Member Jaypal Tests Positive For COVID, Blames Republicans

Update: I’ve removed the original Jaypal tweet below, and replaced it with her tweet and a reply to it, showing her maskless (via Twitchy) See, originally, we were told that only those who were sick should wear masks. Then, around the end of May, we were told that we should all wear masks to keep […]

China Joe To Require Masks On Buses, Trains

Joe is laying out his COVID response, and plans on doing….things that are already being done Biden lays out plan to combat covid in first 100 days, including requiring masks on interstate buses, trains President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday laid out a three-point plan to begin defeating the coronavirus pandemic during his first 100 days […]

Are You Ready For New Lockdown With New COVID Strains?

Real concern or just looking for more reasons to continue controlling citizens around the world? New COVID ‘Super Strains’ Could Disrupt Life Again After 10 months of masks, social distancing, virtual school, fear for vulnerable loved ones, and loneliness, this is the news no one wanted to hear: The virus that causes COVID-19 has changed — […]

CDC: The Vaccines Are Actually Pretty Safe, Folks

There are mostly three types of news articles you see on the vaccines. The first is that rollout is slow, with the media blasting Republicans in charge and covering for Democrats in charge. The second is the distribution, especially when older folks are being left out. The third is about someone having an allergic reaction, […]

Bat Soup Today: New Variant Found In South Africa, China Blocking WHO Inquiry

See, viruses mutate all the time. Perhaps someone sciencey could explain one mutating at least 5-6 times in a year Covid variant found in South Africa is worrying experts: Here’s what we know so far Viruses mutate all the time and it’s come as no surprise to experts the coronavirus that emerged in China at […]

LA County Tells Ambulance Crews Not To Transport Those With Little Chance Of Survival

Is Los Angeles County looking for lawsuits? Because this is the way you get lawsuits Ambulance crews told not to transport patients who have little chance of survival The situation in Los Angeles County hospitals is so critical that ambulance crews have been advised to cut back on their use of oxygen and to not […]

Surprise: There’s More Evidence COVID Came From Lab Not Wet Market

One has to wonder why the Credentialed Media worked so hard to protect China from accusations that they intentionally or unintentionally released Bat Soup Virus from a laboratory. Was it just because they wanted to be contradictory from what Trump was saying? Is it because they’re beholden to China, much like the NBA and Disney […]

Tone Deaf: Teacher’s Mental Health Is Suffering During COVID

I’m just wondering who at USA Today thought this article was a good idea During the pandemic, teachers’ mental health is suffering in ways they’ve never experienced Carly Evans never missed her weekly appointment with her therapist. She called it her “maintenance” — it kept everything in her life running smoothly. That changed in September, […]

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