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Bat Soup Virus: And Now Dr. Birx Is Recommending Face Shields

While Dr. Fauci was just wondering if people should wear them, mentioning that they could be a good idea, Dr. Birx seems to take this a little bit further Birx recommends face shields in addition to masks to combat coronavirus — The Hill (@thehill) July 30, 2020 From the article Deborah Birx, the […]

Next Up For Bat Soup Virus: Eye Protection

See, here was my bet for the next thing that would be recommended then become a mandate Everyone wonders what's going to be the next mandate when the mask mandates don't help. Here you go: masks with filters. They are starting to be discussed now — WilliamTeach2 (Parler – Wteach) (@WTeach2) July 17, 2020 […]

Governors Upset Large Gatherings Fueling Rising COVID Cases (but not protests)

You see, Bat Soup Virus apparently doesn’t attack anyone involved in a protest or riot Rising Covid-19 cases are fueled by gatherings but some Americans won’t stop With the coronavirus running rampant within American communities, health officials have made clear it’s not yet time to ease up on precautions. Instead, governors and experts from coast […]

Former Obama Official Says We Could Stop COVID Easy Peasy With Just A Few Steps

All we have to do is lock everyone down US could ‘virtually eliminate’ coronavirus if ‘we decide to’, top Obama administration health official says A top Obama administration health official has said the United States could “virtually eliminate” the coronavirus “any time we decide to” if the country were to take universal steps in controlling the virus. […]

Hey, We Can Turn Bat Soup Virus Around In 2-3 Weeks If Everyone Does Their Part. Or 6 Weeks. Maybe

Goal posts keep moving. We did what we were asked (and told): social distance, wash hands, get locked down. Now US Surgeon General Jerome Adams says the US can turn coronavirus around in ‘2 or 3 weeks if everyone does their part’ US Surgeon General Jerome Adams says the US could turn around its novel […]

Media Seem Rather Unhinged Over Trump Finally Wearing A Mask

Don’t forget, the CDC guidance on wearing  a mask prior to May 30th was that people didn’t need to and should not wear a face mask unless they were actually sick (via Twitchy) Trump dons mask in public for the first time, months after public health experts said everyone should — The Washington Post […]

Not Wearing A Mask? Colorado City Could Send You To Jail For A Year

Remember when this lockdown would only last 15 days? And if we’d only social distance and not touch and wash our hands, things would be OK? Then it was STAY HOME!!!! And then a recommendation to wear masks after the CDC changed their guidance on May 30th? Then Government telling us to wear masks? Englewood, […]

Exaggerated? UNC Chapel Hill To Require 3 Feet For School Year

Why 3 feet? Could it be that this is, in fact, overblown? Exaggerated? I’m saying it isn’t dangerous, but, things like this make you think that the danger is exaggerated UNC Chapel Hill says 3 feet is enough space for upcoming semester. UNC Chapel Hill announced a social distancing policy of 3 feet for the […]

FYI: Open And Concealed Carry Allowed In North Carolina While Wearing COVID19 Mask

Quite a few people are concerned about this, even going so far as to say that mask rules are being implemented to stifled 2nd Amendment Rights. Many states are making sure that there are no legal issues. I ran across a story at WRAL on this, but, it left out some relevant information, so, going […]

Durham, Orange Counties To Require Face Masks In Public

Remember when they told us that masks were for health care workers and people who are sick? Then they changed the rules because of so-called asymptomatic carriers?  Well, now that all the lockdown requirements have been eased and are going away, Government has to have some measure to control people (WRAL) Orange County (North Carolina) […]

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