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Masks Work? US Hits Highest Number Of One Day COVID Cases Friday

And CNN has found one expert who says US will soon hit 6 digits Daily Covid-19 cases will hit six digits soon, expert warns, as US reports a one-day high of more than 83,000 infections The US just marked a harrowing milestone: It recorded its highest one-day number of Covid-19 infections Friday at more than 83,000 — more […]

Masks Work: NC Extends Phase 3 As Cases Rise

Remember how masks were supposed to solve this? Gov. Roy Cooper extends Phase 3 of COVID-19 restrictions as metrics continue trending in wrong direction Gov. Roy Cooper announced Wednesday that Phase 3 of his COVID-19 restrictions would remain in place for the next three weeks. The state has been in Phase 3 since October 2. That allowed movie theatres, […]

California’s Governor, Ruling Elites Come Up With Crazy Restrictions For Thanksgiving And Christmas

Hey, this is what you crazy Modern Socialist moonbats voted for, so, don’t complain. And don’t leave the state, bringing your crazy with you, trying to spread it after escaping it. Live under the crazy you created California Just Declared War On Thanksgiving With Kafka-Level Regulations Gov. Gavin Newsom just gave Californians more regulations for […]

Surprise: Millions Could Be Returned To Bat Soup Virus Lockdown

So, are they saying that masks and such don’t work? Millions will be ordered not to leave their local areas in new Covid clampdown Millions of people will be asked not to travel outside their local areas and could be banned from mixing with other households, even outdoors, amid fears that some hospitals in the North-West […]

Bat Soup Virus Continues To Rise In NYC, Europe

NYC is a big time Democratic Party city, right, one which embraces all the restrictions, right, one which wears masks and even had a snitch line, right? COVID-19 cases in NYC continue to rise as city nears threshold Fueled by coronavirus hot spot zones in Brooklyn and Queens, the daily number of new COVID-19 cases in […]

To Slow ‘Climate Change’ We Need Coronavirus Type Lockdowns For Decades Or Something

The Arizona Mirror is running this little tidbit, something voters should think about Voters must choose whether we fight or ignore climate change (lots of the same whining about ‘climate change’) Voters will make the ultimate decision. Will we be a state that mitigates or ignores climate change? Well, as Arizona voters, and the rest […]

Trump Cuts Off Negotiations With Pelosi And Dems Over COVID Relief, Wants Real Legislation

In the private sector, if people are negotiating in bad faith, if they’re being unrealistic, if they are playing too many games, you end the negotiations. When I’m doing it, I will ask “if I do X, you’re prepared to sign right now?” Some people will say “sure”, then back out with some sort of […]

NY Times Admits WHO’s Travel Ban Opposition Not Based On Science

Someone at the NY Times committed a Random Act Of Journalism NYT: W.H.O.’s Pandemic Open Border Suggestions Based on Politics, Not Science The World Health Organization’s (W.H.O) assertion that closing borders would not stem the spread of the Chinese coronavirus was based on politics and economics, not science, according to the findings of a New York […]

Washington Post Goes Conspiracy Theory, Demands To Know Trump’s Condition

Well, it’s not as much a horrible take as many on the left and in the media are trying for (in fairness, some are good, some are ok), but, this smacks of attempting to say Team Trump is hiding his sickness from us The nation needs the truth on President Trump’s illness PRESIDENT TRUMP has […]

Democrats Hide “Deferred Action” For Illegals, Importing Cheap White Collar Workers In COVID Relief Bill

Now that we can see it, we can see what’s in it, and a lot seems barely related and unrelated to Bat Soup Virus relief, House Democrats are simply using the pretense for some of their wishes. The entire thing starts out with providing relief SNAP and food and all sorts of things that are […]

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