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Let’s Go Brandon: Biden’s Caught Not Wearing Masks At Posh D.C. Restaurant

Stories like this shouldn’t matter. They should be low hanging fruit, perhaps something you do a quick tweet. But, in those days, the rank hypocrisy of the Elites shows what they really think about Chinese coronavirus protocols Bidens caught violating DC mask mandate at posh Georgetown restaurant President Biden and first lady Jill Biden were […]

Ohio Mom Becomes Minister, Signs Religious Exemptions For Masks

This has seemed to make USA Today opinion writer Connie Schultz very upset, despite this happening back in early September. I say, this is a funny, and a great way for someone to take advantage of the system (it’s behind the paywall, you can read it by saving to Pocket or by adding to […]

Navy Sets Guidelines To Boot Out Unvaccinated Members, Goes After SEALs

First, let’s take a look at the NY Times The Unvaccinated May Not Be Who You Think … The research and data we do have show that significant portions of the unvaccinated public were confused and concerned, rather than absolutely opposed to vaccines. The Covid States team shared with me more than a thousand comments […]

Good News: Mayor Pete, Also Known As Sec Of Transportation, Has Been On Paid Leave Since August

Let me ask: have you ever taken a job and then put on paid leave 8 months in? Perhaps if you were hurt on the job, but, no, because you chose to do do something? Usually, we think it’s a good thing when government workers take long breaks, because that’s less time for them to […]

Surrender Joe Tells Texas And Florida He’ll Override Their Anti-Mandate Laws

Brandon is working hard to implement his #Unity agenda. We’re all in this together with rising inflation, a shortage of goods, rising gas and energy prices, incensed by Americans stuck in Afghanistan, and more. So, what does he do? His administration picks a fight with Texas and Florida White House Taunts Texas and Florida for […]

COVID Today: Abbott Bans Mandates, Rolling Stone Tries To Cancel Clapton

I’m sure the pro-vax authoritarians, who want to force everyone to get the vaccine (which undercuts the point of getting the vaccine), are already writing their lawsuits Gov. Abbott Bans All COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates In Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order late Monday prohibiting all COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the state of Texas. […]

Dr. Doom Wants You To Get Out And Enjoy Halloween

And please, people, get vaccinated to do so Fauci: ‘Go out there and enjoy Halloween’ Dr. Anthony Fauci on Sunday urged parents celebrating Halloween to get vaccinated against the coronavirus but described the holiday’s activities as low risk, given that they are mostly outdoors. “Particularly if you’re vaccinated, but you can get out there. You’re […]

Hot Take: People Should Take A More Nuanced View On Why Blacks And Latinos Have Low Vaccination Rates

See, it’s not OK that whites, Asians and other non-black and Latinos might be vaccine hesitant. They just have no excuses. For blacks and Latinos, though, yeah, they have Excuses. Is there nothing these lunatics can’t turn into raaaaacism? They just don’t want to Blamestorm those groups for low vaccination rate, they don’t want to […]

Where’s Biden’s Vaccine Mandate?

People are starting to wonder where and when When will President Joe Biden announce vaccine mandate rules for businesses? President Joe Biden stumped for his national vaccine mandate at a speaking engagement in Chicago on Thursday but offered no further information on when the plan, that’s set to impact 100 million U.S. workers, will go […]

If All You See…

…is an area turning to desert from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Raised On Hoecakes, with a post on forced masking in Florida. I never do this, but, let me highlight a really good point from the piece We have stated that if you are going […]

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