Who’s Ready To Piss Off Your Relatives With COVID Talk On Thanksgiving?

Seriously, the moonbat CJWs (COVID Justice Warriors) couldn’t even wait till November for this (via Dana Pico)

That should go well with the conversation with the Republican uncle, right? They can’t whine about Trump, but, here’s just one of the gems

Let’s assume your uncle brings up your political views right off the bat. “Hey [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE], you still a know-nothing Democrat?” he might say. Rather than informing him of the dehumanizing and corrupt nature of the current administration, try changing the narrative using your inside voice. You could say, “Yes, I do believe in quality universal healthcare, equal rights, good neighborhood public schools, tuition-free college, and a fair shot for all. I also believe we could enjoy our cranberry sauce and talk instead about all these Texas cold fronts.”

This could go one of two ways: 1. Your uncle could agree and tell you about some weird weather-related story, like the time his rottweiler chewed holes in his Carhartt jacket, or 2. Your uncle could begin denying climate science.

In the second scenario, if you choose to engage, you could tell your Republican relative that climate change threatens our economy, our national security, and our children’s health and futures. Dear uncle, Texans deserve real solutions to environmental challenges facing us in the 21st century, not fear-mongering and fake science.

And now we have vaccination. Sigh.

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12 Responses to “Who’s Ready To Piss Off Your Relatives With COVID Talk On Thanksgiving?”

  1. est1950 says:

    Here is something you can talk about during Thanksgiving.

    Left-leaning filmmaker Michael Moore asserts that Osama bin Laden “won” due to the United States’ condition of disarray following the exit from Afghanistan.

    “In death,” Moore wrote, “he is able to see the fruits of his labor. We, his mortal enemy, are in disarray, seriously at war with ourselves. It is the first time that a species has decided to eliminate itself. That’s real terrorism.”

    Even anti right, hard core lefty, anti-war Michael Moore is trash talking the Biden Administration for their handling of the withdrawal….Its once again not about withdrawing, its about withdrawing with dignity and showing the world we care beyond the next election.

    • est1950 says:

      Then there is stupid, idiotic TEXAS who just reversed course on the coming 2022 election with their new Anti-Abortion bill.

      The left was defeated, demoralized and in dissarray with nothing more to coalece around and then comes Texas. The election bills were so-so. Most lefties know in their hearts these bills just make sure elections are fair….they wont say that…..they are programmed to say its racist. But of course we all know that it is not. Everyone is entitled to vote…nowhere does it say that voting should be as simple as inhaling your next breath.

      But the Abortion law has fired up the left, rallied the base and got their juices flowing….Way to go Texas. States rights and all but you just handed the LEFT a huge win and we are already seeing the polling moving in the Dems favor, even thought the right still remains in control of 2022. The margin is now narrowing again.

      Stupid is as stupid does.

      • Kye says:

        Agreed est1950. Now’s not the time to start screwing with policies other than the obvious corruption, treasonous treachery and lies of the installed regime. We have so much to beat them on from the Fauxci lies about De/Cuomo Flu to the cowardly lies about Afghanistan. Hell, just yesterday that shit Schumer lied and said no Americans were left behind and other than AON and FOX not one media outlet called him on it. It’s a conspiracy of leaders who hate those they lead. Us!

        Besides let’s face it most aborted babies are blacks and poor and therefore mostly future demofascist wards. So who care any more? Let’em all die. As long as good Christians keep having babies we can continue our plans to make America a White nationalist theocracy. sarc/

        Now watch Elwood go nuts.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Mr1950: Everyone is entitled to vote…nowhere does it say that voting should be as simple as inhaling your next breath.

        Agreed. Supposedly it’s a burden to drive a few miles to cast a vote or to show your government papers. We should make it harder to vote so that only those with a true desire to vote will do so.

        Since over 80% of Americans live in urban/suburban areas we should focus on them for efficiency and economy. Only have polling places in urban/suburban areas with over 100,000 population, representing over 300+ official polling cities in the US, with at least one in most states! In each urban area have an in person polling place for every 1000 registered voters. Leftists will claim that having to drive a couple hundred miles to vote is an undue burden, but they’ll always whine about something. This compromise should satisfy everyone.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Here’s more of Michael Moore’s “trash-talking” of President Biden regarding the Afghanistan exit…

      “I think that I’m so proud of President Biden — who I did not vote for in the Michigan primary; I voted for and I worked for Bernie Sanders — and I have been completely surprised and feeling we’re all blessed to have Joe Biden in the White House in these last months.

      Moore praised Biden’s ability to stand bravely and never walk back “like a politician, and especially a Democratic politician would.”

      “They would get afraid of the Republicans in the right-wing,” Moore said. “Democrats [have] such a history of walking things back like this. He wouldn’t walk it back. He just said, ‘No this is wrong. I promised you when I ran for office, I’m pulling those troops out. This war is going on way too long.’ And it’s exactly what he did. A politician kept his word.”

      “You can have the discussion of how crazy it went at the end, but all evacuations — from Dunkirk, before and after — [have],” he said. “I mean, Churchill is considered a hero with Dunkirk. There were 15,000 allied lives lost in trying to evacuate those soldiers off that beach in France at the beginning of World War II. It never goes right, it never goes well.”

      Mr1950 may have accidently mischaracterized Mr Moore’s sentiments.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Why would discussing Covid or global warming “piss” anyone off? Just stick to the facts.

    All anger, all the time.

    • Dana says:

      Perhaps for the same reasons people don’t discuss politics at family gatherings when they have major political disagreements.

      Let’s face facts: everybody has heard all of the arguments for, and against, getting the vaccines by now, and people have made up their minds. Trying to argue ‘discuss’ them into changing their minds is pretty much like trying to argue ‘discuss’ them into changing their religion.

      The left know this, which is why they keep advocating measures to force those who do not want to take the vaccines to do so.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        The reason knowledgeable people urge (would even mandate!) Covid vaccination is that the simple act is the best way out of this pandemic and its waves of infection.

        Since you live on an isolated farm, your failure to get vaccinated is likely harmless, but to continue to advocate that others shouldn’t is reckless.

        • The forgetful Mr Dowd wrote:

          Since you live on an isolated farm, your failure to get vaccinated is likely harmless, but to continue to advocate that others shouldn’t is reckless.

          Given that I have specified many times, including having used “The vaccinated Dana” often enough that the system remembers that handle for me, your statement that my “failure to get vaccinated” fails.

          In which comment of mine do you find me “advocat(ing) that others shouldn’t” get vaccinated? Please, quote it and cite the hyperlink! We’ll wait, but I suspect we’ll wait long!

          There are those who advocate that people do not get vaccinated, but if any of them comment on this fine site, I do not recall such.

          What I have said is that vaccinations and masks should not be mandatory.

          In Fayette County, Kentucky’s second largest, the Health Department reported that, in August, there were 3775 cases of COVID-19 among the non-vaccinated — which includes the ‘partially’ vaccinated — and 1562 among people fully vaccinated. With a population of 323,200, that means the non- and partially vaccinated had a 1.16% probability in August of contracting the virus, while the fully vaccinated had a rate of 0.48%. All for a disease with a 2% mortality rate.

          Since the vaccines are supposed to reduce or eliminate symptoms among those who contract the virus, I suspect that the percentage of the vaccinated to contract the virus is higher. After all, unless required, who among the asymptomatic would volunteer to have that swab jammed up their sinuses?

  3. Hairy says:

    Let’s all just hope that the unvaccinated uncle Teach used in his example survives until Thankdgiving
    At the rate we are going another 100000 Americans (mostly in red dtstes) might die before Chridtmas from wbst used to be called “fake news”

    • Kye says:

      It’s really scary isn’t it Hairy?

      All night long nothing but the sound of sirens as ambulances transport the dead and dying.

      Morgues filled to capacity.

      New funeral homes popping up all over to handle the immense load.

      Each morning the piles of bodies stacked on the streets.

      Every evening the stench of burning corpses in mass graves.

      Yes, this SCAMDEMIC that kills 1% of those infected is the worst plight ever to hit mankind!

      The worst part is flattening the curve took 18 months (so far) and if you panicked pussies get your way it will never end.

      If you faggots are willing to give up your Freedom for the flu you deserve to live a cowards life or die a cowards death. Either way you’re an insult for all America stands for.

  4. Kye says:

    With this illegal senile fukhead in the WH we will have a blast with our “liberal” relatives.

    Let’s talk Afghanistan and the Americans left behind to die.

    Or maybe the $80 billion on equipment the asshole gave our enemies. (that’s called treason).

    Perhaps the State Dept. refusing to allow trapped Americans to be evaced by private volunteers.

    Or we can talk about the state of the hollowed out economy and phony inflation and employment numbers.

    Or even why Americans are still being held without bail or trial as political prisoners by the fascist left in DC.

    Gonna be a good year for discussion, sure is.

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