Growing Problem For Businesses: Ghosting Coasting

I wonder if the people doing this realize the problems they will create for their job opportunities in the future?

Employers say ‘ghosting coasting’ is a growing problem, but workers have their reasons for quietly walking away from a job

unintended consequencesOver a summer marked by rage quits, the Great Resignation, and high-profile walkouts by employees who say they’re overworked and underappreciated, another issue has been quietly brewing.

While many employees have gone out with a bang this year, a growing number are instead departing without so much as a whimper. (snip)

“Retention continued to be a growing problem for firms,” the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta said in its September Beige Book entry. “Restauranteurs noted concerns over ‘ghosting coasting,’ where a new hire works for a few days and moves on to the next restaurant without notice before they are let go due to lack of skills.”

The practice itself is not new, but it does appear to be more widespread than ever as job openings outpace job seekers, which allows workers to reclaim a measure of the power in a situation that has favored employers for decades.

And when other employers call to verify employment, they’ll learn this person is not eligible for rehire. Further, how do you put a job you worked for a few days on your application? But, hey, they think they have Reasons!

Meanwhile, workers pushed back against the Fed’s characterization that workers who ghost were somehow unqualified for the job, saying that misleading job descriptions, low pay, and inadequate training gave them little reason to stick around.

“The main reason employees are ghosting employers is they simply no longer have to put up with horrible working conditions, terrible bosses, low pay, and being overworked,” said Matt Murphy, an Oregon restaurant worker who told Insider he had never seen anything like it in 25 years in the industry.

How could they possibly know all that information about the job when they are only there for a few days to a week? They knew the pay when they applied and accepted the job. They knew what would be required of them. How can they know if their boss is a bad boss? They haven’t been there long enough to know the working conditions. Being overworked? I guess some are upset that they’re actually having to work.

“It is causing some positive change in our industry,” he said. “Employers who would ordinarily just treat people like disposable workers are now treating them like real employees. It’s definitely changed perspectives on things.”

They are disposable. They are low skilled jobs. If you don’t perform, you’re gone. Ghosting is a great way to make yourself unhireable. And, that’s how you get illegals and migrants to work the jobs. Have fun paying off your student loan debt.

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13 Responses to “Growing Problem For Businesses: Ghosting Coasting”

  1. Kye says:

    The left in this country has thoroughly ruined my ability to believe anything I say this article is bullshit. I also claim Matt Murphy the (Oregon) restaurant worker is a leftist plant bitching about nothing. And I should know. I am one of the Mouse’ “experts” having owned 17 restaurants over 37 years.

    If anything the restaurant business has become easier and more rewarding to good employees over the last two decades offering much higher pay, better conditions all around, better hours and better perks. The hospitality industry which includes restauranteurs, hoteliers and publicans is a world of stiff competition to get good employees and a race to sort out the bad.

    Yes Matt, it’s tough work. It can be long hours if you strive for the positions that require such but most don’t. In fact for most hospitality work the bosses are trying to shorten hours to lessen payroll costs. Does Matt realize that large restaurants operate on a +-6% net profit? The small ones often net a higher percent because the owner and his family replace outside employee labor. But 10-15% of a weekly gross of $10,000 is not a fortune for the amount of investment and labor these small business owners invest.

    Sounds like another inexperienced no-nothing spoiled pretentious Oregon brat with a degree in African Dance who thinks he deserves a starting salary of $100k just for showing up.

  2. Hairy says:

    If workers don’t want that job they quit
    There are plenty of other options out there
    Right now in ‘Merica the workers are more empowered and feel they don’t need to work a job that they feel isn’t worth the pay
    NEW York McDs workers get paid q5 dollars per hour but the price for their fast food is the same as almost everywhere else
    In Denmark the McD workers get paid $22 and the prices are lower than here

    • est1950 says:

      Well Hairy heard this on the internet therefore it must be true. I mean we know that mcDonalds makes 20 dollars per 5 dollar hamburger.

      We know this cause I heard it somewhere on the internet.

      We know that people dont need to work. Cause there are lots of jobs. We know this cause the internet proclaims it is so.

      But Chairman XI agrees that working for low wages is stupid in America. Those clowns need to get paid 25-30 buks an hour while he has labor camps and APPLE pays their people 1 buck and hour to assemble their phones so they can sell the for 1400 dollars in America.

      I know its true cause I heard it on the internet. I know its all a scam to bankrupt America with Cloward and piven strategies of overwhelming the system.

      How do I know this is true.

      Repeat after to ME!


    • Kye says:

      “NEW York McDs workers get paid q5 dollars per hour but the price for their fast food is the same as almost everywhere else”

      Really? Who says? Sounds like another big lie bullshit CNN story to me. I owned restaurants and you can’t stay in business selling $7.98 burgers while paying q5 dollars an hour.

      “In Denmark the McD workers get paid $22 and the prices are lower than here”

      Again bullshit. Your ignorance of both economics and business explain why you’re a fukin fascist/communist and your inability to reason that you can’t pay more to produce your product than you charge for it makes you look like a fool.

  3. Professor hale says:

    According to joe, you just need to pay them more.

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Conservative elites have always despised the working class, viewing them as just another expense. In theory, conservatives “value” loyalty and commitment but consider it a one way street. They oppose labor unions; they promote “right-to-work”; they promote “at will” employment.

    Teach calls workers disposable. Not unlike car salesmen, whose primary skill is to lie with a straight face. Considering your workers disposable isn’t the best way to improve loyalty.

    Do you know how many “disposable”, “low skill” workers hire immigrants? Yeah, none.

    Business owners hire them to reduce expenses and optimize profit.

    Employers complaining about a paucity of workers need to improve conditions (pay, hours, perquisites). Business 101.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      If one wants to start a business and become successful one doesn’t need to heed the rantings of a sociopathic dumbass (Rimjob or Joey) or a stoned-out Buddhist like Johnnie.

      Bwaha! Lolgf

    • Kye says:

      “Conservative elites”? Name one you fukin liar. The elites are now all millionaire and billionaire nuDemofascists.

      “In theory, conservatives “value” loyalty and commitment but consider it a one way street. They oppose labor unions; they promote “right-to-work”; they promote “at will” employment.”

      How would a closed minded socialist like you know what conservatives value? The fact you still believe there to be conservatives belies your total ignorance. To an ass like you anyone to the right of Kameltoe is conservative. You live in a bubble full of condescending elitist megalomaniacs and don’t even see it.

      You’re living in the past if you think labor unions are for the working man.. So in the past. Labor unions just like any other bureaucracy are there to promote themselves. And I have no idea why anyone would not back a man’s right to work unless he is a tyrant that wants to tell people who, what and where they can work. That fits you to a T.

      “Considering your workers disposable isn’t the best way to improve loyalty.”

      And yet you and malevolent people like you consider anyone who disagrees as disposable. It wasn’t your phony conservatives who called people “deplorables”, idiots “clinging to their guns and Bibles” or label others as White supremacists or nationalists or who denigrate people with concerns about fake “vaccines”. You despise and hate everyone not a fukin anti American, anti White Christian hating communist. You are a FAKE AMERICAN.

      Right now in Texas the only thing protecting the integrity, sovereignty and safety of America and Americans is the Texas State Troopers because out senile spit dripping ass president is too busy to attend top our borders. Now we have Haitians as well as million\s of South Americans and Afghan terrorists invading our country.. Why? Trump had the border in check all the biden junta had to do was NOTHING. They, like you want to destroy America and are trying your best to do it.

      Captured from the Zman:
      Banana Boat on September 21, 2021 at 9:02 am said:
      Ironically, normie Whites voting in elections only to continually lose may end up delegitimizing the system in the end. For elections to have any meaning, there has to be a chance your guy can win. If he can’t, then you’re really nothing but a captive of a tyrannical system where you’re oppressed with no recourse.
      For generations normie conservatives have been quelled by occasional — ultimately hollow — election victories by mainstream republicans, expecting each time to get their way but always being denied. “Oh well, maybe next time.” That’s how the nation went woke. Republican normies, the Joe Six Pack Conservative, sacrificed his ideals to help deliver the widest possible base and the greatest potential election chance. That’s the reason the GOP embraced types like Lady MAGA. They sensed they needed more people due to demographic change, so the base obliged by throwing away their beliefs in the vain hope it’d help them win.
      But what happens when the republican base cannot win due to demographics? Witness California. Now Virginia and even states in the deep South like Georgia. Florida and Texas up next. The democrat political party (DPP) just tried passing a stealth amnesty that would have given all those states away to their side and leave us powerless and at the mercy of racists who hate us. They’ll get their way in the next few years as immigration gives them permanent control of the congress. Elections will shortly have no meaning for well over one-hundred million Caucasian Americans.
      At that point, why bother moderating your opinions, why let yourself be ruled by corrupt leaders and the degenerate ruling class when you can’t win? You might as well be honest about your true desires, which are to be represented by people who are like you, loyal to your people, and work in your best interests. Every election loss from here on out will only serve to weaken the system just as Mitt Romney’s loss in 2012 paved the way for a firebrand like Donald Trump. We got the Don because voters figured “what the hell?” after they were told Romney was going to win but lost in a huge landslide anyway. That guy checked every approved box and still lost, so why bother checking any more boxes?
      The interesting part is what comes next.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Rimjob, dipshit that he is, still considers the 2020 “election” legitimate.
        Tells you all you need to know about that dumbass.

        Bwaha! Lolgf

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Rather than attempting to subvert democracy, the nuCons could try appealing to more voters! But if nuCons try to appeal to non-white, non-right, non-christ Americans they’ll lose their white nationalist base.

        No, the nuGOPhers don’t believe in democracy, knowing as they do that rich white men built America and deserve to rule. And oh yeah, they love the power, helping rich white men economically, and giving working class white men Blacks, Mexicans and Muslims to fear in exchange for votes.

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