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In Case You Haven’t Figured Out A Costume Yet, Here Are Climate Change Inspired Ones

Finally, finally, we have a Halloween climate change article Some Climate-Change-Inspired Halloween Costumes Environmental destruction is scary—and makes for a really frightening costume Wondering how to craft the cleverest, scariest costume at the Halloween party this year? Since we’re of the mind that there’s nothing scarier than environmental destruction, we gathered a few ideas for […]

Cops Asked To Investigate When Mayor Gets Penis Shaped Candy In Mail

No, really, this is what police are being asked to waste their time with in SJW World Prankster sent mayor penis-shaped candy. Cops were asked to investigate. Someone thought it was a good idea to send the mayor of Hamilton Township (New Jersey) a bag of penis-shaped candy as a prank. Mayor Kelly Yeade received […]

Spooky: U.S. To Prepare For ‘Climate Change’ Caused Vampire Bat Invasion

Warmists were a little late with their doomsaying on ‘climate change’ while using Halloween as a prop, but, hey, better late than never Just in Time for Halloween, Scientists Are Preparing for a Vampire Bat Invasion in the U.S. Tis the season … for stockpiling copious amounts of garlic, crosses and holy water to fight […]

Happy Halloween Patriotic Pinup


Nothing Says “Climate Change Is Real” Like Using A Fake Monster

And, by climate change, I’m referring to the notion that the current warm period is mostly/solely caused by Mankind, and we’re doomed in the future As #Halloween Approaches – You've Gotta Ask, How Much MORE Proof Do #Climate Deniers Need? @Asher_Wolf @skip_conover @77CaptainMarvel — Allan Margolin (@AllanMargolin) October 29, 2017 Perfect. Using a fake […]

Hey, Non-Celts: Stop Appropriating Halloween

It’s the time of the year where loopy SJWs nag about costumes and cultural appropriation. Colleges across the country are lecturing on what costumes are Allowed, and which ones are Mean. They’re having lectures and symposiums, putting out memos. This occurs as well in high schools and elementary schools, where some even have said “no […]

Happy Halloween!

Have to have some pinup today, right! We’ll consider this sort of an IAYS, giving it up to The Lonely Conservative, with the Saturday Funnies. And some Victory Girls Blog, with a post on the White House blocking the release of some Hillary emails.

It’s Never Too Early To Yammer About Climate Change And Halloween

Never let a good holiday go to waste, that’s the Warmist motto. That and “It’s only hypocricy when Someone Else does it” Climate change is scary! Dress in climate change costume and march in the Park Slope Halloween Parade, 10/31, 6:30pm — 350 Brooklyn (@350brooklyn) October 10, 2015 Fossil fuels are scary! Wear a […]

Special Snowflakes At DOE Want You To Have Climate Change Friendly Pumpkins

And by special Snowflakes,  I mean the type that can only be created by Hot. (Renewable Energy World) The DOE is always looking for ways to make renewable energy appealing. To that end, they’ve proffered up some ideas to incorporate green energy into the classic Halloween tradition of pumpkin carving. Conveniently, October is also National […]

Hooray: Michelle Obama Ruins Halloween In Philly

It’s funny. Liberals tell us that government can have no rules, no regulations, no laws, nor restrictions on abortion. Choice! Reproductive freedom! Hands off our uterus’! Of course, when it comes to almost everything other than baby killing… (The Blaze) The Philadelphia Veterans Affairs office announced Wednesday that it would hold a Halloween parade on […]

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