Special Snowflakes At DOE Want You To Have Climate Change Friendly Pumpkins

And by special Snowflakes,  I mean the type that can only be created by Hot.

(Renewable Energy World) The DOE is always looking for ways to make renewable energy appealing. To that end, they’ve proffered up some ideas to incorporate green energy into the classic Halloween tradition of pumpkin carving.

Conveniently, October is also National Energy Action Month, so you’d get double brownie points for picking one of their designs. The options include:

A CFL light bulb, complete with the squiggly glass,

Several pumpkin carving ideas are supplied, because nothing says spooky to kids like

 photo IMG_20141031_153304_zpsijarbubp.jpg

Those who opt for these eco-friendly carvings are encouraged to submit photos of their handiwork to the DOE via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or email. The department will publicize selected entries.

Why do warmists have to ruin every holiday? And lest one think the DOE has nothing to do with this

To learn more about how to recreate these designs on your pumpkins, or about avoiding cold weather terrors like energy vampires, check out the full story here.

That link leads to The Blaze,  which links to energy.gov

Daffy Screwball photo DaffyScrewball.gif

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