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Say, Whatever Happened To The Bloodbath From NC’s New Gun Laws?

Strange, yet another liberal prognostication that failed to materialize (via The Daley Gator) (WNCN) A state law that allows concealed carry permits holders to take their guns into bars and restaurants is now one year old, but even though the law is set in the books, the debate over concealed carry has not died down. […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful tree in nature in a place that is great for solar panels, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Average Bubba, with a post wondering if Obama recognizes the threat from radical Islam.

Climate Hysteria Today: Nothing Is More Dangerous Than Hotcoldwetdry

From The Doom Files Editorial: No threat more threatening than climate change …. An evaluation of the actual danger posed by the Islamic State is a subject for a later time, but at least right now, the group – while it is vicious and barbaric and wants to hurt us – has limited capability to […]

Imam: No, Muslims Shouldn’t Have To Apologize For Islamic State

Very interesting thought process going on (Huffington Post) American Muslim leaders gathered at Washington’s National Press Club late last month to release a scathing 17-page letter to the Islamic State that distanced mainstream Muslims from the militant group’s actions. But one prominent imam from Northern Virginia refused to give his endorsement. “It sounded like they […]

NY Times Suggests Racial Profiling To Protect America From Ebola

It’s no wonder when the Editorial Board is comprised heavily of White People and Men Stopping Ebola in America The widening Ebola epidemic in West Africa — combined with the fears generated by an Ebola patient who carried the virus to Dallas — have led to calls for the United States to screen travelers when […]

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