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Good Grief: Warmists Now Linking Autism To “Climate Change”

These people are shameless. But, then, we already knew that (Guardian) Autism has been linked to man-made toxic pollutants in the air, a symptom of global warming and climate change. Researchers at University of Pittsburgh have published a new study on autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in the journal of The American Association of Aerosol Research. […]

If All You See…

…are apples that are threatened by climate change, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The H2, with a little phone blogging.

California Orders Churches To Fund Abortions—Or Else

Nothing can stand in the way of liberals holy sacrament of abortion,  not even pesky law and Constitutional provisions (The Federalist) For the past four years, the Obama administration and its friends on the Left were careful to claim that they still strongly support religious libertywhile arguing that Hobby Lobby’s Green family, Conestoga Wood Specialties’ Hahn […]

Gulp: The Very Scary Climate Cost Of Halloween Candy!

We’re dooooooomed because of Halloween. Here’s Warmist Diana Donion at the Huffington Post Trick or Treat? The Frightening Climate Costs of Halloween Candy Americans will spend more than two billion dollars on candy this Halloween, making it candy’s biggest holiday. This is fun for kids, great for dentists, and downright fantastic for the Mars family. […]

Could Non-Citizens Decide Mid-Terms?

I told you the other day about North Carolina finding hundreds of non-citizens on the voter rolls, mostly those who are illegals with DACA status.  A full audit was done, and the results… (WRAL) The NC Board of Elections completed an audit Friday of more than 10,000 voters whose citizenship status had been questioned by […]

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