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Oh Noes: Global Boiling Threatens Democracy Around The World

Bad Weather is apparently bad for voting, and never happened before 1850 How Climate Change Threatens Democracy This year, at least 68 countries will hold elections, with billions of voters heading to the polls. Voting will be subject to many of the usual electoral risks, including disinformation campaigns, foreign interference, and rigging by incumbents. In […]

NY Governor Signs Cheat By Mail Bill, Is Immediately Sued As Violating NY Constitution

When do Democrats worry about following any sort of Constitution? Gov. Hochul signs law expanding early mail-in voting in New York state Gov. Kathy Hochul signed a bill Wednesday opening up the state’s early voting period to include mail-in balloting, prompting an immediate legal challenge from Republicans who said the measure was unconstitutional. The law, […]

Clinton Campaign Paid For Operation To Link Trump To Russia

Unsurprisingly, you won’t find this information at the NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, CBS News, NBC News, or ABC News, nor almost any non-Republican outlet Clinton campaign paid to ‘infiltrate’ Trump Tower, White House servers to link Trump to Russia: Durham First on Fox: Lawyers for the Clinton campaign paid a technology company to […]

DOJ To Sue Georgia Over Voting Law That’s Less Restrictive Than Delaware

Why is the DOJ suing? Didn’t they get the memo that Democrats are now supporting voter ID? Also, there’s that whole Constitution thing, which empowers states to set their own conditions for voting and limits Los Federales (say, when is the DOJ going after states which allow illegal aliens to vote?) In Suing Georgia, Justice […]

Saturday Night Live Takes On Georgia Voting Law Or Something

There was, if you can believe it, a time when Saturday Night Live was about laughter, not applause line, along with highlighting some great music acts who actually played live. It wasn’t about being part of the In Crowd, and the times when politics was mentioned was funny and not abusive. And there was little […]

17 States Have Joined The Texas Lawsuit

This is making Democrats and Never Trumpers very unhappy, with them throwing phrases around like “stealing the election” and “push towards Authoritarianism”. The media, at least those who bothered to cover the Texas suit, do not seem very interested in seeing if the suit has merit. Shocking, eh? 17 States Support Texas Supreme Court Lawsuit […]

Texas Files Suit With Supreme Court Over Election Rules In Four States

This is a rather interesting move Texas Sues Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin at Supreme Court over Election Rules The State of Texas filed a lawsuit directly with the U.S. Supreme Court shortly before midnight on Monday challenging the election procedures in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin on the grounds that they violate the Constitution. Texas […]

Strange: Suddenly Democrats Are Pushing For Voting In Person

Hey, here’s Joe pushing vote in person, even as he hides in his basement In-person early voting should be easy and convenient for all. The Flint, MI City Clerk's office will be open the last three weekends before Election Day for folks to cast their ballots. It's an example that cities and states across the […]

A View Of How Ballot Harvesting Leads To Election Shenanigans

We all know that politicians and political parties cheat, and try to cheat. That’s politics. But, there’s cheating, and then there’s Cheating. Democrats have systemized cheating, and ballot harvesting is there cheat of choice, hence why they want “vote by mail” (Fox News) Ballot harvesting, or the practice of allowing political operatives and others to […]

Judge Upholds North Carolina Photo ID Law

Why? Well, for one thing, no one could show they were actually harmed or unduly stopped from voting due to the law (AP) Lawsuits challenging changes to North Carolina’s election law failed to show it hampered the ability of minority voters to exercise political power, a federal judge ruled Monday in dismissing the cases. U.S. […]

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