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Strange: Suddenly Democrats Are Pushing For Voting In Person

Hey, here’s Joe pushing vote in person, even as he hides in his basement In-person early voting should be easy and convenient for all. The Flint, MI City Clerk's office will be open the last three weekends before Election Day for folks to cast their ballots. It's an example that cities and states across the […]

A View Of How Ballot Harvesting Leads To Election Shenanigans

We all know that politicians and political parties cheat, and try to cheat. That’s politics. But, there’s cheating, and then there’s Cheating. Democrats have systemized cheating, and ballot harvesting is there cheat of choice, hence why they want “vote by mail” (Fox News) Ballot harvesting, or the practice of allowing political operatives and others to […]

Judge Upholds North Carolina Photo ID Law

Why? Well, for one thing, no one could show they were actually harmed or unduly stopped from voting due to the law (AP) Lawsuits challenging changes to North Carolina’s election law failed to show it hampered the ability of minority voters to exercise political power, a federal judge ruled Monday in dismissing the cases. U.S. […]

People Who Should Have Known Better Whine About Forgetting Their ID To Vote

I’m wondering, how does someone attend a major university without a state issued ID? Voters without photo ID run into new election rules Lisa Guraya wasn’t surprised earlier this month when poll workers at an early voting site near Duke University told her she didn’t have the right kind of photo identification, but the sophomore […]

Daily Beast Lies About North Carolina Laws

I’ve mentioned Vox Day’s book SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down The Thought Police, in which he lays out the rules for dealing with social justice warriors. The First Rule is that SJWs always lie. And, they do, especially since their peeps are gullible enough to fully believe those lies, and they’ll often tell them without […]

Illegal Alien Voting Has Links To The Motor Voter Act

How do you solve it? (Fox News) As more states begin providing illegal immigrants and their children with driver’s licenses and ID cards, officials are concerned some also are registering to vote — some by mistake, and others on purpose. The problem came to light recently in North Carolina, which compared its voter rolls against […]

Project Veritas Releases Video Highlights Dems Urging Illegals To Vote

Democrats are for voter fraud when it helps them As Allahpundit notes Man, did O’Keefe pick the right moment and the right state for this clip. By now everyone in conservative media has seen that bombshell Old Dominion study claiming that Democrat-heavy non-citizen votes may have delivered a Senate seat to Al Franken six years […]

Could Non-Citizens Decide Mid-Terms?

I told you the other day about North Carolina finding hundreds of non-citizens on the voter rolls, mostly those who are illegals with DACA status.  A full audit was done, and the results… (WRAL) The NC Board of Elections completed an audit Friday of more than 10,000 voters whose citizenship status had been questioned by […]

North Carolina Finds Hundreds Of Illegals On Voter Rolls

Republicans often say the point of Democrats pushing a pathway to citizenship is strictly to create more Democrat voters. In this case, what you have are illegals giving an Executive “amnesty” who suddenly show up on the voter rolls (Breitbart) With the North Carolina U.S. Senate race in a dead heta, state election officials say […]

North Carolina Phantom Voter Project

This is actually pretty cool (Phantom Voter Project) Glen Englram was stunned. After winding down his private sector career, almost four years ago, he and his wife, Ruth, bought their Western North Carolina retirement home and began the next phase of their lives. But they briefly thought they were back in Chicago when they learned […]

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