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Hillary Clinton Super Excited To Pitch A New Paradigm For Insurance Because Of Hotcoldwetdry

She couldn’t have an ulterior motive, could she? Oh, and she also took a long, fossil fueled flight to the fossil fuels nation of Dubai Hillary Clinton at COP28 climate talks calls for insurance reform Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on Sunday for reform of the insurance sector, where companies are increasingly […]

Will Important People Finally Be Prosecuted For Russia Hoax?

I won’t hold my breath, but, you never know Durham probe has ‘accelerated,’ with more people ‘cooperating,’ coming before grand jury Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation has “accelerated,” and more people are “cooperating” and coming before the federal grand jury than has previously been reported, a source familiar with the probe told Fox News. The […]

Clinton Campaign Paid For Operation To Link Trump To Russia

Unsurprisingly, you won’t find this information at the NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, CBS News, NBC News, or ABC News, nor almost any non-Republican outlet Clinton campaign paid to ‘infiltrate’ Trump Tower, White House servers to link Trump to Russia: Durham First on Fox: Lawyers for the Clinton campaign paid a technology company to […]

Surprise: Team Hillary Had Plans To Accuse Trump Of Being Russian Assett

Guess who knew all about this? BREAKING: Russia Believed Clinton Was Planning Anti-Trump Collusion Campaign In 2016, And U.S. Officials Knew It Not only were Russian officials aware of Hillary Clinton’s campaign plan to accuse Donald Trump of being a Russian asset, top U.S. intelligence authorities knew of Russia’s knowledge of Clinton’s plans, Director of National […]

State Dept Probe Of Clinton Emails Finds No Deliberate Mishandling Of Classified Information Or Something

You have to read that headline in a robotic, emotionless voice, as the talking points have gone out State Department probe of Clinton emails finds no deliberate mishandling of classified information Investigation of Clinton emails ends, finding no ‘deliberate mishandling’ State Department finds no ‘deliberate mishandling of classified information’ related to Clinton email server Clinton […]

Mueller Investigation Gets To The Truth

Mueller Investigation Concludes Hillary Clinton Was Actually Just A Terrible Candidate — The Babylon Bee (@TheBabylonBee) May 29, 2019 So, um, Dems? Actually, keep going. It’ll make sure Trump is re-elected.

DOJ Ordered FBI To Not Consider Charging Hillary Clinton Over Email Scandal

It’s an interesting thing: you right now have over 50 people, including Hollywood stars Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, charged in a scheme to bribe their kids’ way into college. Felonies. Yet Hillary Clinton, who violated numerous federal statutes, wasn’t even charged. I wonder why? Here’s how the Democracy Dies In Darkness paper explains it […]

Twice Failed Presidential Candidate Wants To Stop Kavanaugh Over ‘Climate Change’

Alternate headline: “Woman who uses vast amounts of fossil fuels and hasn’t seemed to make any changes in her own life to reduce her carbon footprint yammers about something” (Daily Caller) Former Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton wants supporters to tell their senators to vote against Judge Brett Kavanaugh becoming the newest justice on the […]

Guess Who Knew That Hillary Was Using A Homebrew Server For Her Work?

One guess (via Twitchy) 1. Hillary was unbelievably reckless. 2. Scrubbing the reference to Obama was an enormously consequential change. — David French (@DavidAFrench) June 14, 2018 Hillary “used her private email extensively while outside the United States, including from the territory of sophisticated adversaries”. One of the people she was conversing with was […]

Who’s Up For A Hillary Clinton Tree Topper?

Obviously, this is for all those Leftists who complain about the Christian religion on display in public, people saying Merry Christmas, so forth Celebrate ‘Resistmas’ this year with these badass women on top of your Christmas tree — Metro (@MetroUK) December 3, 2017 “Resistmas”. From the link Could you imagine a more fitting angel […]

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