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Toilet Licker Says She’d “Pull Up And Cough On Dr. Phil

Remember this wackjob? Please RT this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane 🥰😅 — Ava Louise (ig @avalouiise) (@realavalouiise) March 14, 2020 She made it worse “I trolled America,” she told the Miami Herald. “It was a clean toilet seat on a sugar daddy’s plane.” “I feel hot, rich […]

Americans Returning From Overseas Whine About Having To Wait For Coronavirus Screening

They should be grateful they aren’t being quarantined for a week or two, and that the tests don’t require testing in, let’s say, the back nether-regions US citizens returning from overseas say they are waiting hours for coronavirus screening at airports As Americans are being urged to keep their distance from one another, travelers returning […]

Super-Progressive UC Santa Cruz Terminates Graduate Students Demanding More Money

You know, these graduate students could have taken jobs elsewhere than the university. Heck, they could have gotten outside jobs and earned. But, no, they Demanded the college take care of them. While not working UC Santa Cruz fires 54 graduate students participating in months-long strike The University of California, Santa Cruz, issued termination letters […]

University Of Derby Offers Crybaby Students And Staff Therapy For Climate Anxiety

These are supposed adults who are losing their minds over a tiny increase in Earth’s average temperature since 1850, something entirely normal during the Holocene University offers students struggling with anxiety about climate change THERAPY to tackle their feelings of ‘anger, guilt and grief’ Students and staff anxious about climate change are being offered therapy […]

Democracy Grief: Democrats Are Nervous Over Crappy Field, Trump Economy Doing Great

Democracy grief is real, and Democrats are living it. They seem rather upset that there are a whole bunch of people running for the nomination, which happens most years Democrats Agree on One Thing: They’re Very, Very Nervous The past three years have not been easy for the political fortunes or the emotional health of […]

According To Reports, San Francisco Is Super Racist For Citing Blacks For Eating On Trains

I wonder if anyone has explained to the UK Guardian and the SF Examiner that this is high caliber friendly fire Police cited 55 people for eating on San Francisco trains. Only nine were white Police officers for the San Francisco Bay Area commuter train system disproportionately target black riders with citations for eating and […]

Bummer: 1 In 3 Millennials Want Secret Santa Banned

Yes, yes, Secret Santa can cause some anxiety, which is why rules are typically established, but, it is minor anxiety. No big hoo hoo. But, hey, Millennials Nearly 1 in 3 millennials want to see Secret Santa banned. The anxiety surrounding the gift exchange is one factor pushing millennials to want to give it up. […]

For Some Reason, British Mom Has To Defend Spending Money At Beauty Salon For Her And Daughters

Welcome to the Age Of Offended Mom defends spending over $1G a month at beauty salon with 3 daughters: ‘We are fabulous’ Look good, feel good. One glamorous mom in the U.K. doesn’t mind spending big at the beauty salon each month to ensure that she and her three daughters can feel like their most […]

Museums Are Now Sexist Or Something

Some people really need to dig deep to be Offended about stuff. It really is always something ‘Sexist’ Natural History Museums Biased Towards Dead Males Researchers have accused the world’s leading Natural History Museums – in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Paris and London – of sexist bias. They discovered this after counting the number […]

Gun Store Billboard Causes Ruckus Among People Who Won’t Be Customers

The gun shop cares about their opinion why? This gun shop in a western North Carolina town has caused a ruckus with its billboard. — The News & Observer (@newsobserver) July 30, 2019 From the article A small town gun shop in western North Carolina has drawn the ire of liberals and gun control […]

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