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Peak 2018: Tourists In Rome Come To Blows Over Best Place To Take A Selfie

You might be thinking “well, why didn’t one take a selfie then get out of the way for the other?” Because they’ll take dozens of selfies in order to get that one perfect one, especially if they’re trying to get that sexy one for Instagram Female tourists set off 8-person brawl at Rome’s Trevi Fountain […]

Woman Claims She Had “Handmaids Tale” Moment Dealing With US Customers

Liberals love running stories and linking them to “A Handmaid’s Tale”, eh? Here’s Brianna Sacks at Buzzfeed This Mom Said She Had A “Handmaid’s Tale” Moment Having To Prove Her Daughter Was Her Child After nearly 10 hours of flying Sunday, Sylvia Acosta was exhausted and dreaming about a cup of coffee as she stood […]

Good News: Chocolate/Vanilla Ice Cream Causes Massive Case Of Offendinitis

Have you ever had Blue Bell ice cream? Delicious. It’s my preferred brand now. It’s real, tastes great, and you get a lot for your money. I like the Neapolitan the most, but, there’s another I’ve purchased when my WalMart is out. This type. Which apparently is raaaaacist and linked to the Civil War, and […]

Hundreds Turn Out To Protest….Being Called Out For Grilling In Wrong Section

I’ve covered this in a couple posts, and it’s a very simple concept: parks establish specific areas to grill out for a variety of reasons. And when you’re talking about uber-greenie weenies, Progressive, government loving California, of course someone is going to call the cops. And we and up with raaaaacism Hundreds in Oakland Turn […]

Tales From California Part 2: People Hold Large Cookout In Solidarity In Park Where Raaaaacism Occurred Or Something

Remember a few days when we learned that an Evil White Woman called the cops on a black family which was simply just having a barbecue in a park, which was totally racist!!!!! of the Evil White Woman? Of course, there was this little issue with the black family cooking out in an area not […]

Tales From California: White Woman Calls Cops On Black Family Grilling Out

Ah, the People’s Republik Of California, a hotbed of diversity, tolerance, multiculturalism….raaaaacism? (via Twitchy) Family wants to create awareness after BBQ confrontation at Lake Merritt A family’s weekend barbecue outing at a popular East Bay spot had the potential of turning seriously ugly. Police were called in because of a dispute about where people can […]

Ant Hill To Mountain: Simple Case Of Employees Being Fired Turned Into “Disturbing Trend”

This is the kind of idiocy we’re dealing with in today’s society of everyone being a Victim and having to have a National Conversation on everything A ‘disturbing trend’: Duke president issues statement following coffee shop firing Three days after two baristas were fired from a coffee shop on Duke University’s campus, President Vincent Price […]

Special Snowflakes Receive Cry Closets At U Of Utah

In my day, we just settled down with a good party, and, if really stressed out, we talked with our good friends. Who usually had beer and a spleef. Maybe did some fishing, or chilled down at the beach. Hit the bars. Nowadays University of Utah Installs Cry Closet for Stressed Students A graduate art […]

Students Walked Out Of Class For Gun Grabbing, Learned All About Democracy Or Something

You can find stories from all over the country on the planned student walkout on Friday, which called for….restrictions on the Constitutional Rights of law abiding citizens, an amendment which was partially meant to protect the other Constitutional Rights as written in the other Amendments. Here’s an interesting article from San Antonio (MySA) For half […]

Kids Who Want Lots Of Government For Other People Upset About Government For Themselves

Funny how Leftists are super thrilled by Big Government control on Other People, yet, whine like a 3 year old missing their blankie when it hits themselves (via Twitchy) Tomorrow we will have to go through security check points and be given clear backpacks, my school is starting to feel like a prison. — Sarah […]

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