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For Some Reason, British Mom Has To Defend Spending Money At Beauty Salon For Her And Daughters

Welcome to the Age Of Offended Mom defends spending over $1G a month at beauty salon with 3 daughters: ‘We are fabulous’ Look good, feel good. One glamorous mom in the U.K. doesn’t mind spending big at the beauty salon each month to ensure that she and her three daughters can feel like their most […]

Museums Are Now Sexist Or Something

Some people really need to dig deep to be Offended about stuff. It really is always something ‘Sexist’ Natural History Museums Biased Towards Dead Males Researchers have accused the world’s leading Natural History Museums – in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Paris and London – of sexist bias. They discovered this after counting the number […]

Gun Store Billboard Causes Ruckus Among People Who Won’t Be Customers

The gun shop cares about their opinion why? This gun shop in a western North Carolina town has caused a ruckus with its billboard. — The News & Observer (@newsobserver) July 30, 2019 From the article A small town gun shop in western North Carolina has drawn the ire of liberals and gun control […]

Special Snowflakes Get Confederate Railroad Removed From Illinois State Fair

There’s literally nothing SJWs won’t freak out about and attempt to ruin for everyone else Fans furious after Confederate Railroad dropped from state fair lineup: ‘This political correctness thing is totally out of control’ Fans of the country rock group Confederate Railroad are outraged after the band was dropped from the lineup at an Illinois […]

Slate Spins Wheel And Decides That Deodorant Is Now Part Of The Patriarchy

There are some days I think that Trump should start a big war with Iran, because it would mean that the nutters would stop inventing things to whine about. The thing about Peak Wokeness is that you never get there: the virtue signaling barking moonbats will always be able to find some minor, tiny thing […]

Special Snowflake Activists Want George Washington Mural Removed

Remember when they said they just wanted everything Confederacy removed, and it was beyond silly to think they’d want to get rid of things featuring Founding Fathers like George Washington? Activists want a high school mural removed. Can its modern meaning overshadow the artist’s intentions? For nearly a century, a massive mural by painter Victor […]

Another School To Reprint Yearbooks Without The OK “White Supremacist” Symbol

This article does mention the Circle Game and the 4Chan joke, but takes it a step further in moonbattery California middle school to reprint yearbook after photo shows students holding ‘white power’ sign PETALUMA, Calif. — A middle school in California is now working to reprint part of its yearbook after parents noticed students flashing […]

Chick-Fil-A Is Like Pornography To California College Kids

Wait, I thought there was a big push from Progressives to approve of porn and normalize it? California students push to ban Chick-fil-A from campus, compare its presence to pornography: — Campus Reform (@campusreform) May 10, 2019 From the link Students at California Polytechnic University are calling on the administration to kick Chick-fil-A off campus […]

Chicago Cubs Investigate “White Power” Sign On Camera

This is stupid. Just stupid. And will probably lose the Cubs some fans Cubs investigating fan’s alleged white power hand gesture, threaten lifetime ban The Chicago Cubs are investigating a fan at Tuesday night’s game who possibly flashed a white power symbol on TV during a live report from the Wrigley Field stands. The hand symbol was […]

Washington Post: Male Dems Who Say They Get Misogyny Should Drop Out

Suzanna Danuta Walters, writing on the opinion pages of the Washington Post, takes Identity Politics to a whole new level If male candidates want to show they get it, they should get out In 2013, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg urged women to “lean in” to their power and break through that pesky glass […]

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