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Third Of Student Borrowers Spent Money They Didn’t Have, Expecting Loan Relief

Now, let’s say the federal government was going to give you $10k or $20k, depending on your type of mortgage, to help reduce you loan amount. You owed $100k, now you owe $90k. You still have your monthly payment, though, so, you don’t actually have $10k/$20 (regular student loan/pell grant loan) to spend, right? That […]

Learn To Code: Hollywood Actors Join Writers Strike, Say They Can’t Make Money

So the actors guild have joined the writers strike, and many have failed to learn the lesson from the fast food folks who pushed for $15 an hour (then $18, $21, $25) ‘It’s a constant hustle’: Hollywood actors join writers on the picket line It’s been a hot, frustrating summer on the picket lines in […]

Good Grief: Some NYC Snowflakes Criticize Government Over Wildfire Smoke Warnings

I’m not planning on discussing the idiocy of Blamestorming the smoke from the Canadian wildfires on Hotcoldwetdry. Wildfires happen. Lightning happens. Idiots messing up their campfires happens. Some years are drier than others. Enviro-wackos stop government from clearing the underbrush. And members of the Cult of Climastrology will Blame everything on their cult’s beliefs. This, […]

Hot Take: Musk Buying Twitter Means The End Of #BlackTwitter

There have been plenty of seriously scorching Hot Takes with Elon Musk buying Twitter. Lots of teeth gnashing, threats to leave Twitter, and so much more. Employees are losing their minds, you know, ones who didn’t own it before and do not own it now, ones hired to do a job, not run the company. […]

And Now The Nutters Want $25 An Hour To Microwave Burgers

We’ve gone from $15 to Do this shit and McRobots are going to be doing your McJob for McFree… — Vincent Charles: Roi De Tout (Ret.) (@YesThatVCharles) November 18, 2021 If you add it up that’s $52,000 a year plus thousands in benefits. Think they won’t be replaced with technology even faster? Who’s going […]

Girls Find Dead Body, Steal Jewelry, Post To Social Media

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. And it’s so much easier to play and win these days with social media access Texas teens find dead man’s body, steal his jewelry and post it all on Snapchat: police Two Texas teen girls discovered the remains of a 25-year-old man, stole his jewelry and posted video of […]

Woman Accuses Six Flags Oklahoma Of Body Shaming And Being Mean

Why is Six Flags so mean to a mom just trying to have a good day at the park? COP ALLEGEDLY CONFRONTS WOMAN OVER HER SHORTS IN TIKTOK VIDEO A woman is claiming that a cop at Six Flags confronted her over the length of her shorts in front of her 11-year-old daughter. Unfortunately, public […]

Cancel Culture Comes For Beethoven And Classical Music

Cancel culture will always find something else to complain about, you know Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is one of classical music’s most famous works. But to many, it’s also a symbol of elitism and exclusion. Listen to @SwitchedOnPop and @nyphil explain why: — Vox (@voxdotcom) September 15, 2020 Let’s get this moonbattery going Beethoven’s Fifth […]

Forget Social Distancing And Cops Quitting, The Important Issue Is Dungeons And Dragons

As the world passes 10 million cases of Bat Soup Virus and 500,000 deaths, social distancing took a hit (The Blaze) June is Pride month, and June 28 is a celebrated day in LGBTQ history as it is the anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion in New York City on June 28, 1969. Most cities have […]

Fortnite Removes Police Cars From Game

The crazy continues Fortnite has quietly removed police cars Last week, Fortnite fans noticed police cars could no longer be found on the game’s map. The change, reported on at the time by Kotaku, appeared to have been made at the same time as Fortnite’s new season. Fans on reddit noticed police cars dotted around the […]

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