17 States Have Joined The Texas Lawsuit

This is making Democrats and Never Trumpers very unhappy, with them throwing phrases around like “stealing the election” and “push towards Authoritarianism”. The media, at least those who bothered to cover the Texas suit, do not seem very interested in seeing if the suit has merit. Shocking, eh?

17 States Support Texas Supreme Court Lawsuit Alleging PA-MI-GA-WI Elections Were Unconstitutional

Seventeen states filed an amicus brief Wednesday supporting the state of Texas’s lawsuit — filed directly to the U.S. Supreme Court — which targets Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin over claims of unconstitutional practices in their respective elections.

The states include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia (several tweets in article)

Texas filed the lawsuit on Monday, arguing that the battleground states “violated the Electors Clause of the Constitution because they made changes to voting rules and procedures through the courts or through executive actions, but not through the state legislatures,” as Breitbart News reported: (snip)

Many wonder what Texas has to do with the states where they allege anti-Constitutional actions occured

This case presents a question of law: Did the Defendant States violate the Electors Clause by taking non-legislative actions to change the election rules that would govern the appointment of presidential electors? These non-legislative changes to the Defendant States’ election laws facilitated the casting and counting of ballots in violation of state law, which, in turn, violated the Electors Clause of Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution. By these unlawful acts, the Defendant States have not only tainted the integrity of their own citizens’ vote, but their actions have also debased the votes of citizens in Plaintiff State and other States that remained loyal to the Constitution.

The amount of fraud in the election means that Texas has to deal with a president who shouldn’t be president. And that duly passed election laws passed by state General Assemblies are moot. Seriously, even Democrats surely can’t believe that Joe Biden received that many more votes than Obama did in 2012, right? Or that he got that many more votes while losing counties in states that Obama and Hillary won, that he lost shares in the black and Latino vote. There are just so many irregularities, so many points of contention (good luck finding any sort of list without a lot of looking, as search results are being suppressed).

The violations are there. We either follow the law and Constitution or we discard it all. See this from Rush, starting with a discussion on this American Greatness article.

Will it change anything? Unfortunately, I doubt it. The fix is in. The Credentialed Media is in on the fix. They have zero interest in investigating, other than a quick Internet search through other left leaning websites. Many high ranking Never Trumpers have no interest.

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6 Responses to “17 States Have Joined The Texas Lawsuit”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach types, repeatedly: Will it change anything? Unfortunately, I doubt it. The fix is in.

    So now Teach includes the conservative Supreme Court as another fixer. Three of nine justices were appointed by trump. Five of nine judges are knee-jerk conservatives. Even Chief Justice Roberts is a conservative Republican. What would it mean if this court rejects the suit?

    Guys – Trump (and Teach) are tacitly calling you all to come to Trump’s rescue. He wants you to grab your guns and force your state’ electors to vote for The Don. He wants you to enforce the “true” will of the people. It’s up to you now. The Deep State fixers have printed enough Biden ballots to cheat the “true” winner out of his rightful place at the right-hand of America. With the flip of the Dominion switch, Soros changed millions of Trump votes to Biden. Only you can correct this miscarriage.

    The military, feds, Supreme Court, appellate courts, district courts, FBI, Democratic govs, China, Venezuela, Cuba, global commie cabal, Germany, NATO, WHO, Soros, Gates, Hunter Biden, etc are all in on “the fix”

    • Est1950 says:

      Elwood. I know your a troll. Most likely the only reason your allowed to post on this site is to keep the comments section humming. Bug I digress.

      The fix is in is in relation to the Supreme court not wanting to interfere with the election process out of self preservation.

      IN short. Look around you at the cities burning all over America. Look at the GOP’ers who have had their houses vandalized and threats against them and their families. Look at Rand Paul being assaulted and had to be escorted from the Capital to his Hotel by police.

      Look at Tucker Carlson who sides against big Tech, Oligarchs and so on. Having his house vandalized, threatened and people bashing in his front door.

      Do you think these supreme court sissies want to go through this? Power is not what you have its what the other side thinks you have.

      The Fix is most definitely in because the RIGHT are cowards. Look at the fuking guy from Georgia who was screaming to high heaven about a death threat to the State’s Secretary of State. He was livid and foaming at the mouth angry because it was Cons who made these threats. There is no perceived danger in standing up to the right.

      The right are spineless cowards. They are in DC for the money and power and pussy, not to do right by the nation or their constituents. The Left stays collective and on message while the right is scattering like cockroaches with the light turned on the minute BLM rises up or Antifa threatens anyone of them.

      The fix is in. There are 1000’s of affadavits which is evidence. The FBI has turned the other way. Barr has said not only no but hell no hes not touching this and finding himself dead in an alley somewhere by the powers that be.

      You wanted power. You stole it. You got it. The fix was in but its not the Supreme court. They are just protecting their lives from a mob that WILL COME FOR THEM if they were to even take up the case let alone rule in Trumps favor.

      So no. I said from day one that Trump will never win in the Supreme court or in the states. The fix is in.

      It boils down to this:

      TLDR………..Power is not what you have but what the other side thinks you have.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Got it. The most powerful nation on Earth is scared to death of a gang of hoodlums? Does that make sense? You are rationalizing Trump’s loss.

        This is a common psychological device of conservatives to allow them to accept the unthinkable. Trump was cheated! (rather than more Americans preferred someone else and Black votes in Atlanta, Philly and Detroit shouldn’t count). The fix is that a few hoodlums have the world’s most powerful nation too afraid to do the right thing (rather than the evidence is bogus). Obama is Kenyan (rather than you only want white presidents).

        Doesn’t it make more sense that over 50 lawsuits were rejected for lack of evidence? Doesn’t it make more sense that GOPhers are afraid of Trump’s base (and their votes)? Doesn’t it make sense that Republicans would be pleased to steal the election if they could because Trump does what they want?

        Red Hats have all the guns and have shown up outside governors mansions, local politicians homes, made hundreds of threatening telephone calls and emails but it’s the Supreme Court members that are afraid?

        • Est1950 says:

          I know your a troll and the only reason your allowed to post here is because you keep the comments section humming along.

          I have no comment to you. You are a waste of time and I’m getting to old to waste my time debating a troll whose only joy in life is to piss people off.

  2. Hairy says:

    Apparently none of the great legal minds here noticed that it was the AG of Texas who did this filing
    Normally it is the Solicitor General who files anything for tge Supreme Court
    The Solicitor General REFUSED because he knows the case has no merit

  3. Hairy says:

    Before Kyle Hawkins the Solicitor General if Texas got into politics he clerked for SC Justice Alito Hawkins is very smart
    Before Paxton the Texas AG got into politics he worked (as a lawyer) for JC Penny

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