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All You Warmists Should Cut Back On Your Gadgets And Streaming Or Something

I’m sure all of you younger climate cultists would be happy to give up all your smartphones, gaming systems, and streaming shows and movies, right? No more videos of everyday life, no more “creating content”, right? Climate change: Why it could be time to cut back on new gadgets and HD streams We need to […]

If All You See…

…is a frozen heat world from climate change, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Other McCain, with a post on a BLM rioter charged with murder in a home invasion in NC.

Coming To A Democrat City Near You: Excusing Crimes Due To “Poverty”

Exactly where does poverty stop in Liberal World? What’s the threshold? And doing this while defunding the police The New Untouchables In October, the Seattle City Council floated legislation to provide an exemption from prosecution for misdemeanor crimes for any citizen who suffers from poverty, homelessness, addiction, or mental illness. Under the proposed ordinance, courts […]

Big Companies Call On China Joe To Do Something On Climate Crisis (scam)

Most companies, especially really big ones, rarely do something without seeing a benefit to their bottom line. What benefit do they see here? Why not just change the behavior of the companies, practice what they preach? Major Companies Call on Biden to Act on Climate Change Some major companies are angling to line up with […]

China Joe To Ask Everyone To Wear A Mask For 100 Days

Sure, sure, not every state has a mask mandate, but, for the most part, most of the U.S. does. 34 states, D.C, and Puerto Rico. And we’ve essentially had them since before the Centers for Disease Control updated their guidance on May 31 to say that everyone should wear a mask, even though they really […]

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