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The Trouble With Buying Wireless Headphones

I never realized how much of a pain in the ass it is to purchase wireless headphones these days. Part of this is that most earbuds go in your ear canal. I hate that. Makes me feel like I have a cold with stuffed up ears. I can hear myself breathing, and words are amplified […]

We Should Make Global Elites Reduce Their Climate Crisis (scam) Footprints

I’m actually OK with this, since so many of these global elites are constantly yammering about Other People being forced to reduce their carbon footprints Climate change: Global ‘elite’ will need to slash high-carbon lifestyles The world’s wealthiest 1% account for more than twice the combined carbon emissions of the poorest 50%, according to the […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible fossil fueled vehicle turning the world to desert, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Green Jihad, with a post on Los Angeles having its worst smog in decades.

Washington Post: Biden Reaching Out To Conservatives Is Doomed Or Something

It’s fantastic that this is being blamed on Conservatives before #ChinaJoe has even attempted any sort of reaching out Any Biden effort to ‘reach out’ to conservatives is doomed President-elect Joe Biden is not giving up on reaching out to the people who didn’t vote for him, even as most of them seem to believe […]

After Five Years, What Has The Paris Climate Agreement Achieved?

The Paris Climate Agreement was totally, super duper historic! Climate elites pledging to pledge to force their serfs to do stuff. How’s it going 5 years in? After five years, here are five things the Paris Agreement achieved — and didn’t In the early hours of 13 December, 2015, Christiana Figueres walked into a sports […]

North Carolina Joins Those Who Think COVID Is Most Dangerous At Night

Nighttime Bat Soup Virus lockdowns are the hot thing. You have all sorts of cities, like Chicago, El Paso, and Newark. Spain gave it a whirl. Israel is giving it a try (and, mind you, doing it correctly with a vote that sends it to their Parliament for approval). And California was doing it. How’d […]

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