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Al Gore Gives Us Doubleshot Of Whine About ‘Climate Change’ And Election 2000

See, we can totally reclaim America’s standing with Modern Socialist nations cracking down on their citizens while the Elites refuse to reduce their own carbon footprints, nations with a heck of a lot fewer speech, protest, and press protections Al Gore: Where I Find Hope The Biden administration will have the opportunity to restore confidence […]

If All You See…

…is climate change death coming for us all without a carbon tax, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Flopping Aces, with a post on watching history happen.

Activists Livid That Tulsi Gabbard Is Supporting Bill Protecting Women In Sports From “Trans Women”

At what point do actual, real, biological women start to realize that the Democratic Party mostly puts a tiny number of people with mental health issues over real, biological women? That the Democrats do not have the best interests of real, biological women at heart? That Democrats have relegated real, biological women’s interests to well […]

Surprise: Canada To Raise Carbon Tax Prices

Interestingly, the same government applying the cultish taxation scheme isn’t really giving up its own use of fossil fuels and such, because it would be really difficult to run a government in the cold and snowy conditions of Canada without them. See how well your Tesla does next time Canada gets a big snowstorm Canada […]

The Atlantic: Republicans Need To Just Shut Up And Accept China Joe’s Win

The next thing the leftist news media will tell us is that we are required to get behind China Joe’s policies, otherwise we Hate Democracy Republicans Are Going Down a Dangerous Road Even with the Supreme Court still deciding whether to consider a last-ditch legal effort to invalidate the results from the key swing states, […]

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