Surprise: Canada To Raise Carbon Tax Prices

Interestingly, the same government applying the cultish taxation scheme isn’t really giving up its own use of fossil fuels and such, because it would be really difficult to run a government in the cold and snowy conditions of Canada without them. See how well your Tesla does next time Canada gets a big snowstorm

Canada to boost carbon price to fight climate change, Ontario premier blasts “green scam”

Canada plans to steadily ramp up its price on carbon as part of a program to fight climate change, the government said on Friday, prompting praise from green groups often critical of Ottawa’s record.

Canada, which has missed every one of its emissions targets, is relying heavily on the measure to help meet 2030 commitments. Starting in 2023, the price will go up by C$15 ($11.70) per tonne a year from the current C$30 until it hits C$170 in 2030.

“The cleaner your economy, the faster and stronger it will grow,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters. The majority of the proceeds are returned directly to individuals and families through rebates.

Canada, a vast cold country that is also a major crude exporter, has struggled to control emissions of greenhouse gases that are widely blamed for global warming.

If the cleaner is faster and stronger thing is real, then why hasn’t Canada, and so many other Warmist led nations, simply just instituted all the climarules immediately? Why is everything out 10+ years? Why not implement the raised tax right now? Why is it that the governments and politicians pushing this stuff don’t change their own behavior?

The premier of Ontario, the most populous of the 10 provinces, called the announcement a “green scam” that would cripple an economy struggling to cope with the coronavirus.

“This carbon tax is going to be the worst thing you could ever see,” Doug Ford told reporters.

“You don’t have to protect the environment on the backs of the hardworking people of this province … at a time when people are barely holding on by their fingernails.”

Because cults don’t care about people, they care about people complying.

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2 Responses to “Surprise: Canada To Raise Carbon Tax Prices”

  1. Dana says:

    Hey, that’s great! Our great Neighbor to the North will be a working laboratory, proving the carbon taxes make their citizens poorer while doing nothing to reduce carbon emissions.

  2. Conservative Beaner says:

    Justin needs a cash infusion to pay for the WE charity scandal and the other foolish programs Canadians have to pay for.

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