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Manhattan Beach Is Repurposing Closed Restaurant Patios For Public Seating

I was holding off on this story till I could find a bit more information about it, a little deeper explanation. Even sent an email to reporter, but, haven’t heard back yet Manhattan Beach repurposes closed outdoor dining areas for public seating Though Los Angeles County has ordered restaurants to suspend outdoor dining through the holidays, the […]

Climate Cult Still Pushing For Green COVID Recovery

They just don’t give up. Seems kinda cultish. This is María Fernanda Espinosa, a former president of the United Nations general assembly The climate crisis should be at the heart of the global Covid recovery In the early hours of 12 December, 2015, I stood together with world leaders to welcome the adoption of the […]

If All You See…

…is an area flooded by carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is 357 Magnum, with a post on keeping violent, dangerous people in jail being unfair.

New York Considers Making COVID Vaccine Mandatory

I wonder how well this will go over with NY residents on the both the far left and far right. You’ll have those on the right who want nothing to do with what government is pushing, and those on the Left who refuse to take anything developed while Trump was president. Plus, the typical anti-vaxxers, […]

Here’s How China Joe Can Get Conservatives On Board With Solving Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something

Joe is totally going to reach across the aisle with totally bipartisan legislation to solve a mostly fictional problem, you guys! How Joe Biden can get conservatives to act on climate change Life has etched President-elect Joe Biden with empathy — empathy that gives him a shot at bringing America together, especially on climate change. […]

17 States Have Joined The Texas Lawsuit

This is making Democrats and Never Trumpers very unhappy, with them throwing phrases around like “stealing the election” and “push towards Authoritarianism”. The media, at least those who bothered to cover the Texas suit, do not seem very interested in seeing if the suit has merit. Shocking, eh? 17 States Support Texas Supreme Court Lawsuit […]

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