Manhattan Beach Is Repurposing Closed Restaurant Patios For Public Seating

I was holding off on this story till I could find a bit more information about it, a little deeper explanation. Even sent an email to reporter, but, haven’t heard back yet

Manhattan Beach repurposes closed outdoor dining areas for public seating

Though Los Angeles County has ordered restaurants to suspend outdoor dining through the holidays, the city of Manhattan Beach has implemented a plan to allow residents to continue using the space. The city has repurposed newly closed outdoor dining areas as public seating areas where people can sit and potentially dine out.

The action by Manhattan Beach was taken following the county’s newly issued safer-at-home order, which lasts through late December and prohibits outdoor dining at restaurants, breweries and wineries. The order was implemented following a surge in coronavirus cases that has strained intensive care unit capacity.

“The public can now use spaces previously allocated for outdoor dining and retail areas during the pandemic,” Manhattan Beach City Manager Bruce Monroe said in a statement last week, encouraging patrons to enjoy the holiday shopping experience in the South Bay community.

Restaurants will not be allowed to serve food directly to patrons, and must continue to abide by the county’s orders to limit service to takeout and delivery only. (snip)

“Our business community is struggling to survive the County’s latest restrictions and the City has a win-win solution to help, while safeguarding public health,” Mayor Suzanne Hadley said in a statement.

Ok, so, how exactly is this working? Does it mean that the restaurants, which spent a lot of money they didn’t have to create these outdoor eating areas, can sell takeout and people can eat there if they choose? Or does it mean that anyone can use these areas for basically hanging out doing whatever? If the latter, will the city pay the restaurants for essentially taking their property? Who knows, this is California, after all.

Fortunately, some parking fines in LA County will be suspended, which is somehow supposed to make people stay home. Will probably have the opposite effect. Oh, and

Do people who get the COVID-19 vaccine still need to wear a mask?

The short answer is yes, you will still need to wear a mask even if you get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Face coverings will be necessary for some time even after you get inoculated because while the scientific research is pretty solid that the vaccine protects you from the virus, it’s not entirely clear whether it stops you from spreading the virus to others, health officials say. It’s not known whether the virus could still set up shop in your nose and lead you to pass droplets onto others, even though you might not be “sick.”

Gotta keep the peons compliant, you know. Plus, it makes it easier for #ChinaJoe voters to do their crime.

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5 Responses to “Manhattan Beach Is Repurposing Closed Restaurant Patios For Public Seating”

  1. Est1950 says:

    106 in House GOP Back Texas Suit; McCarthy Refuses to Sign

    The GOP is finally feeling the heat of the close to 74 million people who voted for Trump.

    The left is seriously advocating for going after Kushner, Ivanka and Donald Jr and Trump himself after he leaves office.

    The right is being forced into the Revolution. I dare the left to go after Trump and his family for nothing.

    This is nothing more than the ruling ELITES sending a clear message to anyone that would DARE FUKING LEAD A POPULIST MOVEMENT AGAIN. We will CRUSH YOU ………..just ask Bernie Sanders. I despise his policies but GOD….look what the Democrats did to him TWICE. This second time was the entire Ruling elites including all the billionaires forcing him to shut up.

    Then they bought and paid for an election. Only needing to FF with three or four states which if anyone reads my posts know I was saying the only thing Biden needs to focus on is WI, MI, PA and the election is HIS to lose.

    They did. OMG. Did they. Fraud Everywhere.

    • Est1950 says:

      The states are lining up against each other. Sound familiar. 20 states For Texas. 23 against Texas in their latest law suit.

      What is funny is technically the right is suing 4 right states. All four states being sued have GOP legislatures.

      PENNSYLVANIA JOINS TEXAS against itself.

      Several western states have not joined the law suit. Wyoming, ND, SD, Montana, KS, NE. Each of these states have a lot to lose in the years ahead. Wyoming for example is still fighting with Washington and Oregon who refuse to ship their coal from their ports. Signing off on this law suit would be a death knell for their coal industry……..etc.


      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Commenter: The states are lining up against each other.

        Actually, a confederation of GOP-led states are lining up against America because they’re afraid of trump’s followers, who claim there’s a conspiracy among judges, US courts, appellate courts, the US Supreme Court, the DOJ, AG Bill Barr, the FBI, DHS, Dems, weak RINOs, American commies, Chinese commies, Cuban commies, Venezuelan commies, the Clintons, George Soros, Mexicans and on and on.

        Monday is the day of reckoning for Trump’s Gambit as that’s when Mr Biden is officially recognized as America’s next President.

        Electors meet on Dec. 14 this year to fulfill their role in the presidential election. That’s Trump’s last chance to LEGALLY overturn the election results. After that, it’s up to “patriots” to disrupt and try to destroy our democracy.

        Trump is in trouble with the state of NY over civil charges of tax evasion, insurance fraud, loan fraud etc. He knows the election is lost but hopes his overwrought base will keep him from being further investigated. When trump resigns before the inauguration, Pence will immediately pardon him, protecting him from all potential federal charges, including obstruction of justice and campaign violations. In the meantime, trump will continue to collect supporter donations for his “faux”-defense fund, well over $200 million at this time, structured in such a way that it can be a trump family slush fund.

        The “voter fraud” tale is the Big Lie in action. The so-called “evidence” being so weak that not even conservative, GOP appointed, Federalist Society member judges accept it. Not even trump’s Attorney General, William Barr, who lied to America over the Russia investigation, buys this weak evidence. His own FBI can’t find the evidence. His own DHS can’t find the evidence. Any reasonable person would conclude their is no evidence.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      There is more evidence for the seditious conspiracy by Republicans than for voter fraud. In fact, it’s not even close since there is no credible evidence of fraud, at least according to the DOJ, AG Barr, and every court in the land.

      Formerly patriotic Republicans, so afraid of the violent, low information base they encouraged, are now committing sedition against the United States of America.

      In the middle of a daily 9/11, a daily Pearl Harbor – with 3000 Americans dying every 24 hours – Republicans continue to look the other way because the dying are old, Black, Hispanic, feeble – in other words of little value to a Republican. Mitch McConnell can kill any federal aid deal out of Congress. If only every American had access to the live-saving treatment that Trump cronies receive after they become infected. How many Americans have suffocated after being infected by the Trumps, Rudys, Christys, a dozen GOP Senators… Elites, indeed.

      President-elect Biden is focused on America, President Trump is focused on himself. The Republican party has disgraced itself. We clearly see how fragile our Democratic Republic is under the control of an anti-American wannabe dictator when his followers fall in line behind him.

      Trump will be gone at noon on January 20, 2021, some 40 days from now. Then what? Republicans may maintain control of the Senate but it’s possible the Dem contenders will win in Georgia (after all, Biden won there).

      Then what?

  2. Jl says:

    “No evidence of fraud..”. Sure there is, J-thousands of affidavits have been filed, which are evidence. “Seditious conspiracy by Republicans…”. When J says he has evidence, usually he doesn’t. “Biden is focused on America..”

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