Despite Mask Mandates And Restrictions, COVID Exploding, Leading To More Crackdowns

We see the commercials constantly: wear a mask to slow the spread. And, seriously, in most places, most people do wear the mask. We’ve been wearing them in most states per mandates since the end of May. Yet

States Announce Crackdowns as Virus Numbers Reach New Highs

Pennsylvania announced statewide restrictions on Thursday that ban indoor dining and close gyms, theaters and casinos for three weeks to stem a “dire” surge in coronavirus cases, and Virginians were asked to stay home from midnight to 5 a.m. until the new year.

The clampdowns came as states across the country reported deaths and cases in numbers never seen before, and hospitals filled beyond capacity. Through Wednesday, there were seven-day records in both cases and deaths.

In Pennsylvania, Gov. Tom Wolf was unsparing Thursday in his characterization of the threat facing his state.

“This virus continues to rage in Pennsylvania,” Mr. Wolf said at a news conference. “Clearly we need to take future mitigation actions and stop the spread of Covid-19. We all hoped it would not come to this. The current state of the surge in Pennsylvania will not allow us to wait.”

Pennsylvania has sharpened their original mask mandate a few times. So did North Carolina and many states

And in Virginia, Gov. Ralph Northam announced a new executive order that imposes a nightly curfew, but it was unclear how — and how vigorously — it would be enforced.

The order lists categories of activity that will still be permitted during the curfew, including obtaining food, goods or services; seeking medical or law enforcement help; taking care of people or animals; child care; exercise; traveling to work, school or a house of worship; volunteering for charity; and leaving home to seek safety.

Oklahoma also limited indoor activity, restricting indoor youth sporting events and public gatherings — which includes weddings, funerals and holiday parties held at event centers — to 50 percent capacity for the next 30 days. Places of worship are excluded.

Both states have long had mask mandates and both have sharpened them over time.

The new daily record of coronavirus deaths is a stunning number in and of itself.

But it’s not just that at least 3,055 deaths were reported on Wednesday for the first time since the pandemic began, far surpassing the spring peak of 2,752 deaths. It’s that the nation lost 3,055 people who once blew out birthday candles, had triumphs and stumbles, and laughed and cried — before succumbing to the virus.

In a single day, the country, numbed and divided, lost more Americans to the coronavirus than were killed in the Sept. 11 attacks or the attack on Pearl Harbor.

And it appears far from over.

Yet, the majority of people have been following the rules, some by police force, since February. Most wear masks and don’t fight it. Perhaps they don’t actually, you know, really work? It’s certainly not a conservative thing to not wear them and get it, as we’re seeing COVID explode in heavy Democratic Party run areas. So, how will Joe’s “everyone wear a mask for 100 days” succeed?

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20 Responses to “Despite Mask Mandates And Restrictions, COVID Exploding, Leading To More Crackdowns”

  1. Est1950 says:

    Masks are really working in this pandemic. Just ask the UK where its exploded into chaos and they go to jail if they are outside without a mask.

    I was watching an epidemiologist on YouTube last night in which they are claiming that upwards of 50 percent of the people are Asymptomatic.

    This is why the spread had become so massive.

    People with moderate allergies seem to be less susceptible to the virus then those who don’t have moderate allergies. Not immune but their body has less ace-2 receptors so they contract less viral loading when in contact.

    Still dark skinned people and those with low vitamin D in their system seem to be struck the hardest of those not in the at risk category such as the old or infirmed.

    Most are now recommending vitamin D3 even if you get plenty of sunlight. Whats it hurt.

    The reason masks are not working is because of the 50 percent of the population who are asymptomatic for days if not a week spreading the disease thinking they are healthy. This is not public spread. It is spread to people in their homes. Child gives it to momma who gives it to Granny.

    Masks are not working in Europe because of the awesome policies that force three, four and five generations all to live under one roof and it exposes those at high risk way more so than in the USA.

  2. Dana says:

    Reichsstatthalter Tom Wolf (NSDAP-PA) instituted some of the harsher anti-COVID regulations, including the mandatory mask order, and Oberbürgermeister Jim Kenney (NSDAP-Philadelphia) has doubled down even on those, but, guess what: despite having an office staff that adhered to the mandatory mask requirement, a cleaning staff that thoroughly sanitized his offices, and the Reich Governor adhering to the mask mandate himself, Herr Wolf caught the virus!

    Even ignoring the obvious violation of people’s constitutional rights, the obvious question becomes: if these draconian measures have proven to be only partially effective — if that much — do they justify the lockdowns, the throwing of twenty million Americans out of work, the forced failures of hundreds of thousands of businesses leading to permanent job losses, and all of the other negative effects of the government’s hideous over-reaction to COVID-19?

  3. Dana says:

    One additional point: while many of the other state Governors and big city Mayors were caught violating their own policies, if Reichsstatthalter Wolf has done so, I’ve missed the stories on it; perhaps the Kye, who lives in the Keystone State, has heard otherwise.

    The Kye. According to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the Kai was the religious leader, the pope as it were, of Bajor. With our esteemed host frequently using DS9 photos to illustrate his fine site, I would have no problem at all designating the Rt Rev Hoagie as The Kye of The Pirate’s Cove!

  4. Dana says:

    Of course, there would be a role for the esteemed Mr Dowd as well!

  5. Dana says:

    And Hairy, too!

  6. Dana says:

    Heck, I’ll even pick one for myself!

  7. Hairy says:

    Masks REDUCE. Transmission
    They do not give 100% protection
    We wear masks for the samereasin tgat we cover our mouths when we cough or sneeze
    Teach other countries like Vietnam S Korea Taiwan have extremely low death rates because those countries took forceful steps EARLY
    at this point in the USA With so much virus spreading it will be almost impossible to stop until we have a vaccine
    Trump failed miserably by telling us it was not a big problem
    Teach when did you personally last stop saying “fake news”?
    The CDC now is saying 20000 dead per week for at least 4 weeks
    Wearing masks seems to have worked well for S Korea Taiwan and Vietnam

    • The Biden Crime Family says:

      And yet I don’t know anyone who died of Democommie Flu! Not one! And you say the CDC says 20000 Americans die each week for a month? Where are the fukin bodies? AGAIN! THE MORTALITY RATE FROM COMMIE FLU IS LESS THAN 2% and that’s counting geriatrics!!!!!

      It’s a fukin flu, just like any other flu and Trump handled it just as Fauci and the rest of the CDC/WHO “experts” told him to. Running around spreading panic does no good for anybody except commies trying to steal an election.

      Closing small businesses and not large businesses does no good apparently, since doing so DIDN’T STOP THE FLU. The ONLY thing that will stop the flu is herd immunity and we can’t achieve that with half the population locked down. We also can’t survive economically with much more of this inhuman, cruel and oppressive lockdown shit.

      Once again, IT’S A FLU not the Black Death! And the CDC hasn’t given out the correct numbers since day one!

      The spectacle of VIPs “in the know” who take off their masks, off-camera, should convince everyone that the mask/distancing syndrome is a scam and that punishing violators is a criminal corruption of justice. Nothing this absurd and outrageous would ever have been tolerated before 2020, year of an extremely important presidential election!

      In short, the unnatural and dehumanizing lockdowns and measures against infection being drummed into us by leftist media and rammed into us by leftist public officials, have no support in common sense, history, or science.

      Why then is it “necessary” to get “tested for coronavirus” if you aren’t sick and have no symptoms of illness? Could it be that a viral infection with a recovery rate over 99%, even for the elderly, is being used to spook the public into compliance with orders from power-hungry politicians and moguls with a respect for human rights and the Constitution that approaches zero?

      Pause to think, a moment. After millennia of human existence, all of a sudden in A.D. 2020, a virus halts our way of life and forces us to obey corona cops, power-obsessed governors, and complicit sheriffs. Are you still calling our government one that is “of the people, by the people, and for the people?”

      If you believe that there is something terribly wrong about this “pandemic,” you’re not crazy and you’re not a conspiracy theory nut but one of millions worldwide who will not roll over when our God-given right to life and freedom is snatched from us in a manic drive to control us from cradle to grave by an essentially clueless class of moguls with Marxist delusions of grandeur. Such in-plain-sight tyranny can and must be resisted, not just for ourselves but for our children and their children.

      The Commie Flu restrictions putting our lives on hold won’t end until we stop them. Returning to normal – meaning back to being human – must be a job for everyone not being fooled by “the pandemic.” It’s high time to boot out the BS regarding Commievirus, beginning with the lie that “testing positive” means there’s another “case of coronavirus” that must be reported to the public. Daily tally reports on “cases” help keep the public brainwashed and compliant and scared shitless which is what the despotic Democommies want.

      TESTING POSITIVE DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE AN ACTIVE CASE OF COMMIE FLU. It means a corona microbe is present in your fukin nose where all the shit you breathe goes.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Kye doesn’t know of anyone who has died of SARS-CoV-2 infection so it must be a hoax! I do, so it must be real!!

        “Where are the bodies?”, he bellows. In makeshift morgues outside hospitals, in reefer trucks in parking lots, in funeral homes and cemeteries. America will likely pass 300,000 dead over the weekend.

        Does anyone really believe that the CDC, hospitals, nations, doctors, nurses, WHO and Americans are lying about this to “get trump”? If you do, you’re delusional.

        Are Red State hospitals lying about their swollen ICUs? If you believe that, you’re delusional.

        If you think the FDA delayed the vaccine emergency approval to “get trump”, you’re delusional.

        If you think mask mandates are unconstitutional, you’re delusional.

        If you think it’s OK to assault store clerks because they won’t let you in without a mask, you’re delusional and dangerous.

        Mr Kye is urging his compatriots to “stop” these unconstitutional restrictions… ask him if he’s going to crowded bars without a mask.

        • The Biden Crime Family says:

          As usual Elwood you lie! I never stated I didn’t know OF anyone who died of Democrat Plague. I said I didn’t KNOW ANYONE. Why do you lie? Because the truth disproves your beliefs!

          ““Where are the bodies?”, he bellows. In makeshift morgues outside hospitals, in reefer trucks in parking lots, in funeral homes and cemeteries. America will likely pass 300,000 dead over the weekend.”

          I “bellowed” no such thing. I simply asked and you answered with a non-verified, unproven answer of pure unadulterated bull shit. SHOW ME THE PICTURES! Show me the “makeshift morgues”. If these things existed they’d be on the Fake Commie Network News 24/7. The fact they aren’t is proof YOU LIE!

          That’s a nice slew of bull shit questions and answers. Only a fool would try to persuade by insults. Are you a fool, Elwood. It would appear so. But We’re used to it that’s all you have as an argument.

          “Mr Kye is urging his compatriots to “stop” these unconstitutional restrictions… ask him if he’s going to crowded bars without a mask.”

          I’m asking my compatriots to stop being misled, lied to and manipulated by petty tyrants like you Elwood. Whether or not these restrictions are unconstitutional has yet to be determined but they are surely un-American at their root and they OBVIOUSLY haven’t worked or the Demoplague would by now be over. Why not try another approach Elwood? Afraid it will prove you and your “experts” lied to Trump and the American people for a year? Just try the same shit, the same demagogy over and over and expect a different result You are all insane.

          I don’t go to crowded bars with or without a mask but the last time I was in an uncrowded bar was 6 weeks ago and I didn’t wear a mask. Neither did most of the people in there. So what? You probably wear a mask on the toilet you’re so afraid.

          “Symptoms that indicate a need for testing should not be neglected, given the serious nature of Covid-19. It is important, however, to be aware that asymptomatic people who test positive are not contagious. Calling an incidence of a positive test a “case” is HIGHLY MISLEADING, for it implies illness or impairment, when many people suffer NO SYMPTOMS at all.

          For those who are not ill and have no symptoms, what good is it for them to know that they have “tested positive for coronavirus” − given that we have been breathing, ingesting, and touching microbes since birth, including “nasty ones”? Why bother to find out if we have this new bug if we feel fine and have no symptoms of illness unless we have been neglectful of basic hygiene, regularly eat junk food, don’t get enough exercise, enough sleep? Do we ask to be tested for the virus that causes the cold, the virus that causes the flu, any “bug” at all, when there are no symptoms of a health problem? Why then test for coronavirus?”

          #STOPTHESTEAL, hang the liars and cut the crap about Democrat Flu.

      • Dana says:

        The Kye wrote:

        And yet I don’t know anyone who died of Democommie Flu! Not one! And you say the CDC says 20000 Americans die each week for a month? Where are the fukin bodies? AGAIN! THE MORTALITY RATE FROM COMMIE FLU IS LESS THAN 2% and that’s counting geriatrics!!!!!

        While I don’t know anyone who has croaked from COVID-19, my wife does; she’s had elderly COVID patients at the hospital.

        The truth will be known in several months, when we see how many people in total died in the United States, and compare it to numbers who died in 2019, adjusted for the increase in population.

        If there are 200,000+ more deaths than the otherwise expected number, then we’ll know that COVID-19 probably was responsible. But if 2020 deaths come in where they would otherwise have been, we’ll know that COVID was not nearly as lethal as we’ve been told.

        That won’t save President Trump, of course, but that was the point all along.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Actually, as pointed out with citations here more than once, there are excess deaths so far in 2020 compared to this time frame over previous years. The excess deaths are greater than the number attributed to Covid-19, so it’s possible the deaths have been UNDER-estimated.

          Anyway, if it’s not SARS-CoV-2 infections causing the overrun hospitals and excess deaths, what is?

  8. Hairy says:

    Dana do you cover your mouth when you cough ?
    Do you think others should?
    The lack of “draconian measures“ by Trump is now killing 20000 Americans each week

    • Dana says:

      Covering my mouth when I cough doesn’t somehow violate my, or anyone else’s constitutional rights. If I don’t cover my mouth when I cough, I am not somehow subject to a fine or jail time. Whether I do or do not cover my mouth when I cough does not throw twenty million people out of work or close down hundreds of thousands of businesses.

      Teach other countries like Vietnam S Korea Taiwan have extremely low death rates because those countries took forceful steps EARLY

      And they are all countries in which people do not have protected constitutional rights. The Republic of Korea and Taiwan aren’t really too bad a places, but if the government wants to oppress you, it can.

      The lockdowns and shutdowns in the US affected primarily the lower-skilled working class, the people who were barely making it anyway. No eviction orders helped keep them in their homes, but they are expiring, and some have already expired. COVID is dangerous, but so is having your family, including your young children, thrown out on the streets in the winter.

      When this is over, you are going to see the working class saddled with thousands upon thousands of back rent, back mortgage and back utility bills that they will never be able to pay. Their savings will be gone, they will be far worse off economically for years to come.

      Of course, it won’t just be the working class. Banks will have mortgages failing at rates like 2007 and 2008. Landlords will have let their properties get very far behind on maintenance, because they could afford to fix things when they weren’t receiving any rent. Some landlords will have let their properties become unlivable simply to get out non-paying tenants.

      We will have lost an entire school year. Students in ‘distance learning’ are receiving failing grades at more than twice, and in some cases thrice, previous levels.

      I suppose it was all somehow worth it, for those who didn’t lose their homes or their livelihoods. For those who have, maybe not so much.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Are anti-expectoration laws unconstitutional? How about public urination laws? How about public nudity laws?

        Can private businesses enforce their own mask mandates? You can choose not to patronize the business, which is your right.

        Regarding businesses and unemployment, the state is obligated to compensate businesses and individuals for losses resulting from state actions. Mr Kye claims he received $750,000 in compensation at his last reporting!! Currently, Congress and Mr Mnuchin (trump has checked out) is debating whether to give extended unemployment benefits to those affected.

        • Dana says:

          Yes, private businesses can enforce their own mask requirements, just like any individual property owner can enforce anything he damned well pleases on his own property.

          No one has tested anti-nudity laws, but yes, I do think they are a violation; no one has shown how seeing someone else naked causes actual harm to the viewer or any third party. More, with the internet, everybody knows how other people look naked.

          Public urination laws? I can see how they would be constitutional on government property, since you would be ‘polluting’ the property that the government would have to clean up.

          The state will never be able to compensate businesses and individuals for losses from this. If, say, a local diner goes out of business due to this; the state might somehow compensate the business owner, but how does it compensate the people who were thrown out of work? It can’t, and you are deceiving yourself if you think it will happen.

  9. Dana says:

    Since our esteemed host is a pirate, perhaps an Orion space pirate?

  10. Dana says:

    Or, if not an Orion space pirate, how about just a space pirate?

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