Here’s How China Joe Can Get Conservatives On Board With Solving Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something

Joe is totally going to reach across the aisle with totally bipartisan legislation to solve a mostly fictional problem, you guys!

How Joe Biden can get conservatives to act on climate change

Life has etched President-elect Joe Biden with empathy — empathy that gives him a shot at bringing America together, especially on climate change.

Young conservatives of faith in congregations across America are ready to join with their progressive contemporaries in summoning the will to act. Talented staffs in EcoRight organizations are ready to step forward with solutions that fit with conservative values. Brave, card-carrying Republicans have spoken out even when speaking out was considered a heresy.

The president-elect should reach out to these people. They’re Americans who know that we’re in this together. They’re Americans who wish for our country to lead the world to solutions. They’re patriots who want the new administration to succeed.

Yeah, there are some on the Right who are Conservatives that believe this is mostly/solely caused by Mankind, who, from everything I’ve seen, are just barely Republicans, with their belief in the power of the government to solve things and wanted taxes. Anyhow, what could China Joe do?

With a Supreme Court that may be skeptical of regulatory action on climate, we need legislation — sweeping legislation at the scale of the problem and legislation that’s bipartisan and therefore durable. Having waited too long to act, the policy that we devise must be stable. It mustn’t be done and undone, enacted and repealed. It’s too late in the game for policy instability.

There’s a process for that, called “amending the Constitution.” Legislation can be undone. That’s the way the system works. Climate cultists don’t seem to like that much, eh?

The president-elect will find bipartisan support for spending on clean energy, giving us the opportunity to “build back better.” That spending will be worthwhile, but we must keep an eye on the worldwide nature of the challenge.

Direct investments and tax expenditures will successfully drive innovation in America, but those innovations might not be affordable in the developing world. We can change those economic realities with a carbon tax that’s border adjustable.

Once you drag in the far, far left “build back better”, no thanks! But, if they are willing to build lots of next generation nuclear power plants, I’d be on board.

By collecting an American carbon tax on imports coming from countries without an equivalent pricing-in of climate damage caused by the burning of fossil fuels, we’d make it in our trading partners’ interest to follow our lead.

The president-elect will find a cadre of conservatives ready to embrace a border-adjustable carbon tax, especially if it’s also revenue neutral. Inasmuch as Janet Yellen, nominated to be Treasury secretary, and Kerry have favored carbon pricing, it’s exciting to think that now could be the time to come together.

Joe and the Democrats would be OK if we did this on Chinese imports, right? But, wait, think about this. What’s really being said is that the U.S. will need to institute it’s own carbon tax, then tax those nation’s imports who aren’t doing things themselves.

The president-elect will look for a way to reward the progressive wing of his party. One way to do that is to strike a powerful blow at income inequality while solving for climate change.

By using the revenue from a carbon tax to pay for the elimination of the payroll (FICA) tax on low- and modest-income earners, he could raise take-home pay while simultaneously addressing climate change.

Wait, I thought we were “reaching across the aisle”? No? Looks more like this is all about rewarding his nutbar base. Of course, this opinion piece is by “Bob Inglis, a Republican, served South Carolina in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1993 to 1999 and 2005 to 2011. He directs, a community of conservatives reaching conservatives on climate change.” Yeah, he’s one of the loony tune Republican climate cultists who is in favor of lots of big government and a big carbon tax.

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4 Responses to “Here’s How China Joe Can Get Conservatives On Board With Solving Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    So Teach thinks laws and policies need to be enshrined by Constitutional amendment. How reactionary.

    Since American norms are easily avoided…

    We should add this to the qualifications for President:

    Candidates for President of the United States must submit the immediate previous seven (7) years of federal tax returns.

    Must be 70 yrs old or less when taking office.

    All investments and business entanglements blinded and with strictly independent oversight.

    Must pass a test of general science knowledge (7th grade level).

    Must not have used spray tan for 7 years.

    Hair care cannot take more than 7 minutes per day.

  2. Est1950 says:

    I love how the press is now full of all this BIDEN IS THE PRESIDENT OF ALL THE PEOPLE.

    AFTER years of calling us NAZI’s. Now it’s ahh, we were just funing about.

    No you weren’t. Biden wants a kumbyeahhhh country?

    Ain’t happening. The left went after Reagan and tried putting people in jail. The right went after clinton but did not try to put anyone in jail. The left went after Bush and put people in jail. The right went after Obama and did not put anyone in jail. The left went after Trump and put several in jail.

    For 4 years the left went after Trump with Fury and Vengeance.

    What goes around comes around. Somewhere this cycle needs to be broken but as long as we as a country allow the communist party of CHINA to buy off our businesses and politicans it will never happen. Until such time. What goes around comes around.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      More rationalizations. So the crimes of Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Trump administrations that resulted in convictions and guilty pleas (recall the DOJs are part of the executive branch) prove that Dems are mean.

      And that Clinton and Obama had few convictions proves GOPhers are fair and kind. Clinton was investigated and impeached. Obama was investigated by the GOP throughout his terms. It’s not their fault that little fault was found. But trump cried “Lock them up!”. And “Obama is not an American!” And who can forget Mitch McConnell’s “most sincere” wish to cooperate with President Obama by saying he wanted Mr. Obama to be a one term president. And Mitch blocked the nomination of Merrick Garland.

      Trump lost back to back popular vote elections and lost the 2020 electoral vote as well. There has been no credible evidence of widespread vote fraud and your rationalization is that the DOJ, FBI, judges, Supreme Court are too afraid of potential rioters to do their jobs.

      Your next rationalization is that Chinese communists own the US except for Don Trump and his most devout followers. This is a catch-all for all that is wrong with America. China did it! China is not America’s ally and in so many ways is a staunch competitor. But they have over 3 times our population and grand plans so we need to take them seriously but rationally. Just as is America, China is part of the world too.

      As one of our greatest presidents said, “politics ain’t beanbag”. And the GOP is as capable as the Dems.

  3. Jl says:

    “How to get conservatives onboard..”. A nice start would be to actually offer up evidence that it’s a “crisis”. After being told that for at least 20 years, we’re still waiting..

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