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Did Deforestation Help Unleash Ebola?

An interesting proposition from Grist Perhaps you have heard about Ebola, otherwise known as The Most Terrifying Disease Of Our Modern Times (Sorry, MERs; panic is a fickle friend). But you might not have heard that Ebola’s origin story also features a favorite environmental arch-villain? And by “favorite,” I mean “actually the worst”: deforestation. You see, the […]

Surprise: Accused College Sexual Assaulters Have Rightd

An interesting proposition at the New Republic This August, Columbia University released a new policy for handling “gender-based” misconduct among students. Since April, universities around the country have been rewriting their guidelines after a White House task force urged them to do more to fight sexual assault. I was curious to know what a lawyer […]

If All You See…

…is a seas that will rise up hundreds of feet because someone used an ice maker, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The H2, with post on getting fit.

Religious Leaders To Discuss “Climate Change” In Raleigh

Of all the things they should be concerned with, such as gay marriage, diminishing and destruction of moral values, kids raised with no fathers, out of wedlock births, etc, this is what they care about (Raleigh N&O) Although churches are not generally known for discussing melting polar ice caps from the pulpit, the North Carolina […]

It’s Apparently Creepy Clown Season In Bakersfield, California

Perhaps a few people have watched and/or read Stephen King’s IT a few times too many? (Reuters) Reports of creepy clowns carrying knives and other weapons have been scaring people in the California city of Bakersfield for the past week, police said on Sunday. In the latest incident, a person telephoned the Bakersfield Police Department […]

Obama Hits Milestone: 200th Round Of Golf

Priorities (UK Daily Mail) While officials in Dallas scrambled to calm public hysteria over news of the first Ebola transmission on U.S. soil, Barack Obama hit the links for his 200th golf game as president. The president embarked on his leisurely outing to Virginia after taking a a few moments to speak with Health and Human […]

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