It’s Apparently Creepy Clown Season In Bakersfield, California

Perhaps a few people have watched and/or read Stephen King’s IT a few times too many?

(Reuters) Reports of creepy clowns carrying knives and other weapons have been scaring people in the California city of Bakersfield for the past week, police said on Sunday.

In the latest incident, a person telephoned the Bakersfield Police Department on Saturday night, reporting a clown armed with a firearm, said watch commander Lieutenant Jason Matson.

“We’ve been having sightings all over the city,” Matson said. “They range from anywhere from a guy carrying a gun to a guy carrying a knife running up to houses.”

The Bakersfield Californian newspaper reported earlier in the week that at least some of the reports were hoaxes. Matson said he did not know whether the incidents were pranks.

One wasn’t a prank, as a teen was arrested for chasing a minor around dressed as a clown. And you get this stuff (via ABC Philly)


It's funny you guys think I got arrested

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  1. alanstorm says:

    I thought she was from San Fran. What’s Nancy Pelosi doing in Bakersfield?

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