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If All You See…

…is a horrible fossil fueled machine, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Lonely Conservative, with a post wondering if we should ban hatchets.

Happy Birthday! 9 Years With No Major US Landfalling Hurricanes!

That’s right, folks, it has been 9 years since Hurricane Wilma came ashore in south Florida on October 24th, 2005. Wilma was the last major (category 3+) hurricane to strike the continental United States. This stands in stark contradiction to Warmist prognostication that the big season of 2005 would be the “new normal”. When they […]

Hey, Kay Hagan, Is Obama A Strong Leader?

Um, you see, er, well, ah (Breitbart) On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” MSNBC political correspondent Kasie Hunt interviewed incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC), who is in a tight reelection bod for her seat against Republican senatorial hopeful Thom Tillis. In that interview, Hunt asked Hagan if she considered Obama to be a strong […]

Bad News: Cow Killing Blizzard Not Linked To “Climate Change”

Well, this can set our minds at ease (Inforum)  study conducted by a team of weather experts determined the October 2013 blizzard that devastated parts of western South Dakota and Wyoming isn’t anything to be alarmed about in the near future. The blizzard accounted for the deaths of an estimated 45,000 head of livestock, reports […]

Awesome Grandpa Pulls Gun, Shoots Assailants Who Tried To Rob And Rape Family

Democrats would have preferred that they blow a whistle, pee on themselves, and just let The Authorities apprehend the perps later (Daily Caller) A North Carolina man exchanged fire with three home invaders after they tried to rob his house and rape his granddaughter,reports the Fayetteville Observer. At his Lumberton home on Monday, Kenneth Byrd, […]

Priorities: DHS Raids Kansas City Lingerie Shop

I’m not quite sure whether to be disturbed, amused, or reassured (Fox News) When two burly men walked into a Missouri women’s underwear store Tuesday, the owners didn’t think much of it — until the pair flashed their Homeland Security badges and confiscated several dozen panties bearing the initials “KC” in honor of the Kansas […]

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