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Say, What Do Hotcoldwetdry And Sweaters Have In Common?

In this case, the Huffington Post’s Katherine Boeher doesn’t use the un-scientific phrase “climate change”, but the old and bust “global warming” What Do Global Warming And Sweaters Have In Common? This Climate Scientist Explains. Climate scientist Adam Levy got sick of hearing all the usual arguments against the existence of climate change, so he […]

If All You See…

…is a super awesome tree sucking carbon pollution from the air, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Don Surber, with a post on the life expectancy ranking under Ocare.

As World Deals With Ebola And ISIS, John Kerry To Focus On More Important Stuff

Can you guess what’s more important? I’m sure you can, since I blog about climate change multiple times a day Secretary of State John Kerry to talk global warming in Boston U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry plans to discuss the “global threat of climate change and the importance of investing in a clean energy […]

10 Easy Ways You Warmists Can Practice What You Preach

I’m impressed by this article at the UK Independent. It’s rare that Warmist actually recommend Warmists get off their duffs and do something within their own lives Make meat a treat (go without meat a few days a week. Actually, you should give it all up, because it’s evil for climate change) Drive with smooth […]

EPA “Loses” Text Messages Sought In Records Request

That’s right, another issue of transparency regarding Team Obama, this time at the EPA (Fox News) The EPA is being accused of pulling “an IRS” for reportedly planning to inform the National Archives it has lost text messages being sought in an open-records request. The Washington Times reported Wednesday that lawyers from the Department of […]

Surprise: White House Lied Regarding Knowledge Of Secret Service Prositute Parties

Here’s your most transparent administration ever, and a weird headline from the Washington Post Aides knew of possible White House link to Cartagena, Colombia, prostitution scandal Rather makes little sense in terms of the article As nearly two dozen Secret Service agents and members of the military were punished or fired following a 2012 prostitution […]

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