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Say, Could “Climate Change” Mean the End of the Seasons?

Today’s hyper-alarmist,  bat guano insane blather from the cult of Hotcoldwetdry (Nature World News) As climate change causes winters to warm, the world becomes more and more like a tropical paradise, possibly meaning the end of the seasons as we know them, according to new research. The daily and nightly differences in temperatures worldwide are […]

If All You See…

…are super awesome trees helping to slow the rise of the oceans, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Camp Of The Saints, with a post wondering if Obama will go all “Captain Queeg”. Any suggestions for a theme for next week?

Tillis Campaign Runs Brutal New Ad Against Hagan: Cocktails

New California Law Requires Doctors To Undergo LGBT Re-education

As if there weren’t enough problems in California thanks to Obamacare, what with doctors retiring early, moving to other states, refusing to participate in the Ocare exchange, refusing to take new Medicare/Medicaid patients, the California government seems determined to drive doctors out (Breitbart) Gov. Jerry Brown just signed a law requiring that California health care […]

Antarctic Sea Ice Sees Record Growth, Cause Climate Change

This is not the first time “climate scientists” and a compliant media attempted to Blamestorm the growth of Antarctic sea ice on Hotcoldwetdry, and probably won’t be the last. Antarctic sea ice shows record growth, climate change likely cause The growth of sea ice is not evidence against the effects of climate change, but rather […]

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