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Favorite Zombie Books

I’ve mentioned before that I am a huge fan of the zombie genre. I ran across some really good zombie books years ago, early on in the Amazon Kindle rise, when you were able to find great books that you’d never find in the book stores nor libraries. A good zombie book is focused less […]

Latest SJW Whine: Lack Of Diversity In Books

For people who say they are forward looking, upbeat, and positive, they sure seem to be miserable and major league whiners (AFP) As the film and music industries grapple with the fallout from the race rows that dogged the Oscars and the Brit Awards, English author Bali Rai warns publishing too has a serious diversity […]

Have You Ever Read A Book That Seemed More Like A Newspaper Or Magazine Article?

In all my years, I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that unintentionally mimicked a newspaper or magazine article. I’ve read, and enjoyed (and not enjoyed) fiction books that were intended to be like a non-fictional account, such as Zombie War by Nicholas Ryan (his 3 other zombie books are damned good, too). However, […]

Books: On The Suspension Of Belief

What, exactly, is the suspension of belief? Essentially, in fiction, this is where the author creates a situation where one can suspend their belief that “this can’t happen. Give me break”. Sometimes it is really easy, as with books on zombies, vampires, Frankenstein, and so many others within the horror and science fiction genres. Not […]

How To Destroy The Morals And Mores Of A Country

In discussing the uber-left book Christan Nation, I mentioned I generally avoid the heavily political fiction books (I don’t mind a bit of politics, but, keep it simple), but there are two I’ve read in the last year or so, An Act Of Self Defense by Erne Lewis and In Due Time by J.K. Jones, […]

Liberals Really Excited Over New Book “Christian Nation”

No, this isn’t a non-fiction book, but the paranoid ravings of what Liberals think might happen if, God some nebulous social justice deity who probably isn’t real anyhow forbid, McCain-Palin had won in 2008. Ace was all over this yesterday, with three posts on the subject. People were making fun of the book on Twitter. […]

Watcha Reading?

Happy Books! Last Sunday I mentioned I had started The Icarus Void by CK Burch. Made it about half way through, and it just became dull. The plot plodded along. So, moved on to Ravage: An Apocalyptic Horror Story by Ian Rob Wright, a follow up to Sea Sick. A good book with an ending […]

Watcha Reading?

Finished up Zombie Maelstrom by Bryan Cassiday, as well as the 2nd book in the series, Zombie Necropolis. Both of them bogged down a bit, way to much constant explanations of what individual zombies look like. There wasn’t all that much progression into character development, and lots and lots of repeating the same thing (like […]

Watcha Reading?

Finished up Lycan Fallout: Rise of the Werewolf by one of my favorite authors, Mark Tufo. Super awesome, as usual. Now I’m jonesing for the sequel. Want now!!!!! I also mentioned I wanted to read Casino Infernale by Simon Green but wouldn’t pay $12.99 for it. Managed to get it from the library (Wake County […]

Watcha Reading?

Whew! Finished The Slightest Hope Of Victory (Outside Context Problem) by Christopher Nuttall, all roughly 500 pages. It was well worth the $3.99. The ending was a bit contrived and quick, but, then, most invasion from outer space by superior beings tend to be that way. I’ll give it 4.5 stars Now reading the latest […]

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