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Sunday Books And Video

It’s been awhile since I did a post on books and video. Thought I would try and get back to that. Books wise I finished Echoes From the Moon (The Token Book One) by Nathan Hystad Nurse Alissa vs. the Zombies X: Endgame by Scott M. Baker. Satisfactory ending to the series. Not particularly memorable, […]

Quick Thank You To Doc Ford

Back on October 29th I had a post asking if you could survive a zombie apocalypse, and Doc Ford mentioned the book Cascade: The Fallen Republic. I just want to say thanks, because it is damned good. I’m about 54% through it, a very long book. Definitely one of the better zombie books I’ve read. […]

Say, What’s The Difference In The Books Liberals And Conservatives Are Banning?

I’m not quite sure what bee got in the burr of ABC News and writer Kiara Alfonseca, but, they decided to take on the the book bans in a neutral manner How conservative and liberal book bans differ amid rise in literary restrictions The country saw a growing effort to ban books in schools and […]

Good News: Exercise Is Rooted In White Supremacy History

The smart thing for the editor at Time Magazine should have been to say “you really wrote a piece on this with that headline?” then hit delete and tell Olivia B. Waxman to write something that is not stupid. Because the headline is based literally on her first paragraph The White Supremacist Origins of Exercise, […]

Progressive Tolerance: Simon & Schuster Employees Demand Company Cut Ties With Trump Admin Authors

Remember who Liberals would tell us that they are uber-tolerant? That we must respect all points of view? That all voices are valued? That we should listen to different voices? Well, yeah, of course that was a smoke screen for their Progressive (nice Fascism) beliefs 216 employees demand Simon & Schuster cut ties with Trump […]

NJ Library Limits Books Checked Out In Order To Increase Screen Time

In case you haven’t figured it out, I read a lot. Sometimes as much as 2 to 3 books a week. Mostly science fiction, some fantasy, horror, a few mysteries. Anyhow, remember the days growing up, and checking books out at the library? Heck, you may still do this. All my books come via Kindle, […]

Book And Show Post

It’s been awhile since I did a book post, but, hey, let’s do something different, especially since I have so many books to read I’m not even sure what to read next. You can see on the sidebar I have it linked to my Goodreads account, showing ones I’ve finished. Lately, I’ve just had back […]

Favorite Zombie Books

I’ve mentioned before that I am a huge fan of the zombie genre. I ran across some really good zombie books years ago, early on in the Amazon Kindle rise, when you were able to find great books that you’d never find in the book stores nor libraries. A good zombie book is focused less […]

Latest SJW Whine: Lack Of Diversity In Books

For people who say they are forward looking, upbeat, and positive, they sure seem to be miserable and major league whiners (AFP) As the film and music industries grapple with the fallout from the race rows that dogged the Oscars and the Brit Awards, English author Bali Rai warns publishing too has a serious diversity […]

Have You Ever Read A Book That Seemed More Like A Newspaper Or Magazine Article?

In all my years, I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that unintentionally mimicked a newspaper or magazine article. I’ve read, and enjoyed (and not enjoyed) fiction books that were intended to be like a non-fictional account, such as Zombie War by Nicholas Ryan (his 3 other zombie books are damned good, too). However, […]

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