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What’s up this past week?

Jeepers Creepers – not sure why so many love it. A couple kids making bad decisions that they know are bad
Invasion of the Body Snatcher (original) – Seen it before, still love it
Abattoir – seen it before, I like it
The Last Broadcast – Meh. made it halfway through
Texas Chainsaw – not great, but, good watch. Seen it before
Apollo 18 – I have it on DVD, but, haven’t seen it forever, better quality on Hulu
Started Dual on Hulu, keep forgetting to come back to it
Arq on Netflix
War Of The Worlds (original) – seen it before, still great. Would prefer the black and white

Some Masterchef Australia
Some Tiny House Hunting – finished the series
Some Monty Python’s Flying Circus
Survivor (the new season)
A bunch of NJ Devils games
Halo – Caught up to episode 7 season 2
Started The Signal on Netflix – on episode 2. So far so good. You can kinda notice it’s dubbed, missing some of the emotion.

Finished Terror For Now by Bob Howard – long
Finished on After Z Part 5 by JS Patrick – also long
Started World War Mars by Rick Partlow

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