SCNY Sees District Resemble Third World Brothel And Bazaar

Would you like to take a guess who represents the Sanctuary City NY district?

AOC district neighborhood labeled ‘Third World’ as migrants clog streets and prostitutes overrun every block

An area in Squad member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s district is being described as looking more like a Third World country as opposed to a thriving American neighborhood, as desperate migrants block up sidewalks selling food and shilling clothing items while prostitutes openly solicit sex from passersby — reportedly including teens.

The neighborhoods of Corona, Jackson Heights and Elmhurst — a once-vibrant community in northwestern Queens — has now essentially deteriorated into a large flea market with trash overflowing on street corners, leading to unsavory and unhygienic conditions, as video obtained by Fox News Digital shows.

Meanwhile, the neighborhood’s main strip along Roosevelt Avenue has become so renowned for its prostitution that locals have nicknamed the area “the market of sweethearts,” and viral online videos advise prospective johns on how to make use of sex workers’ services there.

In exclusive Fox News Digital photos, sex workers were seen on Wednesday standing outside storefronts soliciting men. Residents say the prostitutes usually take their clients into makeshift brothels for sex. These alleged sex workers operate during all hours of the day, even as families walk by with their children in strollers, and often hang out in front of area supermarkets. Prostitution is against the law in New York.

Yo, Sandy, are you visiting your district much? Taking a walkthru? Seeing what’s going on? Also, seriously, Fox News, they are illegal aliens, and it’s cute that you use the politically sanctioned phrase “sex workers”. They’re prostitutes. Hookers.

The video shows an almost endless stream of vendors with piles of clothes stacked along the streets, while others sell sneakers, pots and pans and toys and photo frames.

At the end of the clip, three people can be seen sitting in the trunk of a car. The trio has a stall set up encroaching onto a pedestrian crossing and their used boxes block the path of walkers crossing the road. Only licensed vendors are permitted to sell food or goods in public spaces in New York.

“Like most of my like-minded residents, we see this as a third-world market,” Frías, 43, tells Fox News Digital. “Basically, you just see clothes thrown across the floor … the items are stolen from donation bins or stolen from stores, and they just set up shop outside brick-and-mortar businesses. They take away trade from these businesses and don’t pay taxes.”

And the authorities are basically doing nothing about it. Even after a big raid in January, for which Mayor Adams was present, no one was really arrested, no one fined, nothing shut down.

The seat is currently held by Cruz (a far left Progressive), who tells Fox News Digital that a group of elected officials, separate from Moya, have been meeting with city and state agencies to work on “safe solutions for quality of life concerns.” Cruz has previously called for more permits to be issued for street vendors, and she has also sponsored legislation to decriminalize prostitution. Ocasio-Cortez herself has also called on the city to issue more vendor permits.

So, the illegals are to be rewarded for their illegal behavior? SCNY deserves every issue happening.

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22 Responses to “SCNY Sees District Resemble Third World Brothel And Bazaar”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Isn’t this johnnie boy’s neighborhood?

  2. Professor Hale says:

    sex workers

    Call them what they are: Sex Slaves. The predictable result of all that human trafficking as a direct result of Biden administration policy.

    More slaves have been imported into the USA during the Biden administration than during the entirety of 200 years of the slave trade with Africa.

    Cue H telling us that slavery isn’t so bad and only effect .005% of the population.

    Democrats are great on criticizing of the slave trade that ended in 1865, but are totally blind to the slave trade that is in all of our cities today.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Conservatives should and have self-segregated out of America’s great, bustling, chaotic cities loaded with foreigners, Negroes, Mexicans, LGBTQ people, hospitals and medical centers, Jews, Democrats, bodegas, traffic, hustle AND bustle, crime, pollution, jobs, income, opera, symphonies, major league baseball-football-basketball-hockey-soccer… St. Louis Cardinals, Atlanta Hawks, LA Lakers, NY Yankees, Miami Dolphins, New Orleans Saints, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Tigers, Arizona Diamondbacks, Houston Astros, Dallas Cowboys, Memphis Grizzlies, KC Chiefs, St. Louis City SC… you get the idea.

      Not all sex workers are victims of human trafficking. Women have something that men are willing to pay for. Shouldn’t the free market reign?? Anyone coerced (drugs, blackmail, physical violence, lack of basic needs) into performing sex acts for money by a third party who benefits IS being trafficked.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Perhaps your Christian minister wife of 50+ years has the answers you seek.


  3. Matthew says:

    “…Cruz (a far left Progressive)… has previously called for more permits to be issued for street vendors, and she has also sponsored legislation to decriminalize prostitution.”

    Typical and predictable leftist solutions. Got an out of control crime problem? Make half of it legal and hand out permits for the rest. Problem solved!

    Don’t like expensive gasoline? Get an electric car, dummy!

    Don’t like the way cops treat the criminals? Get rid of the cops, you racist nazi!

    Don’t like the illicit narcotic black market? Decriminalize the drugs!

    Don’t like your popular political opposition? Take them off the ballot!

    Your ne’er-do-well constituents are only qualified for shit jobs? Mandate that shit jobs pay more than entry level, career path employment!

    Schools can’t seem to teach students basic reading, writing or math skills? No skills required to graduate!

    And so it goes.

    We’re doomed.

    • CarolAnn says:

      We are being slowly murdered by the Democrat party and their constituents. It’s a party of hate and murder and they’ve dragged too many Americans down with them.

  4. H says:

    Does NYC have problems ? Yes
    Are many exaggerated for political/partisan reasons ? Yes

    NYC that hell hole as seen by some has a per capital homicide rate about 1/2 that of the state that Teach lives in, NC. Crime ? I can live with street vendors. They are the equivalent of Italian pushcart fruit sellers. You bitch first saying migrants are lazy and come here for free stuff, then you bitch when they become street vendors

    Are migrants shelters overcrowded ? Yes
    But,of the 4 million recent migrants to the USA,only about 150000 are in public shelters. Most cycle through quickly get jobs and housing. Our economy now depends on pin these new workers. The fruits and veggies sold by street vendors are often 1/2 the cost of those sold in super markets.

    And for all you old men like myself out there, people living in NYC have an average life expectancy of 83.5 years. We live longer than people in ANY other state.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      I got to admit it H you come up with more BS facts than any other group of people anywhere. Where do you get this stuff from? Out of the recent 4 million illegal aliens to the USA all 4 million of them are not in jobs and housing unless it’s government sponsored. In other words I’m buying them their house. The jobs they do get are usually because the previous Americans were pushed out of the job to give the job to the foreigner at a lower wage you dummy. And then you act surprised at the imbalance of income. Schmuck.

      When you state “we live longer than people in any other state” does that mean you’re in New York? Because before you stated you were on the West Coast and let us to believe it was Oregon. And by the way you’re confusing New York City with New York State.

      Are you telling me this mess looks like Italian fruit cart vendors?

      You and everybody in your godless party are nothing but liars.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        Aren’t you a government employee? Who’s buying your house?

        You believe “illegals” are taking fruit and vegetable harvesting jobs, the roofing jobs, the chicken processing jobs, hotel maid jobs from “legal” Americans?

        Do you agree that American farmers and business owners who hire “illegals” are human traffickers? Should we address that?

        • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

          I guess as a firefighter I qualify as a government employee although I work for my county not for the feds. So what point does that make? Did I say all government employees are wrong and bad? Are you doing the old Elwood double dodge where you start putting words in my mouth again? There are 10s of thousands of government employees that are needed and do valuable work I am among them. And there’s a million who are not. Is there a reason why we can’t get rid of the worthless ones and keep the good ones? Or is there some unwritten law that says because you’re a lousy employee you must be kept cause Elwood likes it? Would you like to live in your neighborhood without firefighters? But you need 35 people on the zoning board? Do you really need 105 school administrators? I think not.

          You believe “illegals” are taking fruit and vegetable harvesting jobs, the roofing jobs, the chicken processing jobs, hotel maid jobs from “legal” Americans?

          Yes, of course I do it’s quite obvious and it’s reflected in the employment numbers. They’re also occupying other jobs that could be taken by Americans. Let me tell you as far as I’m concerned whenever American is hired then you could start hiring other people forgiven job. America first! Americans first!

          Do you agree that American farmers and business owners who hire “illegals” are human traffickers? Should we address that?

          That’s what you left us always do you take something that’s really bad and you apply it the things that aren’t as bad so that everything’s bad. No those people are not human traffickers those people are breaking the law by hiring illegal aliens. Isn’t being a criminal and breaking the law bad enough do you have to try and make them like they were selling children on the open market? Is there no separation of standards with you people? Of course there’s not that’s why you think that all the races are equal. You think so 65 IQ moron from a third world shithole is equal to an American firefighter inability and value. Trust me they’re not and if you’re ever in the fire start screaming that you wanna Haitian.

          Now I don’t know if you want to address human trafficking or hiring illegals for regular jobs which is not human trafficking but it’s still illegal. Both are illegal and i believe we have a way of dealing with both. At least we did until joey shit pants stole the election. Actual human trafficking has a greater penalty than merely hiring a douche to load crates. And it should. We can increase or decrease either if needed. I hoped that answered your great problem.

          Ya know if these illegals from Haiti and South America are so fukin great for America why don’t they make their own countries great and stay there?

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            You “guess” you’re a government employee?

            Brandon typed: those people are not human traffickers

            The employers who hire “illegals” to do dangerous jobs do so to save money. The workers are always under the threat of being turned in. How is that not trafficking?

            Why don’t the farmers, contractors and plant managers hire American workers?

            Brandon typed: that’s why you think that all the races are equal. You think so 65 IQ moron from a third world shithole is equal to an American firefighter inability and value

            Do you think pink-skinned people are inherently superior to brown-skinned people?

            Do you think some American fireman is equal to an NBA player in ability and value? Do you think some American fireman is equal to a Indian nuclear physicist in ability and value? Do you think some American fireman is equal to a Kenyan thoracic surgeon in ability and value?

      • H says:

        LG you have again misstated what I have said.
        I previously gave citings saying that in both Illinois and NYC about 70 of all migrants have jobs. They are counted in the unemployment rate which is still below what the Fed Reserve considers best (4%)
        In NYC if you are employable but unemployed you do get food (EBT) but only100$ in cash assistance. The overwhelming majority of these “military aged” men work.
        I have lived on the West Cost in the mid 80s. I have also lived in Alaska and Massachusetts. Also 5+ years outside of the USA. Oregon never lived, but visited the last time about 3 years ago when I was paid to when drive that Tesla Mod X from Seattle to Montauk 3.5 days !
        Better take notes on those things you find most interesting.
        Yes Teach/LG I have lived primarily in NYC since 2003. And yes we DO live much longer here than people in NC about 10% longer. And yes partly because we have a much lower per capita murder rate than NC.
        Say How do you feel about Trump stopping the sale of imported cars into the USA? He says it will be a “bloodbath”
        Those immigrant street vendors? Pr0bably all the adults in their families are working. Either saving all their money to buy a home here or sending it back to their impoverished families. That is what immigrants have ALWAYS done when they come here. And NO Teach I am not confusing NYC with NYS. NYC ahs a lower homicide rate than NC and NYC has a longer life expectancy.

        lol You must be getting your “data” from movies and TVs

      • H says:

        The STATE that has the longest lifespans is Hawaii. NYC has a longer life expectancy than any state

  5. Dana says:

    Is this really a surprise? After all, the denizens there elected a the lovely Miss Ocasio-Cortez in the first place!

  6. H says:

    Are you also against lemonade stands in the suburbs?
    Why Teach do you think you should be able to decide what is acceptable or non acceptable in the neighborhoods that you do not live in? Why do you even care how other people choose to live their lives? Do you want BIG GOVERNMENT to step in ? Immigrants have always begun their new lives in America by starting in our cities. The right wing has always hated these new people the Irish the Italians the Yjees the Asians

    • Jl says:

      No, Carbon boy. “Immigrants…began their lives starting in cities..” You mean illegal immigrants, right?

    • david7134 says:

      So you live on one of these streets and see a bunch of criminals setting up sidewalk vending, just like in their shit hole countries. You don’t find that wrong. We do establish standards for cleanliness, order, etc. That is because we do not desire to be a shithole country. As to the Irish and others, they were told what is acceptable and not and now are the better for it. But you exercised”tolerance” which is the worst form of bigotry.

  7. H says:

    illegal immigrants? They have not been found guilty of breaking an immigration law. They entered the country and presented themselves for inspection. They applied for asylum as is their right under our laws. They are awaiting their day in court. In my great country all are presumed innocent until proven guilty. lol of course you can make whatever judgements you wish, but that wont affect their immigration status.
    I mean traditionally most migrants have chosen to begin their new life in America by living in cities.
    Jl you sound like a 2nd grader calling others names to make yourself feel better about being yourself. Are you OK??? Are you still upset over those citations from right of center news media showing that Trump gave a 2 trillion dollar tax cut to the uber rich?

  8. H says:

    Red states are poorer and obese and unhappy. They blame the Dems for their own poor lifestyle choices. The NYC obesity rate is much lower than that of say NC where 45% are now OBESE NYC? 35%

  9. H says:

    L’Roy ??? where are you today? Do you blame immigrants for driving up the costs of buying a house in Camden? Getting hard to find anything under 100,000

  10. H says:

    Teach remember not everyone was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
    To whom much was given, much is expected.

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