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Voters Are Totally Worried About “Losing Our Democracy” In New Hampshire Or Something

USA Today is super excited about this being a bad thing for Donald Trump, coming from third least diverse state in the U.S., one which is not being over-run by illegal aliens and crime like other Democrat run states Exclusive: It’s not the economy, stupid. In NH, democracy is the top issue for Dems, independents […]

USA Today Worries Biden’s Support Of Israel Could Cost Him 2024

Why is Biden supporting Israel over the terrorist supporting Palestinians? Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say he knows who the good guys are and who the bad guys are Biden’s seemingly one-sided support of Israel could cost him the election in 2024 President Joe Biden’s reelection prospects could be tied to […]

Shady Gold Bars Found In Menendez’s Home: When Does GOP Boot Him From Congress?

It’s long been known that Robert Menendez was shady, beyond the norm for a member of Congress. He’s already in serious criminal trouble, and now Gold bars found in Sen. Bob Menendez’s home linked to 2013 robbery: report — New York Post (@nypost) December 5, 2023 From the link Four of the gold […]

Reuters Is Concerned That Republican Attacks On EVs Could Backfire

Why? Because a lot of manufacturers are building in Red states In 2024, Republican EV attacks may fall short as swing states reap investment Electric vehicles are a “hoax,” they do not work, and they are strengthening China’s economy at the expense of American jobs. Those are among the criticisms that contenders for the 2024 […]

GOP Debate: Nikki Haley Says GOP Needs To Find Consensus On Abortion

In reality, there is no finding consensus with Democrats on abortion. They are fanatics on abortion, as much as ISIS is fanatical on their version of Islam. It’s their 1st commandment, Thou shall fully believe in abortion and allow no restrictions. If the GOP said “we’ll give you an assault weapons ban and in exchange […]

House Passes Standalone Aid Package For Israel

What happens now? Will the Dems and Republicans in the Senate who love funding the never-ending war in Ukraine? Dumping oodles of taxpayer money to a war that’s going nowhere? And, if it passes the Senate, what does Biden do? Mike Johnson, House Republicans pass Israel aid bill, setting up clash with Schumer, McConnell and […]

House Boots McCarthy As Speaker

Unfortunately, most Republicans decided to be GOPe, and it was a small number of Republicans who do not want to play Republican Business As Usual with Democrats who did it House Votes To Remove Kevin McCarthy As Speaker The U.S. House voted Tuesday to remove Kevin McCarthy as speaker after Democrats joined with eight House […]

Squishy Republicans Give In, Pass Short Term Funding Bill

Democrats mostly got everything they wanted, except for Ukraine funding. Which lots of squishy Republicans also wanted Threat of government shutdown ends as Congress passes a temporary funding plan and sends it to Biden The threat of a federal government shutdown ended late Saturday, hours before a midnight deadline, as Congress approved a temporary funding bill to […]

Is McCarthy Getting Squishy On Impeachment Inquiry?

Or is he just measuring his words? McCarthy edges back from the brink of a Biden impeachment inquiry Kevin McCarthy edged back from the brink of an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden on Tuesday, less than a day after suggesting his party was close to announcing one. The speaker set off a Washington kerfuffle […]

Surprise: More Americans Think Political Violence Is Justified

This must mostly be about Trump supporters, since it is in the UK Guardian, right? ‘Anger and radicalization’: rising number of Americans say political violence is justified The June federal indictment of Donald Trump is “radicalizing” support for the use of force on behalf of the former president and current presidential candidate, according to the […]

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