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Whelp, This Is Gonna Leave A Mark

8 in 10 Americans who watched Pres. Trump's #SOTU address felt he was trying to unite the country, rather than divide it. Two-thirds said the speech made them feel proud, though just a third said it made them feel safer, CBS News poll finds — CBS News (@CBSNews) January 31, 2018 That’ll make […]

House Intel Committee Votes To Release Surveillance Memo

This is either going to end with a thud, or it will create a huge issue. Republicans best be right about the memo being “explosive” (Fox News) The House Intelligence Committee on Monday evening voted to release a classified memo circulating in Congress that purportedly reveals government surveillance abuses. The vote was announced to reporters […]

Obligatory Dems Utterly Cave On #SchumerShutdown Post

Is anyone as surprised as me that Republicans held strong and forced Democrats to completely cave? Oh, and then there’s this bit of fun, just to rub salt in the wound (via Twitchy) As if the government funding deal wasn't bad enough, we now find out there's yet more tax cuts hidden in it. The […]

NY Times Blames Democrats On One Hand, Republicans On Other For Any Shutdown

The NY Times seems a bit confused. Here’s how the Editorial Board puts it Here’s Another Fine Mess They’ve Gotten Us Into … One could almost — but not really — feel sorry for Republicans. This is a mess President Trump created, and Republicans are tiptoeing around him trying to fashion a temporary fix that […]

GOP Looks To Put Smackdown On Vulnerable Dems Over Tax Reform

Despite all the bleating from Democrats and their compliant comrades in the media, the GOP tax reform is going to let people keep more of their own money, and help the economy. And it looks like the GOP will use this (The Hill) The Republican National Committee (RNC) is gearing up to launch a multimillion-dollar effort at […]

Who’s More At Fault? Hillary Or Don Jr?

The story so far, as provided by Kayleigh McEnany at The Hill OPINION | Forget Don Jr.’s email — it’s Hillary Clinton who ‘colluded’ with Russia The effort to prove collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government has proven to be little more than a conspiracy theory desperately in search of evidence.  With […]

Republicans Passed The Most Dangerous Bill, To Reform Abusive US Regulations

The Republican controlled Congress took an interesting step Wednesday (Reuters)  Republicans on Wednesday passed a bill in the House of Representatives that touched on nearly every step U.S. agencies take in creating and applying new rules, continuing their blitz to radically reform “abusive” federal regulation of areas from the environment to the workplace. In a […]

Progressive Haven Of NY Times Suddenly Upset About This Whole “Democracy” Thing

Progressives have long been big adherents of Direct Democracy, where the people vote for lots and lots of things directly to determine the outcome. Think of ballot initiatives. This is different from representative democracy, where people vote lawmakers, who then go and vote the way their big moneyed donors constituents determine. But, NY Times writers […]

Cruz Dares Trump To File Suit On Ad

I listened to Trump hold a pity party earlier about how the media, especially Fox News, was being oh-so-mean to him (despite him having been on Fox And Friends this morning, and no meanness involved). Of course, the only one really making threats is Trump, and Cruz has responded in force (Politico)  Ted Cruz on Wednesday […]

White House Has Hissy Fit Over GOP Refusal To Discuss Obama’s Worthless Budget

Would it surprise you that Obama actually produced a budget almost on time? It is rather unusual, as he is typically late. He even holds the record for the longest delay among presidents, 98 days. It was due by the previous Monday. Now we get this (The Hill) White House spokesman Josh Earnest on Friday […]

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