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Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ Loses Yet Again In Australia’s Elections

Almost every time that ‘climate change’ is on the ballot it loses, whether it be initiatives to implement a carbon tax/fee scheme or politicians who made it all about ‘climate change’. Go back to 2012, and we see that the Queensland elections saw the ruling Labor party losing so badly that they did not have […]

Surprise, No, Real Surprise: Trump And Dems Agree On Infrastructure Package

I don’t know about you, but, I really, really did not expect this Trump agrees to spend $2 trillion on US infrastructure: Democrats Democratic leaders emerged from White House talks with Donald Trump Tuesday saying they had reached agreement with the president to spend $2 trillion to improve America’s creaking infrastructure. “We agreed on a […]

Democrats To Scuttle Infrastructure Talks With Silly Demands

President Donald Trump has been open to a big plan to fix America’s infrastructure, and has tried working with Democrats previously, but, they were pains in the behind and caused that push to die (CNN) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer will meet with President Donald Trump on Tuesday in an […]

NY Times Questions Whether Trump Is Man Of The People Or Of His People

Yet another reason why the news media is not trusted and dying: running an “analysis”, ie, opinion piece, on the front page which is supposed to be news, which is all about taking shots at Orange Man Bad. But really, really forgets to mention a few things A President of the People or a President […]

Unhinged NY State Democrats Try Workaround To Get Trump’s Taxes

While Democrats have never given up on getting Trump’s taxes, because THIS WILL BE THE WAY THEY FINALLY GET TRUMP yeaaarg!, with the collapse of the notion that Trump will be frogmarched out of the White House post-Mueller report getting his taxes has become an even bigger fixation among Democrats. Who are soon going to […]

Federal Judge Declares Obamacare Unconstitutional

Don’t get too excited, because it would have to go to the Supreme Court again. So we can get Chief Justice Roberts to do the wrong thing again Citing change in tax law, judge rules entire health-care law unconstitutional A federal judge in Texas threw a dagger into the Affordable Care Act on Friday night, […]

Say, Is Climatism Only For The Rich?

The NY Times’s gives Neil Gross, a professor of socialogy, a platform to say that it is complicated, especially as he muddles the waters by mixing environmentalism and ‘climate change’ Is Environmentalism Just for Rich People? Sometimes it can seem as if only the privileged support the cause. But the truth is more complicated. (couple […]

NY Times Suggests Electing Multiple Members Per Congressional District For “Fairness”

The NY Times editorial board, featuring confirmed racist Sarah Jeong, is on a roll. First, they’re super-enthused to increase the size of the House of Representatives, which hasn’t seen an increase since 1911. They believe that this will totally help with democracy, as 158 seats would be added. On the surface, this seem like a […]

New Democrat Idea: Let 16 And 17 Year Olds Vote For President

Democrats should always remember that their attempts to hijack things political can always come back to bite them, like when they decided to go with the nuclear option Washington, D.C., could lower the voting age to 16: City council is weighing proposal to give teenagers a say in the 2020 presidential election The Washington, D.C., […]

Trump Says Calling Press Enemy Of The People Is Only Way Of Fighting Back

When 90% of the media votes Democrat, and have long abandoned any sort of journalistic integrity, what are you supposed to do? (Mediaite) In a newly-released portion of Axios’ interview with Donald Trump, the president once again defended his anti-media rhetoric while brushing off the idea that someone will eventually get hurt because of it. After asking Trump […]

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