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Van Jones Knows How To Unify America Or Something

Nothing like CNN allowing a highly polarizing guy like Van Jones to yammer about unity, eh? The surprising ways we could unify America Since his first speech as President-elect, Joe Biden has maintained a consistent message: He is committed to unifying the growing divides in America. For the Americans exhausted by the chaotic rhetoric of the Donald […]

Maxine Waters Says She’ll Never Forgive Black Trump Voters

When will blacks finally realize that the Democratic Party thinks they own black, but only care when elections come up Herschel Walker Blasts Maxine Waters for Saying She’ll Never Forgive Black Trump Voters Former NFL star Herschel Walker has criticized congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) for saying she would “never forgive” Black Americans who voted for […]

Newsweek Wonders Why There Is A Patriotism Gap

Perhaps because Democrats love America so much that they constantly complain about the nation and want to change everything about the nation? Why is There a Patriotism Gap? President Donald Trump’s announcement at the National Archives earlier this month of a forthcoming “1776 Commission” aimed at promoting “patriotic education” set off fireworks—and not in a […]

Democrats Offer New, Slimmer Coronavirus Relief Bill

As they say, the devil is in the details Pelosi, Democrats unveiling new $2.2 trillion coronavirus aid bill U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Monday that Democratic lawmakers unveiled a new, $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief bill, which she said was a compromise measure that reduces the costs of the economic aid. In […]

GOP Introduces Resolution Banning Democratic Party Name Over Slavery

This is exactly the kind of thing you get in the era of Donald Trump, where Republicans finally have the cajones to fight back against Democrats, instead of being meek and cowed. Of course, the Credentialed Media is barely covering this, unsurprisingly. I’m find a total of 5 articles. You have Salon, which is, of […]

Senate Democrats Seem Upset That GOP Is Probing Obama Era Abuses

If you’ll remember, Democrats were calling to impeach Trump even before he took office, and formalized that process once he took the oath of office. They’ve wanted, and held, investigations into Trump firing public employees, most particularly appointees, who serve at the pleasure of the President. You name it, Democrats want to investigate it. And […]

Small Business Owners Support Trump Over Sanders/Biden Bigly

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. The people who run them tend to be closer to the workers than in big companies, and really know what’s going on, what affects workers and their paychecks. You can bet they are now on the hit-list of Modern Socialists Job Creators Network Survey: More than 70 […]

2020 Will The Last Election Not About ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

If ‘climate change’ is so darned important, why is 2020 not about ‘climate change’? Oh, right, because most people care only in theory, not practice, and don’t want to even spend $10 a month of their own money on “solving” it. But, the Cult of Climastrology will keep pushing pushing pushing 2020 Will Be the […]

GOP Believes It Can Pick Up A Few Democrat Votes In Senate Impeachment Trial

Of course, this is all based on whether Nancy Pelosi gets around with sending the articles of impeachment over to the Senate or sits on them forever GOP predicts bipartisan acquittal at Trump impeachment trial Republicans are becoming increasingly confident they’ll be able to hand President Trump a bipartisan acquittal in his Senate impeachment trial. […]

Democrat Postpone Impeachment Theater Vote Till Friday, Supposedly

I wonder how many so-called moderate Democrats will go missing for the vote today, provided they have it? House panel adjourns, to vote Friday on articles of impeachment The House Judiciary Committee spent more than 14 hours Thursday locked in a rancorous and contentious debate about whether to approve two articles of impeachment against President […]

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